5 Rules for Freelance Logo Designers Should Follow

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Are you a freelance logo designer? Probably you must be aware of important design things. You must be having a good understanding of design composition, colour theory, and the precise ways to use various logo design software with ease.

According to the experts, logo design is not about how beautiful a logo looks, but it is more about what the logo represents. A logo is a shorthand representation of everything that your company represents. From their company’s culture to corporate policy, to their latest contributions, the logo is an important aspect of a company’s identity.
For this reason, being a freelance logo designer, you need to know some important things before you plan to create the next logo design!

1. The Design Concept must be Broad

Being a freelance logo designer, you must have specific concepts in mind. However, you need to be aware of various alternatives and compare them to your concept. There is no particular way to decide that a logo would be best for the business.

Hence, when you design a logo, you must have a minimum of three distinct alternatives available. Having more than five different variations of each design would offer you, customers, and the choice to select the best one for their company. It implies that preliminary work is essential.

You can focus on some core areas of graphic design and begin a design starting from preliminary to final execution. Additionally, focus on using different styles and concepts for each design. This would let your customers know the different design possibilities available for their logo design.

2. Create a Scalable Design

The logo design created by freelance logo designers would display on everything. From business cards to signage, the design would be embedded in every aspect of the company. Hence, it is of utmost importance to create a scalable design. A scalable design would ensure to appear same on all matters and items.

This can be done by focusing on all compositional rules. Using fewer colours and fonts would offer you with a great number of chances to make it possible to accomplish logos that that are readable and reliable.

Another aspect is to focus on regular fonts, like Times New Romans, Helvetica, and Arial. Even try to create a logo design with simple shapes. At the same time, avoid highlights, shadows and gradients. This can intervene between the overall appearances of the logo.

3. Follow the Structural Rules

There is a big revolution in the way logo designs are used for business promotion. With changes in methods of promotion, the possibilities are far bigger. But this has created numerous challenges among logo designers.

One big challenge is to create a logo design that looks great on a website. The logo design must be easily accessible from a computer screen to a smartphone screen without having variations in its display. Even, the client would most probably want to display the same logo on its business poster or business card, and even on company’s products.

All such sorts of factors need to be considered. Based on these factors the logo design must be given special treatment. You must be sure that the logo looks good in all such aspects and is even more appreciated.

For this, you can begin by creating a logo sketch first on a paper with a pencil. This would help you know how well your logo idea would appear on the screen. Then you can proceed to draw the logo on graphics software, like an Illustrator or Photoshop. But during the initial time make the format only in white and black. Such a rule would emphasize on your idea of the logo and not on its composition.

4. Keep the Design and Color Consistent

It is extremely vital to have a consistent palette. This does not mean that you need to use same colours that are related to the corporate identity of your client but also to maintain the consistency of every image. The minimum colors you use to create the logo, the easier it would be to maintain consistency throughout the design.

The first important rule you can follow in this consideration is to use no bright colours. Such colours can be painful to the eyes. You need to design a logo that is eye-catching, but not painful to the eyes.

In addition to this, you may use colours that are analogous as well as complementary. This would maintain a warm colour palette and keep complementary splashes hues to the least.

It is extremely important to ensure your logo design looks good in grayscale and hosts a simplified two-colour process. Also, the logo would be used for everything. Hence, it must be designed in a presentable form.

5. Take Professional Guidance when necessary

Taking guidance of other professionals in the field can be really helpful. It can help you design a logo that keeps up with the current logo design trends.

As a freelance logo designer, you have the chance to utilize current market trends as well as your skills in order to create an outstanding logo design. However, it is important to have a complete understanding of how the logo design would work in the field. Once you know how this works, you would be able to create a logo design that can exactly match the requirements of your customers.


The purpose of logo design is to create a logo that can build connections between you and a high-quality product. Though it is a small thing, it is the most important thing that most people remember. Hence, it is essential that you create a logo design that stands out and can be remembered. This is possible with a simple composition. Other than this, the logo design must be memorable.

Now, you have the top 5 rules to create logo designs being a freelance logo designer, so try creating one that can stand out in the crowd, impresses your customers, and is in line with the latest market trends!

5 Rules for Freelance Logo Designers Should Follow
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