Best Android Application Promotion Strategies

android app promtion

If you created a mobile app, you surely know the tough turf of competition. To help stand out in the crowd, you need to use application promotion strategies, which will guarantee success to that large extent. Before you start marketing your app, you have to define your target audience. Avoid trying to reach to everyone. Choose any particular group where the product is aimed at and then start creating a profile. Define some important details like psychographics, demographics, lifestyle and habits. The effect will prove to be stronger if you get to attract targeted audience and not all.

1. Taking help of ASO:

app store optimization

ASO or App Store Optimization is SEO of the allocation world. It is a significant part of the mobile app marketing. The more you can perform for optimizing App store listing, the better your application will rank in the stores. That makes it easier for potential users to know you more. ASO is one of the most promising sections of the Pre-Launch strategy. It has to be done right at the time of publishing your app to Google Play Store. No matter how great your application might be, you have to follow some steps for proper success rates.

  • Start by optimizing the title of App store
  • Name your app icon
  • Add some store descriptions
  • Choose proper category in app stores
  • Ensure to add keywords and app icon
  • Load app screenshots
  • Set down the app download price for premium versions
  • Avoid neglecting the international market
  • Create a promising press kit
  • Connect well with local press
  • Add an exclusive interview and leverage local press

Remember to engage with online community, to help people know more about your app and its noteworthy features.

2. Creating some viral video contents:

Human are known as visual creatures. Therefore, videos are gaining quite some popularity nowadays. If you want, you can create video for YouTube as it is a pivotal tool for spreading word around your item. It is an effective way for marketing your application to create fun video. For that you can use famous heroes for the video or just play on some sensational memes.

For creating a promotional video, keep it to the point and crisp. Focus primarily on the app’s best features and offer stronger call to action. As final check, you can try to mute your video. If the video still makes sense, then you are good to go.

3. Optimizing online channels:

With any new app hitting the market, promoting it across various online channels is the first-hand priority. It ensures that the application is a new addition to entire brand experience. Synchronizing banners, blog posts and PR will provide maximum exposure to your noted app.

4. Using social network to reach audience:

Social media is mandatory for reaching to potential customers in the easiest manner possible. Social networks will offer an access to major data regarding user’s hobbies, interests and more. This information will help the current businesses to target advertisements properly. Let’s that an example for better understanding. Facebook Ads will provide you with opportunity to customize ads as properly as possible as ads are targeted based on potential users.

5. Improving app and adding expert reviews:

Every new app is in need of tweaking. You have to keep eye on the top of any issues and user feedbacks for ensuring word of mouth promotion. It helps in keeping a positive mentality towards users. Furthermore, every business sector has some influential online commentators. They hold sway with potential clients. In case, you are confident of your app’s effectiveness and quality, procuring positing post from any of these individuals can strengthen credibility of your app among multiple target audiences.

6. Creating a selling landing page:

You have to create a landing page for your mobile app, which will sell among readers. This page should inform readers in an unexpected and creative manner. Ensure that all the major elements of mobile application are there in the page. Some of those options are clearer call to action, features, name of the apps, promo videos and more.

7. Performing some competitor research:

Knowing everything about your competitors will help you a lot to communicate with target audience well. It will help you to distinguish your business from others and improve processes. This step helps in navigating challenges in market. Start determining on your competitor’s advantages and try improving on them. Moreover, check on their weaknesses to use those points in your favor.

8. Starting a blog:

You need to inform your audience regarding your app’s development procedure. Blogging helps in building interest around product and offers best search visibility. You need to select some target keywords and create some quality content. You can further link to influencers for improving the search engine rankings of your blog.

9. Measuring the KPI of your app:

Regular analysis of KPI will help to gain best insights into your ideas. It helps you to know how well you can make your app work for better results. The vital KPI should be able to track app downloads, number of daily active users, monthly user counts, stickiness rate, daily sessions per DAU, rate of retention, Churn ratio and more.

So, for the best android app development, you might have to head towards these promotional strategies. It might take some time to follow these norms, but in the end, it is worth all the hard tasks.

Best Android Application Promotion Strategies
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