Checklist for Selecting a Responsive WordPress Theme for your Blog

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If you take your blogging seriously, you must analyze and evaluate the design of your blog and think how you may choose the best design for your responsive blog.

It is a well known fact that content plays a vital role in the blog or website. Apart from this, the design is the thing that people notice first so it is also an important aspect of the blog. So, you should choose best blog template that everyone enjoys. But by doing this, you will be repeating the theme or the design that is already used by several blogs before. So to carry the things properly, you should do a proper research and use a similar looking theme and design rather using the same that are loved by people before.

What you should Look while choosing a Blog theme?

When you are searching for a blog theme, it is very easy to get the ready-made theme. There are plenty of WordPress themes that are popular and distinct from others. However, there are premium as well as free themes and the difference between the both can be seen easily. Most of the paid themes tend to have higher quality and are better in every aspect. There are more features that are offered and the full customization options are also there. If you want to buy any theme, you need to know few things before buying.

  • Make sure the theme is responsive

Nowadays, there are plenty of the devices that are used for the viewing of the blogs and the websites. So before selecting the theme, make sure it is compatible with all the devices. The compatibility doesn’t mean that it should only run, it means the theme should be same, but support a different view of the different devices. The content should not miss out in any device. The font size of the content view should change according to the device change.

  • It should be customizable

The most important feature of any theme is the ability to mold it as per the need of the user. This feature is exclusive to the premium version of the themes only. There are many options for the custom features that can be used and achieved to get great results.

For customization, one should have the proper knowledge of the coding. If it’s a problem, then there are themes that allow drag and drop feature so that becomes easier to use and handle the complex problems. The images, the background, the foreground along with the transition can be used according to the need of the person.

  • Easy to use

Are you tech-savvy? No? You may need clear instructions on how to download as well as install the theme. The proper working and the use of ease is very important before choosing any theme. So the trial version should be checked deliberately along with the flexibility.

Now the point to be kept in mind to choose the design for the best responsive blog,

  • Price and license

Whenever choosing the design and the theme, the price to performance ratio is very important. The premium theme should work smoothly. There are few free themes that can be used easily but the credits should be given to the developer. There are certain themes that are licensed so they can’t be used without permission or even if purchased have a limited span of time for the usage. So, all these things should be checked properly.

You should consider following aspects:

  1. Are you going to use the theme on one or multiple sites?
  2. You must check Free support is there or not
  3. PSD file included for the customization
  4. The source file can be downloaded
  5. Any other benefit there after the buying
  • SEO friendly

If any content developed on the site is not SEO friendly then the content is of no use. SEO stands for the search engine optimization. It means the content that is developed should have all the facilities that it can be easily searched by anyone. The theme if liked by more and more people than the view will be more on the blog.

So those themes which are SEO friendly means are easily accessible to the people and can give a huge response to the website.

One can easily check whether the theme is SEO friendly or not by knowing these things.

A. The title and description can be set to each post.
B. The theme supports the SEO plugins
C. The theme includes <H> headings.

  • Browser compatibility

There are different browsers that are used by different people. The use of the browser depends on the person to person as well as platform to platform. So if any theme used is suitable for every browser then only it is useful, else it is a waste of money. If the theme is working on chrome and rest its unresponsive, then the visitors will be disappointed and will increase the bounce rate. So it is very important to check that that theme used is browser friendly and can be easily implemented on any blog and can be used anywhere.

  • Customizable design

There is the provision for the customization. The use of the theme can be done as the way the developer wants or the end user wants. There can be the use of the theme in such a way that anyone wants. Most of the themes come with preloaded stuff that might not be required by everyone. So, there should be the provision to remove all these stuff. There should also be the privilege of using more than one theme on the blog.

  • Different color scheme

The colors are the most important and attractive part of anything. There are many colors available so the provision of using all of them should be there on the theme. Using the proper color scheme is very important as it attracts more visitors.

  • Editable header ad homepage support

The header contains the most of the information to make the page SEO friendly so the customizable header is very important after all the blog is made in the expectation of more and more visitors.

The homepage is another important aspect of the blog. When people first open a website they first land on the homepage only so if the homepage is not good, then there can be the possibility of more bounce rate making the rank down. So the beautiful and attractive home with a pleasing content to direct visitors to another page is very important.

  • Video and image friendly

The theme should have the support of the video and the images as with the increasing demand of the people there are more and more videos which attract more traffic. Even the best quality of images is required to attract people. The videos and the images are more admirable and make the better understanding of the things. So if the theme is not media friendly then using it for a successful blog is a waste. Even the money spends got waste if the theme is not media friendly.

Try to research well about the potential themes before buying. Well, we have explained few ways to choose best design for responsive blog. Now, it’s your turn, go ahead!

Checklist for Selecting a Responsive WordPress Theme for your Blog
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