5 Reasons to Include Videos in Your Recruiting Emails

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One of the most valuable tools in the real estate industry is email. It might feel a little dated, considering that the technology cropped up in 1971. However, there is a big reason that CRMs and other real estate software continue to include email-based features in their suites: effectiveness. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for prospective buyers or organizing an open-house viewing. Email, when used the right way, can deliver the results you want.

That’s why you should seriously think about the way you craft a real estate agent recruiting email. For example, gone are the days when email only had a header and a body. Now you can attach multiple files in various formats, even embed various media in the email itself.

One such form of media is video. It’s become the content format of choice in the past few years (multi-millionaire vloggers, anyone?) and you should definitely be using it in your recruiting emails as well. Here are a few reasons why you ought to do so:

Videos Are Engaging

One of the biggest reasons that video is so popular is that it’s so much more engaging. In fact, studies have shown that videos in an email can result in up to a 300% increase in click-through rates. That’s certainly a number that you want to see in your own email campaigns!

If you want to capture the attention of both passive and active candidates, consider embedding a video in your recruiting emails. The recipient may be more compelled to open a video than read an e-brochure or a pure-text email. You can also include a lot more information in a one-minute video that can otherwise seem boring when written down.

Videos Are Convincing

Another interesting tidbit is that around 90% of consumers believe that videos are an important part of the decision-making process. What’s more, surveys have revealed that job postings that include video content have more than 30% higher application rates.

What all of these mean is that adding video content in your email will give you a bigger pool of candidates to choose from. Of course, don’t just create a video just to have one. Include answers to common questions, such as your compensation package. Keep your videos at a reasonable length, too. Two minutes is ideal; if you need a little more time, don’t go more than five minutes. Finally, create different videos for different phases of recruitment.

Videos Are Shareable

Videos are primarily meant to entertain. This is why people love watching and sharing videos, more than text and images. As such, as long as you have a well-crafted video with your email, candidates who may not be interested may forward your video to another person. (You can’t say exactly the same for a text-only email or even a newsletter.)

Videos Are More Personal

The problem with emails is that despite careful wording, they can seem impersonal. Using customizable templates can help in this regard, but in some circumstances, your words will not be enough. With a video of yourself speaking, on the other hand, it’s much easier to build rapport with a candidate. It’s as if you’re talking with them. It’s more direct and therefore more personal.

A video can also communicate other details about you, and therefore about your brokerage. For example, if you speak with confidence and credibility, then the candidate can easily associate those traits with your organization. Seeing the person behind a recruiting email can also help build trust, and thus make it a little easier to convince someone to join your brokerage.

Videos Enhance the Candidate Experience

As they say, first impressions last. One of your foremost goals with a real estate recruiting email is to attract a candidate. A video is a much more powerful medium to use in this regard, allowing you to “sell” your brand, company culture, and value proposition to candidates. This then increases their likelihood to proceed with their application.

Meanwhile, in the later stages of recruitment, videos can be a way to differentiate your messages. You can further personalize acceptance emails, for example, which enhance the candidate experience. On the other hand, sending a video can communicate sincerity to those who did not make the cut. Remember that consistency is a good quality to aim for, perception-wise, and videos are a great way of achieving this.

The key is to think of videos as beyond social media content that can be monetized. In fact, videos didn’t use to serve that purpose at first; they only evolved as time went on and as customers became more discerning about the content they consume.

Adding videos to your recruiting emails also doesn’t discount the effectiveness of “traditional” emails. Remember that there’s a time and place for everything, and you don’t have to include media to each and every email. In fact, there are times when plain text emails are more effective or suitable. Simply put, strategize your use of videos to maximize their effect.

5 Reasons to Include Videos in Your Recruiting Emails
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