Features to Look Out for When Choosing an Employee Onboarding Software


In any organization, it’s important to give employees a good start! The first few days should provide new joiners with an understanding of the company culture and a brief about what they should expect from their workdays. It’s also crucial that the employees feel welcome and part of a team. Only the right mix of processes, executed effectively can ensure growth for all parties involved.

However, a set process won’t really make a difference unless it’s executed to perfection. For this reason, most companies make use of the up-and-coming employee onboarding software. Laden with features, this software solution allows for companies to transition employees into a new work environment. While most organizations do have some onboarding process, the approach to it is hardly ever systematic. There are multiple reasons why this happens, running from human error to unavailability to humongous paperwork.

All of these problems can be solved with the help of the right technology. When your company has the necessary tools to ensure a smooth transition for anyone you onboard, retention also becomes easier. Following a systematic, tech backed approach allows you to leave a great first impression, which is paramount in today’s ever-changing world. This article will focus on the features you should look out for when you choose an employee onboarding software:

The software should address all your needs

Regardless of the industry in which you work, the onboarding or induction process may be complex. It might require the presence of key stakeholders, signing of numerous legal documents, information transfer, access provisions, and a variety of other tasks. Additionally, all of these tasks must get wrapped up in a structured pattern. For instance, you may not want to provide access to new employees unless you’ve completed reference checks.

When looking for an onboarding software, ensure that it takes care of all your requirements. From sending automated emails to allowing new employees to create profiles and upload documents, the software must include such variants that make life easier for the onboarding team.

It should be designed keeping non-tech people in mind

A complicated onboarding process will make things worse – that’s something you must keep in mind when buying any software. Understand that a company is made up of different people coming from various backgrounds. Moreover, all of the people involved may not be as tech-savvy as you expect them to be. To ensure that everyone benefits from the software, look for one that is simple to understand and easy to master. Concentrate on the user flow to confirm that the tool is ideal for all.

The software should come with multi-user functionality

It’s extremely likely that the onboarding process is led by the HR team, however, they may not be the only ones hiring new employees. Employee onboarding may be taken care of by different managers, employees, or team leads. In such cases, everyone should have some access to the software so that they can complete the process without facing any glitches.

Similarly, when buying an employee onboarding software, you should ensure that it provides you with multi-admin functionality. This will allow your legal team to work on paperwork, while your IT team sorts out different accesses. Doing this allows for equal distribution of labor, ensuring your old employees are just as happy as the new ones.

It should have a deadline settings

Unless you want your onboarding process to last very long, you will have to fix a timeline. New joiners should be notified about creating a profile and providing important details within a given time frame. Similarly, the deadlines should also work for HR teams, such that they don’t lag behind in completing the process of induction, filing paperwork, and ensuring information packets are shared promptly.

Functional customer service

When using an automated tool, you must be in business with a company that provides top-notch customer service. In case you ever face issues with the onboarding software, you must have someone to connect with to solve your problems. Ideally, you should look for a company that provides a helpdesk or chat portal that anyone in your company can use – this will save you a lot of back and forth.


Now that you’re aware of a few essential onboarding features, you may begin to look for one that suits your needs. Ideally, the tool should include all the above-mentioned points so that you have a smooth process in place before an employee joins. Do note that when onboarding is done correctly, it increases employee satisfaction, thereby increasing retention.

Features to Look Out for When Choosing an Employee Onboarding Software
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