How to Integrate Traditional and Digital Marketing

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The business marketing landscape has changed drastically over the last two decades. Today, digital marketing techniques are all the rage surpassing traditional methods of marketing. In The United Arab Emirates (UAE), with an internet penetration rate of 99%, traditional marketing faces a bleak future. Through infrastructure development and policies supporting digital technologies, UAE has become a major economic hub with a focus on digital business.

Harnessing the Synergy of Digital and Traditional Marketing

However, concerns persist over the decision to overlook traditional marketing. It is akin to throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Digital technology has caused a buzz in the marketing world, but there’s still room for traditional marketing techniques.

Traditional marketing methods including print, billboards and television ads are still effective. The new trend is to harness the synergy of the two techniques combining them. Traditional marketing might be going out of season, but it is not obsolete. An established digital agency in Singapore can help your business unlock its potential by combining both the new and old strategies.

If you are a business owner or executive in UAE or the larger Asian region, you should consider integrating traditional and digital marketing. Marrying the two strategies allows you to reach a wider market (the tech-savvy and non-techies), reduce your marketing budget, among other benefits.

If you are in the process of creating a marketing plan, there’s a chance of incorporating both digital and traditional marketing techniques. Below are some ideas you should leverage to actualize such a plan:

1. Include Digital Accounts on Traditional Ads

It is an effective strategy, and many marketers now use it. You might have seen billboards and print adverts where brands also include their Facebook pages, websites, email accounts, Instagram accounts, and other digital accounts.

These ads target a larger audience and are more effective. The fact that 87% of shoppers start their searches online before visiting stores makes it important to leverage digital and traditional marketing. Including digital accounts on traditional ads is an effective way to increase more engagement to your business.

2. From TV Ads to Landing Pages

Television ads remain a popular marketing strategy even in today’s digital age. They are, however, expensive and limited in exposure. As an advertiser, you only have a few seconds to pass your message.

A good idea is to use the TV ad to direct your target audience to your online landing pages. Experienced marketers can help you pull off such an advert. With the repeated mention of your landing page’s address on the TV ad, it is possible to increase web traffic and conversions.

3. Billboards and Geotargeting

Billboards are expensive and small local businesses avoid them for this reason. However, new technology now allows for smaller digital billboards, which still give the same exposure. With geo-targeted ads, you can get more bang for your buck by sending ads on the driver’s

smartphones every time they pass your billboard.

4. Reuse TV Ads For Online Video Marketing

Making a TV ad for your small business in UAE might look like an unnecessary cost. However, consider that every household still has television. Families faithfully watch the news and other programs making this a viable marketing medium.

One way of integrating digital and traditional media is by creating TV ads and reusing the

same for your online video marketing. Video marketing is the future of business, and for this reason, you need unique content to grow your business. Most of your customers prefer watching videos, so it is one of the best marketing strategy for online video marketing.

You need to come up with suitable content.

5. Barcodes or QR codes on Print Media

It is a popular marketing trend and incorporating traditional and digital marketing strategies. The barcode or QR code on your print ad leads the reader to a specific page on your website or special media account.

Now that newspapers and printed magazines remain popular in local towns, this is a great way to drive traffic to your digital platforms. It is easy for a reader to scan the barcode or QR code using a smartphone to get offers, discounts and more information about your brand.

QR codes have been used by many brands for several purposes but mainly for these purposes, such as Customer Survey, Customer acquisition, Customer support and public relations.

To get more customers, many of the brands put QR code on their poster. To maintain a good customer support, many brands put various QR codes for various problems by which customer can directly get the answer to their problems.

6. Email Newsletters and Brochures

Email newsletters blend the traditional newsletter normally dropped at the doorstep with email, which is a digital marketing tool. Emails are highly popular today with over 6.69 billion accounts around in 2018. Newsletters are still popular with consumers looking for new products, offers, and industry news.

You can leverage this combined tool to reach new customers, boost lead generation, improve conversions, and increase customer engagement. You can also include flyers and brochures in your emails to promote new products and improve sales.

7. Digital Media For Physical Events

If you have a local fair or show, you can promote it on your digital platforms, including social media. Hype your event and share the information to increase interest in the event. It is a unique way of fusing digital and traditional marketing strategies.

Social media engagement is a new process of marketing by many of the businesses. Creating a social media page can increase your brand awareness and it also build customer trust with the brand.

Wrapping Up

While digital marketing is all the rage in the world of business, traditional marketing remains relevant. As a marketer, you can increase your market reach by fusing digital and traditional methods of marketing. It is a smart move in a highly competitive business environment as it also allows you to cut costs and reach otherwise ignored audience.

How to Integrate Traditional and Digital Marketing
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