Google Algorithm Updates: Advance Precautions to Secure your Blog

google algorithm updates
Written by Pawan sahu

Everyone wants their website to feature on the first page of leading search engines. For achieving high ranking, webmasters optimize their website as per the guidelines given by search engines. The process of optimizing a website is called, search engine optimization (or SEO). If SEO done the right way, it puts the websites on top of Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs and drives huge traffic to their website. Ultimately, it increases their conversion rates and sales, proving their investment worthy.

Google updates its search algorithms regularly. This means, only high quality websites can enjoy the high ranking for longer terms. In this article, we will discuss a few strategies that can help you protect your blog or website from Google’s fickle nature.

Produce quality content

Content is one of the most important aspects of a quality website. Google gives emphasis on quality content which is easy to read, unique and gives value to the user. Updating quality content on regular basis definitely helps in grabbing more visitors and increases your chances of ranking in more search queries.

Some people do ignore the importance of content and opt for cheap tactics like duplicate content, keyword filled content, pages with irrelevant or substantive text and resources, low-quality content, and content farming etc. will hamper your web presence in long term.

You might have heard about Google’s Panda Update which was specifically launched for targeting sites with poor content. If you are using such bad tactics for producing content, then sooner rather than latter, Google’s algorithm updates will catch you.

Social signals

The primary motive about social signals is to get a lot of people to start talking about your brand/blog/product. This can be done by genuine interactions with users without focusing on just driving traffic to your blog. That will happen automatically.

Take the help of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram etc. Don’t be a pretender who wants to get the job done.

Community engagement is a very tactic to interact with your users or potential customers. Go on discussion forums and talk about subjects related to your blog posts. You can also try to answer questions on sites like Quora.

Guest posting

If you are opportunity to write for other blogs, don’t just take it as an advertising opportunity. Guest post can help you in building your reader base and can be handy tactic to backlink for your blog. Google love referral links from high authority sites, one is counted as a vote for you in the eyes of Google. And links from relevant and high quality sites do improve your brand image in the eyes of Google.

Get professionals to write for you

Content writing is not an easy task. If you are good at it then you should write for your blog but if you aren’t familiar with the writing stuff then it’s recommended, you should opt for professional writers to help you out. It will cost you money but it help keep your site safe from various algorithm updates.

Page loading speeds

SEO signals does not stop with building a perfect blog. Page loading speeds do matter for getting those user signals. Anywhere above 3 seconds, and your blog needs serious optimization. Some tips to optimize page loading speeds are:

  • Choose a good web hosting option. For large blogs, please don’t go for shared hosting.
  • Keep image sizes small. Every Mb of data is precious.
  • Choose a light theme.

Keyword Optimization

A few years back, filling Meta title, Meta description and content with keywords was enough to enjoy high ranking o SERPs. But since various Google updates, things have changed now. If you still use keyword stuffing tactics then surely, you will get penalized by Google. Now keywords doesn’t play that bigger role, yes, you will need keywords but you need to do a good amount of analysis before finalizing and placing your keywords.

Avoid bad links or link farming

In the past, for ranking higher in SERPs, all you need to do, is create thousands of backlinks from various low quality websites, forum links, comment links or using tactics like link farming etc. But now, things have changed big time, using such website can even send you blog to Google Sand box which means, your site will not gonna appear even if you type your website URL in the search box.

Now, you should be very careful while building backlinks for your blog/website. Audit your links on regular basis and use Disavow tool (available in Google Search Console) for removing bad links from your profile.

So, is that all about SEO?

As long as Google ranking depends on SEO, people will try to trick it. Google will try to learn from its mistakes. That said, there are a few onsite pointers that will always play a great role as far as SEO is concerned. I am not talking about keywords or keyword density. I am just saying, why not follow the basic stuff that makes Google’s job easy.

  • Page Title and Title tags

They play an important role in representing your blog to Google. So, the words you choose to include, matters the most. If you are using SEO optimized themes, then it is important that you put your long string keywords at least once in the title or H1 tag.

Using a tool like WordPress SEO by Yoast can help you optimize the title for Google search engine.
Make sure the length of titles is less than 60 characters and is unique.

  • URL or permalink

It is the permalink of a post/page. Check if it is crisp and contains keywords. They must bring out the idea behind the posts. This is very important for Google to identify your content. Incidentally, you can structure your URLs beautifully by selecting “post name format” in settings.

  • Meta description

It is used by Google to display it as a snippet in the SERPs. You must write is well and include keywords wisely as this is also a factor in ranking a website. It is a good idea to make Google display what you think is the best description of your blog post. If you leave it blank, Google chooses relevant snippets from your content. And it also helps in improving your CTR as visitors do read it before clicking the link in the SERPs. So make sure, it’s appealing and well written.

My suggestion would be to utilize the time spent on SEO tactics and perform only white hat SEO tactics. It will take time but in long term, it will pay off.

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