Top 7 Website Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2020 & Beyond

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If you don’t notice it, I want to tell you that 2021 is just a few months away. For webmasters and web designers, the new year means new and refreshing website designs. The fact that there’s a host of technological advancements emerging every year (if not to say every day), it’s necessary that we keep up with the changes.

Website design is essential when it comes to the identity and promotion of a brand. Thus, you should make sure that it’s in vogue with the times, interesting, unique, and user-friendly. So, if you want to upgrade your website design, you should take note of these website design trends that will dominate the year 2020.

Smart CSS Grids

Before, web designers were at a crossroad between creating a desktop-friendly and mobile-friendly site. They also had to configure the site to figure out what device a visitor is using, so the visitor can be redirected to a web version that fits the device screen size.

If you want your design to be responsive and flexible for both desktop and mobile, it’s time to go for a smart CSS grid. With a CSS grid, you won’t have to worry anymore whether you create a desktop-only or mobile-only site. This layout system can make your website adaptable on multiple versions to suit a user’s screen size.

A smart CSS grid provides website visitors with a high-quality experience regardless of the type and size of the device they are using. This layout system enables web designers to organize content into columns and rows that automatically adjust to the device screen size of the user.

Video Addition

This website element is not new, but expectations are high that it will be trendy in 2020. After all, a lot of people love videos because they’re engaging. So, videos are a must-have for your site, and you should use them efficiently as a marketing tool.

For instance, you have to think carefully about what video content you put on your site. It must have meaning and purpose. Needless to say, the video should also be high-quality. You can use videos as a visual representation of your company – to answer questions like who you are, what you do, what you can provide to your target audience, etc.

Motion Design

We are living in a fast-paced digital world and, with it, comes our short attention span and impatience. When we are searching for something on the internet, we always want it to be instantly provided to us.

If you’re a website designer, you can take advantage of this phenomenon by adding motion design on your site. Motion designs can provide users with instant information that’s engaging and informative. They are also more effective than textual or pictorial content.

For instance, you can use GIFs as one of your motion website design elements. Unlike videos, GIFs load faster, which is an excellent plus when it comes to user experience. In a short amount of time, GIFs can communicate even the most complex info to your website visitors. GIFs also work well with any device and browser.

Asymmetric Layouts

In 2020, website designs will become creatively bolder. As such, we can anticipate an increase in the use of asymmetrical structures that represent fun, enthusiasm, uniqueness, and individuality.

Nowadays, you can already notice the use of asymmetric layouts on personal websites. For the owners of personal websites, this type of website layouts is creatively appealing. However, despite its perceived uniqueness, you should make sure to be more careful in using asymmetrical designs and broken-grid structures.

If not done right, users might find asymmetrical web designs chaotic, especially when deployed on websites with a significant amount of live content. In this case, it’s advisable to opt for other personable website designs or even bootstrap 4 templates.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

Many devices today are now equipped with smart virtual assistants like Cortana, Siri, and Google Now. This trend makes way to the increasing number of people who are using voice queries. Of course, voice search is more convenient than taking the time of typing your queries manually.

As they say, innovation means opportunity. With the popularity of voice search, website designers and developers should see to it that they provide the best user experience with voice-capable interfaces.

Voice-capable interfaces are ideal as they can fit any device screens, and they can deliver more personalized content than text. When you adopt this element in website design, it’s sure to provide your website visitors with the best user experience. So, you should prepare for this trend next year.

Infusion of Advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are the buzzwords today. So, for web designers and developers, you should always stay updated with these technological trends as it’s not a distant possibility that the User Interface of tomorrow will be dominated by these new technologies.

Advanced machine learning will be beneficial for web designers and web developers as it can provide insights in terms of user data and activity. As a result, web designers and developers will be able to build more targeted and personalized landing pages based on such useful insights.

Although AI is not new in web development and web designs, they will dominate this technological landscape in the coming years. Moreover, TheGrid and Adobe Sensei are offering tools that can help web designers and developers to provide users with a multi-dimensional, personalized online experience.

3D Modelling and Rendering

In 2020, people should look forward to the rise in popularity of 3D modelling and rendering in website designs. Experts say that 3D modelling and rendering will be more affordable and accessible, even to people without specialized 3D training. Brands like Defy and Adidas are now adopting 3D modelling on their websites.


New website design trends are coming out every year. Hence, website designers and developers should keep updated with these trends to stay relevant and make their work more useful to a lot of users. If you’re working in the field of web design, you should take note of the 2020 web design trends mentioned above for that purpose.

Top 7 Website Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2020 & Beyond
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