How Hosting Plan can Affect your Website SEO

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Being online is not enough for a business, it should be noticeable, which is likely beyond the bounds of possibility without proper SEO approaches. Despite the fact, you produce exceptional content and services, all your efforts go in vain if you don’t know how a search engine goes over the content available on the internet with a fine-tooth comb to decide what content should appear on top pages.

Knowing how a search engine works and how it filters relevant results among billions of pages, is a key to seize the top spots on SERP (search engine result page).

This is why website owners invest a lot of time and energy in implementing long-established SEO techniques. Meaningful and engaging content creation, building backlinks from reputing websites, web hosting, are a few among over 200 deciding factors.

Website owners highly focused on drafting high-quality content, user experience, mobile-friendliness, backlinks, crucial factors to improve website rank, often overlook the significance of the role of hosting in SEO even though it can affect the site speed.

If you are planning to move your business to the online space, you should read this article thoroughly as hosting is the first thing you will probably go for ahead of choosing other services required to run a website. Therefore, it is essential you know its role in SEO.

Page Speed is a major factor in SEO optimization

The host you choose plays a crucial role in deciding the site speed, thus affecting the website SEO, this is why you need a reliable host to make your business grow.

“Page speed is as important as content and backlinks to SEO. On the whole, you want a hosting provider that keeps up the SEO efforts, not suppresses them.

Website Uptime & server locations affect site speed

Website uptime refers to the time during that your site is online or accessible to users. A good host ensures round-the-clock uptime, making your site accessible all the time for your users.

The better page speed means the more SEO-friendly website. The page speed is a major factor since a new Google algorithm update rolled out last year. A poor page speed can drastically decrease the page ranking.

The speed of the website might be affected by the location of the server on which your website is being hosted.

Ideally, being a website owner, you want the server location as close as possible in order to reduce the time of the site to load. The farther the server is located, the more time the website takes to load.

Key-Features to Decide upon SEO-friendly Hosting Service

Types of Hosting

If you are going to set up your online presence for the first time, it is essential to know different kinds of hosting which will eventually help you decide the right hosting type that meets your needs at your budget.

  • Shared hosting: An excellent choice for small websites

Cost-effective, reasonable, popular, shared hosting is an excellent choice for small business owners. As the name indicates, your resources are shared with the other websites on a single server, making it the most reasonable hosting from the rest of the hosting plans mentioned in this article.

  • Dedicated hosting: A dedicated server and better performance

Unlike shared hosting, with dedicated hosting, you will be allotted a separate server for all your resources which adds to the speed and more uptime, making it more expensive than shared hosting.

  • Cloud hosting: reliable, cost-effective & fast

Contrary to traditional ways of hosting, resources, hosted on the cloud, are distributed to various remote servers in cloud hosting. In case one server is down or not functioning due to some reasons, the other servers allocated for your resources to host make the website keep running.

The uptime and fluid performance round-the-clock differentiate it from traditional ways of hosting.

Moreover, another appealing factor is its scalability.

You might come across a situation when you are confused in deciding the right plan as you have no idea how much traffic your website will receive. It is always hard to guess website traffic.

Under the traditional hosting plans, you will be charged in advance. But you don’t want to spend money for the resources you don’t use, on the other hand, if a website’s traffic exceeding the resources limit can badly affect your website performance, ultimately, negatively affecting the SEO.

In this case, when you are not sure about the website’s traffic, cloud hosting is the perfect solution. Here you will be charged for the resources you use and scale them accordingly within the admin section.

Lastly, Choose the right host!

In this section of this article, we will review various web hosts, as it is extremely important to choose the right service providers that take care of all your queries and technical stuff.

  • Bluehost

If you are having a website on WordPress, then you can choose Bluehost without a doubt.

It offers top-notch plans at a highly competitive price, which is really cost-effective keeping the amazing benefits and support it offers to set up a new website quickly.

Besides reasonable hosting offering, its customer support is what sets it apart from other providers. A helping team is always ready to hear your queries and guide you accordingly.

  • Hostinger

Are you looking for economical hosting plans? Hostinger is a well-known hosting provider that offers jaw-dropping plans, starting from 0.99$ only. Isn’t it great?

Hostinger ensures a 99.9% uptime and 30 days money-back policy. When it comes to the most reasonable shared hosting plan providers, you can select Hostinger without thinking twice.

  • Dreamhost

Dreamhost has been providing hosting services for over 2 decades, making it one of the oldest and reliable service providers.

Furthermore, they offer 97 days of free trial which is probably the longest in the free trial program category. You will have enough time to decide whether you want to continue with their plan or not.

Dreamhost is another reputed service provider which guarantees 99.9% uptime and is one of the best players for reasonable shared hosting plans.

  • Site Creator Hosting

Site Creator is a relatively new in web hosting services but they have created a name of their own with their tremendous value for money services with amazing features. Their services starts as low as $1. They also offer domain registration services with amazing attractive offers.

They also have their amazing Site Creator website builder that helps in setting up websites with ease. You can read out SiteCreator review to get detailed overview of their services and features.


With millions of businesses going online day-to-day, making your business appear on the top of the search engine’s results is remarkably challenging unless you have the right approaches in developing working SEO techniques.

Picking up a right web hosting provider is crucial to ensure your business remains online without a hitch. When it comes to choosing web hosting providers you have to focus on multiple important factors; e.g: uptime reliability, server location, customer service, etc.

In addition to this, you can learn more about service providers through web hosting reviews written by users that will help you know the pros & cons of the particular hosting provider you are supposed to choose from.

How Hosting Plan can Affect your Website SEO
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