Increase Brand Awareness with 6 SEO Hacks for Your WordPress Website

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There’s no doubt that having good SEO when it comes to your brand’s online presence is important. After all, your website is the main resource for your audience to visit and get to know about your brand straight from you. If you’re using WordPress to host your website read on and take advantage of 6 SEO hacks to build brand awareness.

From having a website design that loads quickly while looking good on different mediums, utilizing keywords to help people find your website, to displaying high-quality images, SEO provides many purposes. One of the most important purposes is brand awareness.

SEO isn’t easy at times but there are tools that can help you along the way, like choosing a certain hosting software. There are various other website building tools such as Shopify or Squarespace as well but WordPress is the most preferred choice for most people. But how does using WordPress help with brand awareness? Check out our 6 SEO hacks and see the difference it can make.

Use plugins to help with your website’s SEO

Use an SEO-centric plugin like Yoast to optimize what Google sees. The Yoast plugin is arguably one of the most valuable tools you can have for a WordPress website. It helps you with keyword analysis and with writing better content, and generates XML maps, just to name a few of its services. Overall, the plugin, just like a few other quality plugins help Google to better understand what your content is about and encourages the search engine to rank your website higher. The higher your website is ranked, the more likely people are going to see it, increasing brand awareness.

See what your audience is doing on your page

Tracking traffic is by no means an original hack, but it’s an important one to remember when using SEO for better brand awareness. Knowing when people are visiting your website, seeing which articles are the most popular, and following what keywords were used gives you a better idea of what your audience wants or is interested in, so you can use this information to improve your approach to make it better and easier for your audience to find you.

Getting to know your audience’s behaviors and their interests can help your brand take the next steps in audience outreach and expansion. If you’re interested in learning more about how certain content or campaigns affect brand awareness on your target, use a brand tracking tool like Latana.

Monitoring tools such as Latana analyzes audience interests and helps reshape brand’s focus in a way that one can produce a content and push campaigns more in line to what your core audience is looking for, when they’re searching for keywords that your business is about.

User experience matters – a lot

Providing a positive and good quality user experience applies to your website as a whole. No matter what type of content, there’s no easier way to lose a potential customer than a complicated website or a blog post written in an unfamiliar language and displayed overwhelmingly. An easy way to provide a positive user experience is by breaking down your blog posts or long form texts. Format them in a way that’s digestible and easy to read. Luckily, with WordPress you can do this with little to no HTML experience.

Have high quality images that work well on your page

Nowadays we’re driven and inspired by images. So, it’s really important that the images on your website are optimized, in that they are high-quality, tagged correctly, and compliment your website page. Images are an important element of branding, they’re one of the first things people associate with your brand. WordPress makes it easy to optimize images by providing sections to add proper images tags.

Use additional plugins like or ShortPixel that we’ve found works brilliant to compress and resize images to fit your website automatically. And what’s best, most of these plugins also optimize images for SEO which makes it easier for your audience to locate your brand with ease.

Have a responsive design for ease of use

While on the topic of design, make sure you have a website that is responsive. Ensure your website is consistent across all devices and check how it loads and appears on a computer screen, mobile phone, and tablet. Select a WordPress theme that is responsive to avoid complications that can happen when changing interfaces.

This will ensure a seamless experience for your audience and you can rest assured that incorporating these small tips will definitely affect your overall monetization. Keep in mind also, the matter mentioned above about image optimization, which affects your website speed.

Website speed affect the bounce rate of your visitors and based on the study of Unbounce – any visitor waiting of over one second is most likely to leave your website – this is the bounce rate that send Google negative feedback, you want to avoid this at all costs.

URLs – shorter is better

Image Source: Moz

Not only do you want people to remember your brand, you also want them to share it. Make it easy for them to refer to your brand by using shorter URLs. Long URLs not only look bad, but in terms of SEO and growing organic blog traffic, Google prefers short-to-medium sized URLs. Keep this in mind not just for the sake of your audience, but for your ranking as well.

SEO for Brand Awareness

Use these 6 crucial WordPress hacks to develop your website’s SEO and build brand awareness. By practicing good SEO strategies and tactics you can get your website ranked higher by Google for more brand visibility and increase the rate in which people visit your website. Once you’ve got the ranking you need, track traffic to have a better understanding of what your audience is looking for and wants to engage with so you can prioritize further content. Use this information to build a better marketing strategy and see how you can further improve your SEO.

Create a memorable and uncomplicated user experience on your website with great images and a responsive design so people associate your brand’s website with a positive experience. Help them remember and share their positive experience with a shorter URL. Take advantage of website hosts like WordPress, tools, and plugins to optimize your website and gain meaningful insights about your audience. With the right resources, build brand awareness with SEO.

Increase Brand Awareness with 6 SEO Hacks for Your WordPress Website
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