How to Target Your Mobile Users with Push Notifications

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Push notifications are the hottest and finest technique added to your digital marketing campaign to get your target audience on the website. They give messages on your phone, tablet, or any devices instantaneously. The customers can know about the latest features through the app or website.

How it differs from traditional marketing?

According to a report published by the World Advertising Research Center (WARC), over 1.3 billion are forecast to access the internet via smartphone and PC by 2025. So the global smartphone audience has surpassed the number rapidly. Email marketing, social media channels, and SMS are the most common traditional marketing channels used to engage the traffic. The users rarely openemail and text messages and read the entire message.

However, push notifications have become an effective marketing channel because the user can easily redirect to the website with the appropriate link. The push notification can reach to the user whether the user is busy viewing other websites locking his mobile screen or not using the website. Push notifications help with crisp information with fewer words. This helps in attaining higher click rates.

Why push matters?

Push notifications help any business to get the customer’s attention back to their app or website. It provides a reminder to the user that they have something to look forward. This tactic has proven as effective in re-engaging inactive users and boosting in-app conversions.

Types of push notifications

  • Web push notifications

Web push notifications come from a website and delivered in web browsers. They can also be delivered on the browsers of devices like mobiles and tabs. You can easily send the notifications on Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers.

For example, if you have opted in to receive the push notifications from a particular website, then you can obtain the notifications from the website if you hadn’t visited the site.

  • App-based push notifications:

The app-based push notifications are the notifications you receive on your smartphone rather than receiving on the website.

For example, you are able to receive the notifications from any application at the home screen of your mobile even if you are not using the app. You can also receive the messages in-app even if you are on another app.

Power of push notifications at a glance:

Push notifications help in skyrocketing digital marketing campaigns. They are easy to implement on websites and interact with users if the best rules followed.

  • Communicate with both online and offline web page visitors
  • High conversion rate as compared to other traditional marketing campaigns
  • Communicate without any personal details
  • Supports multiple browsers
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Less effort and huge results
  • Reach more people with a lesser time

How to use push notifications wisely?

It is very important to use push notifications to add value to the user experience. Let’s look a few tips:

Use time sensitivity:

The messages should be relevant for the users. However, time sensitivity is more effective. For example, Kayak app will send the notifications including the airfares and routes. It states in the message whether the user will get the price to be lowered in the future. The users can able to see at a glance whether it’s a good idea to book a flight now.

Personalize messages:

Relevant and personalized messages are even better. For example, if you have an e-commerce fashion retail store which sells the wardrobe, sending out for a shirt notifications about a sale in women’s accessories won’t be relevant to all of your users. It is better to show particularly to male users or the users who have a history of buying men’s products.

Use location-based notifications:

The location-based notification is an effective method for sending notifications to users. For example, if you have enabled the location services the store can send notifications about the latest products. You can take another step ahead reminding the users about rewards they might available in the nearby store.

Use emoji:

Using emoji in your notifications actually increases the open rate of push notifications. This is because humans tend to visual creatures and emojis help to convey the message in a useful way.

Know what your audience wants?

It is important to understand who your audience is and what they are likely to respond. There is no justification to send push notifications about the grand scale of Christmas to the families living in the Middle East. The key thing is to understand what your audience is interested in your website. If your company provides a news service, then sending the specific users will likely prove valuable.

t is important to note that your audience doesn’t want to see the notifications multiple times a day.

Time: Know when your audience wants?

  • The important element needs to keep in mind to reach the audience through push notifications is what the best time to reach them.
  • The notifications which sent in the morning 3 AM will get unnoticed by the audience and it may annoy your user that leads to delete your app.
  • You can schedule initial and end dates for the message and incorporate the times relating your local time zone.
  • You need to do some research to understand the user and ensure them when they want the notifications.
  • You can consider different timings for sending housewives and targeting the office workers.

Know where your notifications will be most useful?

Geo-targeting the right users is an essential element in sending push notifications. This helps you to ensure the audiences based on their geographic location.

For example, if you cross a Starbucks and downloaded the app within the certain geographical radius of your store, Starbucks will notify you a deal or menu item of coffees. This can be a great option for eateries to explore more foods in a particular location. But, be careful! A couple of notifications per week can risk you to lose your subscribers.

Know who you’re trying to reach?

Personalization is the most cherished characteristics of push notifications. People always love to be treated with much priority. They feel very important if they get a direct line of communications from the website. Taking the time to add in a level of personalization can make difference in your engagement rates.

Final Thoughts:

You need to think about the cross-channel while doing push notification marketing. You need to understand the push notification software’s capabilities for your market. The popular services help to provide customer engagement, enhance your customer base. You may have to choose the better option for your business.

How to Target Your Mobile Users with Push Notifications
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