10 Secret Tips For Skyrocketing Your Sales Through Video Marketing

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Have your standard marketing results become blunt in recent times? Are your marketing practices not gaining the engagement rates you need? If yes, then it’s time that you start using video marketing.

More than 86% of the marketers are using them for their campaigns. It presents them with 41% more traffic than the non-users, and have seen about 49% faster growth in their revenue. Even the word ‘video’ in the email subject line is boosting the open rates by more than 19%.

You don’t even have to invest a high amount for this marketing technique. A basic camera or smartphone with some editing software will do the job or even a online video maker tool can be a good option. It will be your strategies that will matter the most.

So in this post, we will share some of the proven techniques to boost your sales with video marketing. Have a look:

1. Quality Thumbnails

Thumbnails seem like a small detail for a video, but they are the most crucial part of it. This little icon is the first thing that a user will see while browsing a video platform or website. The branding statistics establish that if your image doesn’t look attractive; the users will by-pass the video.

Therefore, make sure to create them as if your whole campaign depends on them because it does.

The following are some rules that can help you to create a quality thumbnail. Have a look:

  • Pair your icon with first 10-15 second of your video
  • Try to use faces and close-up shots whenever possible
  • Never use the same background for a series of video and thumbnail
  • Be consistent and brand-centric with the visual
  • Avoid text in the area that shows the timestamp

2. Try To Personalize

Adding a professional touch to your video is a tempting option. It can increase the views for some videos, but it won’t work all the time. Instead, in most cases, formality will take away the video’s originality and personality. It will make the video look fake or promotional, and most viewers skip such content.

Therefore, try to reflect your personality in the video. Some casual talks, funny backgrounds, and some unplanned additives will do the job. You can also focus on your facial expressions and body language to enhance the results.

However, do focus on the rendering and clarity of the videos. The lights, contrast, voice, and resolution should be perfect.

3. Focus On The First 10 Seconds

A typical internet user will have a minimal attention span. It will take him/her just a few seconds to decide whether your video is worth it or not.

Therefore, try to service them the value of their time. Don’t waste time in non-necessary thing, introduce yourself, and come directly to the prime aim of the video. Using engaging visual content during this time is also an excellent idea. Youtube is one of the best most popular video browsing platform and it has a huge subscriber base.

If you’re on YouTube you need to read this list: 19 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views & Subscribers that can help in improving your YouTube channel.

Another good approach will be to ask some questions related to the video’s theme. It will create curiosity in the viewers and force them to stay and watch the entire content.

4. Keep The Conversations Fluent

When a viewer opens a video, even the informative once, he/she expects a certain type of connectivity. They expect the speaker to use fluent languages, causal words, graphics, references, and a lot of other features to make the video seem like a live conversation.

So, develop humor, and use it in your video. Share some jokes, life experiences, and the interesting fact about your brand. Make it look like the viewer is directly integrating with you.

5. Think Of Educating Not Promoting

The video that you upload on a network should not look like a direct promotional video. The consumer usually opens a video to know about the product and will immediately close the link if they don’t find it.

So, make videos which describe the product, it benefits, your services and why to shop with you. If you could make an impression, the customer will eventually come to your page and avail the product.

6. Watch the length

There is a lot of things going on in the average person’s life. There is office work, home, family, friends, hobbies, and an endless list of things to manage.

It shows that a viewer may not have the time to watch hours of video to gain information on a product. So, try to make your videos as short as possible.

7. Optimize Your SEO

SEO is an essential part of every marketing technique; video marketing is no exception. You will have to make the videos mobile optimized, quick loading, and align them with the Google algorithms. The better SEO ranking you will have, the more will be your appearance and opening rates.

You can also make the content favorable for viewers who rely on a screen reader or deaf. It will help you to boost your brand building and video engagement.

8. Use LinkedIn Video Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the very well known social media platform. The application has become the go-to social media platform for promoting in recent times, and you too can take advantage of it.

It offers you a very friendly video metric, native posting, and mobile optimization features to enhance your video marketing campaigns. So follow the best practices of LinkedIn video marketing, and it will create the traffic and the platform you need for the success of your campaign

9. Include User-Generated Content

User-generated content never goes out of trend. You can create a media platform where your viewers can share their reviews, small videos, images, and other stuff. It will help to create a more personalized relationship with them.

Further, you can also include the received content in your videos. It will present you as someone who believes in building relationships with viewers, and that will give a drastic boost to your video’s sharing rates.

10. Watch Your Competition

The marketing world is highly competitive, so the marketer always keeps on innovating their techniques and methods. The only way to beat the competition and stay ahead of them is to know the tricks they are following. For instance, if you make videos about different bedroom apartment for rent or sales, try to follow some property dealers. Watch the video they are creating and analyze the element they include in them.

You can also use some analytical software to find their success rates. It will help you to analyze the section of your campaign that needs improvement. Hence, improve your campaigns.

The Final Words

Video marketing is a highly-potent marketing technique. Planned and applied in the correct way it can give you the boost you need to take your business to new heights.

Moreover, if you integrate it with other visual technology like the video conferencing system, this marketing strategy can present you exceptional results.

So, integrate this video technology and experience the skyrocketed sale that comes with it. You will attain targets that seem challenging with the standard practice.

10 Secret Tips For Skyrocketing Your Sales Through Video Marketing
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