Top SEO Opportunities to Grab in 2018

seo in 2018

The world of SEO is always in flux. For you to use it to your advantage, you need to be aware of all the critical latest changes and adapt your strategy to the developments. Here is a list of some of the most significant opportunities in SEO that you face in 2018 and which you can use to enhance the performance of your site and, by extension, the business.

1. The mobile first index

Mobile First Index is a new change that Google is implementing in 2018. According to sources, the change will ensure that the site uses the extent to which a site is friendly for mobile viewing as one of the most critical factors for ranking. Thus, if your site is not optimized for social display, the chances are that you may miss a significant opportunity to make an impact by increasing the overall level of visibility of your website.

One of the things that you can do to take advantage of this opportunity is to have your site fully optimized for mobile viewing. Some of the things that you need to consider include ensuring that your website is fully optimized for mobile display is to ensure that JavaScript, CSS, and images are not blocked.

Moreover, to make your site friendly for mobile viewing, you should consider the design of the website. For example, it may be necessary to ensure that there are no popups on your site to make it friendly to mobile users. Moreover, it is essential to avoid using Flash to make it easy for people who are using mobile phones to view the content of your website.

2. Social media

Research shows that social media marketing is still one of the most important approaches that businesses use to get new conversions. Social media marketing entails all the activities that you undertake to promote your brand and products on social media platforms.

For example, when you open a Twitter handle for your firm and deliberately tweet about your new products, then you intend to get new followers, reach out to many people on the platforms and then convert your following into clients. Similarly, our presence and activities on many other social media platforms are aimed at helping you increase your sales.

Social media is set to remain one of the most important platforms where marketers can advertise their products and services. This trend is based on the observation that the number of people who prefer social media as their source of news and information, in general, is set to increase steadily soon.

One of the things that you can do to take advantage of the growing importance of social media and boost your SEO performance is to ensure that our post content that is well-prepared and relevant to your audience. Having thin and irrelevant content may hurt your SEO performance for a very long time. Thus, take the time to make posts that are relevant and informative to your audience to increase their level of engagement with the content.

Additionally, you need to be consistent in the way you post content on social media. Your users will trust you the more when they are certain about your posting schedule than when they cannot tell the time for your next post. Therefore, for you to take advantage of the increasing popularity of social media usage, craft a strategy that helps you to post relevant content consistently.

3. The rise of voice search

Voice search is a practice in which people speak to an application when conducting online searches. Google long recognized the rising importance of voice search. Currently, statistics indicate that people are increasingly talking to their devices when they are carrying out primary organic searches. Thus, users no longer entirely type search phrases when they are looking for content but then to use the two methods: voice search and the traditional way of keying it a few words.

There are several things that you can do to take advantage of this trend. In the first place, you may have to start using long-tail keywords. Unlike traditional search, the process of using voice search is based on long-tail keywords and phrases. Therefore, you can take advantage of the trend by using more long-tail keywords than the traditional one-word keywords that are common with the conventional search process.

Also, you can effectively exploit the trend to your advantage by including a FAQ on your site. a FAQ is important because it helps you to publish some of the most frequent questions that some of your users may have. Therefore, when people search for the questions, they can quickly land on your website and navigate to the other pages of the site.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the new trend by ensuring that your content is written in a very conversational tone. Having such content on your site makes it easy for people to get to your site when they use long phrases. Moreover, the use of such material makes it easy for people to access your content when they are using voice search because such kind of search is entirely intentional.

4. Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence is seen in the way Google utilizes Rank Brain to determine the relative performance of sites. Rank Brain is a valuable tool that helps the company to take into consideration all the crucial factors before it decides the overall performance of the websites. Thus, based on Rank Brain, it is necessary for site owners to not only concentrate on using single keywords but also to ensure that their sites are friendly for mobile viewing, load faster and have the right measure of user experience.

Thus, you can take advantage of the interaction between AI and SEO by taking into consideration all the other crucial factors on your site. For example, you do have to use the right keywords to build content that matches the needs of your users as opposed to attempting to stuff keywords in your content. Also, you must address other issues like the loading time of your site and how easy it is for visitors to navigate the website for you to increase the performance of your website.

In summary, these are some of the most critical change that is taking place in the world of SEO that you can take advantage of and increase your performance. You need to take consider the rise of voice search and implement changes that make it easy for people who are using the approach to find your site.

Top SEO Opportunities to Grab in 2018
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