10 Tips to convert your eCommerce Website in Sale Magnet

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Optimizing an eCommerce website for a business’s sales and growth unfortunately is not given enough importance for its potential.

There is no hard logic behind the concept that if conversion rate is low of any eCommerce website then it would ultimately become very tough to keep the business running. However, one way to be safe from this outcome is to give proper attention to optimizing your eCommerce website to bring you more traffic and sales.

Whether you are new in the digital world or an experienced player,you need to make optimizing efforts and marketing plans to widen your market. There are many ways to actually optimize your eCommerce website, but here are 10 key tips to convert your eCommerce website in a sale magnet.

1. Add perfect images

There is no doubt large images with sharper picture quality sell more products than blurry, unclear and small images. Other than picture size and image quality, the angle and lightening of your product images also help provide a more captivating customer experience.

Moreover, good images also get more attention on social media and adds to brand credibility, all this only help your brand enjoy more attention and may result in more sales.

2. Make good impression with Homepage

The homepage of your eCommerce website is majority of time the sole factor behind prospects’ first impression and hence, no online store can really afford to mess up with their home page. You can make use of Google Analytics and SEO reports to analytical judge performance of your product range, and then decide what your best performing products are that should be promoted on the home page.

You can even make announcements for promotional offers or new product range to grab visitors’ attention.

3. Website SEO

Normally, people look for their desired products by searching some specific keywords, whether they need some electronic gadget or some clothing item. Researching for your brand-specific keywords is one of the most important aspect of product SEO. Hence, it is very important that you pick most relevant keywords for your SEO efforts.

Each and every product page of your website need its unique Meta title and description that incorporate the researched keywords. Using keywords with proper strategy will bring more traffic and may result in increasing sales.

4. Product search box

Search box can be very important for an eCommerce website to provide their customers with most user-friendly experience. Hence, it is only smart to make your search box prominently visible on your e-store.

However, to even further improve chances of making a sell, you can show relevant keyword suggestions as a visitor searches for something. This will help the visitor to quickly search for their desired product.

5. Website speed is game changer

Many studies support this, including Decibel Insight’s research, that a slow-to-load website has more chance of higher bounce rate and vice versa.

People usually turn towards eCommerce websites or overall towards internet because they are looking for convenience and if your website takes forever to load, it is not convenient at all just annoying. Moreover, a fast loading website will even score higher on search rankings and it will have more chances of higher traffic.

Hence, optimize your eCommerce website by reducing its load time and enjoy better chance at making sales.

6. Live chat option

Many of times in situation of confusion or when one is not able to find want they are looking for, the option of live chat on an eCommerce website can the only chance at making the sell happen.

You can install a live chat widget to instantly deal with visitors’ confusions or doubts. The 24*7 live chat option on your eCommerce website will help you provide a better customer services experience and have increasing impact on sales.

Today, there are even some smart live chat widgets available that figure out when a visitor may need help through their behavior on the website.

7. Make checking out process effortless

One might think that taking a customer to checkout process is enough and it’s a definite sale. However, there are still good chances that customer may never finish the checkout process due its complications. It is not uncommon for customers to get too frustrated with a complicated checkout process and abandon their cart before making sale.

Hence, it is important that your keep the process secure for the customers, the process is intuitive and transparent, make payment method clear and visible and offer FAQs.

8. Make refund and return policy visible

When shopping online, one of the most common concern of people is how will brand react in case they need a refund or return the product.

Hence, an eCommerce website should make their refund and return policy transparent and clearly visible to hold-on to buyer’s trust. This also presents to be a good opportunity for the online store to convert a visitor into a customer.

9. Provide transactional communication

Transactional communication is not a new concept for eCommerce websites, it is a rather great way for the business to connect with their customers, to provide a decent customer experience and make good first impression.

Making transactional communication with customers helps the brand add to their credibility and reliability by keeping customer well-informed about every step in buying and shipping process.

10. Your customers may be able to sell better than you do

You might be great at selling your products or services and you might even have years of experience with you, but you customers may just help you sales more than any of your other strategies and offers.

Studies shows that today as web search increasing influences the buying decision of customers, similarly positive customer feedback and good customer reviews can be the final push for your prospective customers. They also help build customers’ trust in brand and be a driving force for sales.

Hence, customer reviews and testimonials have become more important than conventional marketing efforts.


With how competitive eCommerce marketing is getting, is it rather important that you are making regular efforts to improve your performance. Hence follow these effective tips to convert your online store into a sales magnet.



10 Tips to convert your eCommerce Website in Sale Magnet
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