6 Tips To Smarten Up Your AdWords Strategy In 2020

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Over the years, Google AdWords has emerged as one of the most powerful online marketing tactics. But acing the AdWords game is easier said than done, with consumer behavior and PPC strategies evolving at a dynamic pace. What worked the last year may not bring results this year. So you cannot just rest on your laurels because 2019 campaigns may actually sink in 2020. The only way to sustain and succeed is by ramping up your current strategy to match the ever-changing trends and expectations. Here are some useful tips that can help you smarten up your AdWords strategy for 2020 and beyond.

Automate your bidding

The best way to manage your campaigns in 2020 is by automating your bidding. Considering the changing scenario in the landscape, you need to constantly keep an eye on the performance of every campaign at a granular level. Not doing so elevates the risk of missing out on something and overspending.

Constantly babysitting campaign performance is time-consuming and cumbersome, more so if you are running more than one of them. Automation is the solution you can rely on. You can use an automation tool for setting up pre-defined targets with caps for each of the campaigns, which lets you manage them despite the fluctuations.

Pay extra attention to your message match

Creating a win-win AdWords campaign is all about optimizing your message match. Primarily, it is about knowing your audience well enough, segmenting them and creating ads and landing pages that are a perfect match for their intent. You need to create unique landing pages and align them with a different audience, segments or offers to make the campaign laser-targeted.

You need to consider aspects such as the audience visiting the page, why they are doing so and where they are coming from. Further, you can use the information to personalize the PPC landing page content for matching the intent and expectation of the visitor. A solid message match offers better quality/relevance scores for the ad, which translates into a lower cost per leads.

Work magic with offers

A good message match is just one part of the picture; you need to work magic with the offers in the message as well. Pay attention to the consumer offer that you are including in the ad. Start by optimizing this offer and communicating its value to the consumer with a compelling ad copy. Making the offer persuasive is all about telling the audience what is in the offer for them, why they should care and what they will get as the end-benefits of buying from you. The idea is to win their trust so that they don’t think twice before clicking to convert.

Focus on minimizing wastage

In 2020, marketers need to be all the more particular about evaluating the performance of their AdWords campaigns so that they can take corrective action as quickly as possible. Wasted spend is one of the critical parameters that you need to follow consistently.

Using a handy tool such as AdWords Waste Measurement Tool is a good idea as it lets you identify the amount spent on non-converting activities accurately. When armed with this significant information, you can work on fine-tuning the campaign for cutting down the wastage and improving efficiency in the long run.

Device targeting is the key

When it comes to creating a successful AdWords campaign in 2020, device targeting can actually make or break your game. Basically, you need to treat your landing pages differently, based on whether they are on desktop or mobile. This is because users behave differently while using both channels.

They have different needs, appetites and patience levels depending on the devices they use for accessing the ad. Further, the growth of voice search has changed the audience’s behavior on mobile devices and there is a need for a separate keyword set as well. Considering these facts, you need to make your AdWords campaigns more device-specific in the year ahead.

Focus on value rather than sales

The online audience is smarter than ever and blatant sales pitches are the worst way to try impressing them. Being too pushy for sales with AdWords in 2020 is going to be a major mistake. Google has become completely customer-centric today and advertisers need to follow suit. Your ads, therefore, must highlight value proposition rather than coaxing people to buy.

The best approach would be to build up traffic slowly but consistently and nurture the audience from brand awareness to conversion. Rather than promoting your products as the best, you need to focus on promoting your brand as a value proposition. This will not only enable you to power up your sales in the present but keep your audience hooked up forever.

Going the extra mile is what you need to do for driving success for your AdWords campaigns in 2020 and beyond. And these great tips will definitely help you do so!

6 Tips To Smarten Up Your AdWords Strategy In 2020
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