Best WordPress Theme to start a Coupon Website


When I was starting my coupon website, one of the decisions on which I was stuck for a long time, was whether to use WordPress or develop a custom website. I was not sure if a WordPress theme will fit my requirements. On the other hand, it can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 to hire a web developer and design a custom website.

I had a look at some of the WordPress themes available in the market. I even bought a couple of those from ThemeForest. But I was not impressed. They lacked something or the other.

Then I came across ClipMyDeals Coupon Theme, and I was absolutely relieved. Everything I wanted for my website, was already in this theme. Plus, I got to know that it is 100% WordPress compliant. So, it assured me that I will be able to do all my customization as per WordPress standards without any issue.

Today, after a year of starting my website with clipmydeals, I have already earned nearly 20 times my initial investment (cost of Theme+Domain+Hosting). And I have not even properly started marketing my website. I believe it is the power of this theme that enabled me to launch so quickly and successfully. I emailed the clipmydeals team with words of appreciation. But I think it deserves a special mention with a detailed post. So here we go! These are the features that I absolutely loved.

Attractive Colors & Fonts

This is one of the best features of clipmydeals. Unlike other coupon themes that ask you to install child themes for changing the colors and designs, this theme comes with 22 preset colors & designs built right into the customizer. Together with 9 different fonts, you will be spoilt for choice. With a simple drop-down, you can choose the design you like.

Awesome Homepage

The easiest part of operating this theme is that everything can be configured from the WordPress Customizer. Now, I have always struggled to set my homepage correctly in many other WordPress Themes. But here, I can choose my homepage layout right from the Customizer. No messy widgets, no copy-pastes, nothing. Simply select whether you want to show the banner, slider or an exciting video on your homepage.

You can also select whether you want to show the “popular store” grids as well as display the latest coupons & blog posts.

Compatible with Page-Builders

If like me, you are a fan of Elementor, WP-Bakery or any such page builders, then you can use these plugins without worries. I used Elementor to design a custom header & footer, and it worked like a charm. No clashes what-so-ever.

Grid or List Layout

Coming to coupon layout this theme allows me to choose from 3 options mainly Listing, 2 column grid, 3 column grid which makes it unique and differ from other coupon themes which stick to one particular layout.

I wanted to have a 3 grid layout on the homepage, but use the list layout on other pages. Again, this was a cakewalk with clipmydeals.


Another thing that I absolutely loved about clipmydeals is their combo-pack. I got a free Mobile App for my website which I uploaded on Google Play for my visitors. Now, if you are aware, such Apps can easily cost $200 to $ 500. Getting it free with the theme meant a huge saving for me since I had a limited budget. They also gave me a free subscription of automatic Coupon Feeds which I found really beneficial to save time.


This is yet another area where Clipmydeals wins hearts. They have ab absolutely fantastic support team which replies to tickets with resolutions within hours. I suggested 3 new features to them, which they promptly added in their next release.

They also give lifetime updates and support (unlike just 6 months offered by other theme developers).

Just go for it

Overall, ClipMyDeals comes with all the necessary features needed to run a coupon website. Other generic functionalities can be easily added with the use of WordPress Plugins.

If you are thinking of starting a coupon or cashback website, then don’t waste your time & money on other themes. Even if it feels a little out-of-budget to you, then build your budget to buy it. When you are just starting up, your time is costly. And this theme alone increases your chances of success multiple times.

Best WordPress Theme to start a Coupon Website
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