6 Ways an MBA Can Catapult Your Marketing Career

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An MBA program, which stands for a master’s in business administration, is a great degree for those who want to catapult their marketing career. With new technologies and ways of working constantly emerging, staying current with marketing will get you hired and promoted in many companies. An MBA can prepare you for this rapid change in the marketing industry. Below, we look at what an MBA program consists of and six ways it can catapult your marketing career.

What Does an MBA Consist Of?

This will depend on the university or college you attend, but most MBA’s cover the same topics in detail. With business and marketing ever changing, MBA programs will also change to keep up with this and teach their students the most current knowledge to get ahead in business. An MBA will not only give you marketing tools that you can use in your business, but it will also give you expertise to drive these tools forward and teach others.

Some of the most common topics covered during an MBA program are:

  • Human behavior and resources
  • Marketing management
  • Data analytics
  • Accounting
  • Strategic management

MBA programs are not just tailored to one niche either. You can take MBA courses in a wide range of concentrations, such as healthcare, marketing, and human resources. This means, no matter what area you do marketing in, you can tailor your MBA program to learn as much as possible about your chosen area of business.

How Long Will It Take to Study?

To undertake an MBA, you must first have around two to three years of experience in business, following your bachelor’s degree. While many graduates are still finding their feet and working during this time, taking the step to get an MBA before everyone else will show initiative and help you to get ahead, while still working and earning a wage.

One great benefit of an MBA is that it can be taken alongside working in your spare time. This means you can remain dedicated to your current marketing role, while studying and gaining a master’s. Showing your dedication to marketing in this way is one surefire way to show your boss that you are willing to do what it takes to get to the top. Some MBAs can be achieved in as little as 18 months, when taken full-time. If you are going to work alongside studying, you can expect to earn your master’s in two to three years.

Earning an MBA has never been easier and with the option to study online, you can choose a course that works around you and your needs. Working while studying is beneficial, as it allows you to put things that you have learnt in your program into the working environment. You can see in real time how different marketing and business techniques can improve the business you are in.

  1. Increased Employability in Marketing

When you choose to study for an MBA, whether it be in the marketing field or one closely linked to your business, you are increasing your employability. When you want to stand out from the crowd, gaining an extra qualification, alongside years of experience in your role can really help your CV to stand out from others. An MBA can lead to better marketing jobs being open to you, which also means a higher salary too.

  1. Create Marketing Connections

When you study for an MBA, you will be surprised by how many important marketing connections you can make which can excel your career. Sometimes, it isn’t just about what you know, it is also about who you know. Whether this be your lecturer, advisors, or fellow classmates, having more connections in the business and marketing industry is never a bad thing. Building these professional relationships may come in handy in the future and could set you up with some great, dependable resources. Your lecturers will be experienced in their field and can offer you support that can help you through your MBA and in your marketing career.

  1. Develop Your Business and Marketing Skills

To get ahead in marketing, you will need key business skills other than knowing how to market and sell products. You will need to develop leadership and time management skills, to catapult your career and look after your own team, or perhaps even start your own business. MBAs are laid out to test you and to develop plenty of important skills needed to get ahead in business.

Some of the best minds have an MBA and it can provide you with many essential skills, such as:

  • Problem-solving: To be a great marketer and businessperson, you need to know how to problem solve. There will be plenty of marketing roadblocks that could halt your career if you do not know how to overcome them. If a marketing campaign is failing, if you can be the one to solve the problem and think of a solution, this will get you seen.
  • Leadership: During an MBA you will be taught how to lead others. If you want to get ahead in marketing, you will need to know how to do this effectively and how to get things done with your team. Anybody who gets far in marketing has leadership skills.
  • Multitasking: Marketing is more than making an ad. It involves overseeing teams who are responsible for campaigns, social media, written communications and much more. To be able to multitask and prioritize is key to a great marketing career.
  • Communication: Knowing how to communicate your ideas and listen to others will get you far in a marketing role. You must be able to truly listen to clients, especially when it comes to their marketing campaign.
  • Analytical thinking: Marketing involves plenty of analytical thinking, including collecting data and fact checking marketing campaigns before release. An MBA will teach you how to improve your analytical thinking skills and how to interpret different kinds of data.
  • Creativity: Those who do well in marketing are usually creative. In your MBA, you may have to do a variety of presentations and show how you can use your skills to market and sell a business or product. This can improve your creativity skills for any situation, leading you to become a better marketer.
  1. Put Your Learning into Practice

Most MBAs provide you with the opportunity to show what you have learnt during your study time. This means you may have to create presentations and group projects or attend internships and conferences. This not only gives you chance to show off and develop your marketing skills in different environments, it is also a great addition to any resume or covering letter. These opportunities may even lead to a potential job prospect, or a great connection.

  1. MBA’s Lead to Higher Wages

If you want to climb the career ladder and earn a higher wage, you are in luck. An MBA is well sought after in most industries, including marketing. For those wishing to catapult their career and climb that ladder, getting an MBA will get you a lot closer to where you need to be. You may even be able to increase your current salary when you speak to your boss about the skills you are developing while you study for your MBA.

  1. An MBA Can Keep You Current

Business and technology are always changing, and an MBA will cover this in detail. You will be able to look at how different companies use different marketing tactics and technology to make their campaigns work well. You will have to keep up to date with the latest statistics and trends, which can teach you how to stay current in your marketing role. Marketing is always changing and those who know how to stay ahead of these trends are the ones who will get far.

How to Get an MBA?

To get an MBA, you need to have at least two to three years’ experience in business. You should also have already obtained a bachelor’s degree, as you need this to take a masters. You will also need a current resume, listing your key qualifications and job experiences. You must also look at the GMAT scores requirements for your course, but do not let this put you off.

Even if your GMAT scores don’t hit the targets, if you have great business acumen and are ready to learn, you can still get accepted. When applying for an MBA, you can order a brochure, or check out an online MBA program. Some online programs do not require you to submit your GMAT scores. You will also need a great letter of recommendation, usually from your boss.

An MBA can be studied around your work, meaning you do not have to take any time off to get ahead with your learning. Choosing an MBA can catapult your marketing career through connections, teaching and improving marketing and business skills, and putting your learning into practice. If you want a higher employability rate and a better wage, an MBA can help you get ahead in your marketing career.

6 Ways an MBA Can Catapult Your Marketing Career
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