How to Make Product Videos for Marketing

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The opinion of consumers largely coincides with the opinion of marketers. They love video marketing. 96% of surveyed users have watched video instructions for a purchased product (app, gadget, etc.) at least once. It helped them learn more about a new purchase. 84% said that an online video was crucial for them when deciding to get goods or services. After looking at an advertisement or a gadget presentation on YouTube, customers made a decision to purchase it.

With software, the situation is about the same: 79% of respondents confirmed that the video helped them choose software and decide to buy it. Users love short videos and find them the most convenient way to get to know a product. 69% prefer this format, 18% prefer text, 4% like infographics, 3% download a full manual in PDF format, and 2% call the company/developers directly and find out the details over the phone. You can check the stats on this resource.

Users spend at least one hour per day watching videos. Let’s talk about how to present your product with the help of video content and what types you can choose from.

12 Types of Video Content You Can Choose for Your Product Promotion

Discover what types of video content can be used for brand promotion and pick the one that fits you best.

  1. Product overview showcases all product features.
  2. Blogger review provides an honest opinion about the product.
  3. Video instruction is a step-by-step guide on how to use a product taking into account its peculiarities.
  4. Interview with an expert gives an opinion of experts and makes the product trustworthy.
  5. Customer feedback showcases real people who share their experiences of using the product.
  6. Videos from users showcase how people can benefit from using the product, why they recommend others use it.
  7. Answers to questions help potential clients to get answers to the most frequently asked questions and make the right buying decision.
  8. Announcement of a promotion or event raises brand awareness.
  9. Live broadcast
  10. Stories
  11. Vertical video
  12. Video ads

85% of companies use video as a marketing tool. This means only one thing: video is an effective way to promote a product online. You can try it on your own, and you’ll see the desired result shortly. Just use effective modern tools to create videos, and that’s it. One of the essential tools is a screen recorder for Mac to capture webinars, lecturers, streaming videos, etc.

4 Reasons Behind Making Videos to Tell about Goods/Services

Some still wonder what to choose for the product promotion. A video is the right choice for everyone, no matter what your product is. It is better to see once than to hear one hundred times. This principle works here. Everyone would agree that watching a video is more interesting than reading some description in the form of a text. Here are the main reasons behind choosing video content for your brand promotion. Check them not to hesitate any longer that you have made the right choice.

  1. The video can tell more about your product than any other type of content. For example, you need to sell a juicer. You can do this faster if you don’t describe its benefits but show a video where you make juice with its help. Your potential clients will see how it works and what pros it has with their own eyes.
  2. Ask yourself what type of content you would like to share with your friends: video, blog post, or some article about a product? In most cases, the answer is video content. After watching a high-quality video, users don’t have questions about how the product looks, what functions it has, etc. Video content is viral.;
  3. Videos can engage your target audience easily. According to the competitive analysis for marketing, most users would watch online videos on Youtube rather than watching TV. Therefore, it is worth shooting video content regularly;
  4. The best videos have a positive effect on promotion. Video improves behavioral factors. It doesn’t matter if you post it on the website or social networks. On the website, you increase the page view time. On social networks, you can increase the level of audience engagement.

From all of the above, we can conclude that video marketing is a trend that will always be urgent. Video content makes it easier to understand information. Moreover, such type of content helps to make it viral and effective. More and more people will watch your video and share it with their friends and acquaintances. It’s the fastest way to achieve your goal – to make the product well-known to your target audience.

Tips for Creating Product Videos that Really Work

Do you wonder how to create a product that will increase your conversions? First, you should set an objective and identify your target audience. Then, work on the project scenario. Finally, how to distinguish a great video product from a bad one? A good video is both informative and inspiring. Here are key effective tips that will help you create an excellent video.

  • When making a video, include information about how the product can change the life of the customer for the better, make it easier and more comfortable. The customer should get answers to all the most important questions about the product and have a clear picture of why he/she needs to spend hard-earned money on it.
  • Remember that your initial task is to build a connection between your potential customer and you. The task is to succeed in making a conversation with your target audience.
  • Make your description detailed and convincing. Talk about the product’s best features and mention who it will suit best and why.
  • Include many photos of your product, dimensions, testimonials of customers, and a call-to-action.
  • Don’t concentrate on technical specs only. Also, you are recommended to talk about people who are behind the product.
  • Customize your product. This means taking care of the best first impression it makes on your target audience. Embed it on the e-commerce website. Include one powerful example or several examples.
  • Brainstorm ideas on how to demonstrate your product identity. Your potential customers should differentiate your product from the rest of the market.
  • Shoot a video with real customers. People trust users like them much more than marketers and bosses. Therefore, reviews have been and remain an important part of any marketing campaign. And if you spice them up with a video format, you get an even more powerful tool for promotion. You can make a selection of customer reviews or you can take it seriously and shoot something more professional. For example, invite a successful client and ask him to tell and demonstrate the positive result of using your product in his/her business or life.
  • Tell your target audience how to get the product and where to buy it at the best price. You can do this with the help of call-to-action. Insert a link where customers can place an order for the product.

You could be sure that your customers will love the video for marketing you’ve created if you followed the tips above.

How Can You Shoot a Video without a Professional Agency?

Keep in mind several essential points to get started. First, check the recommendations below to shoot a high-quality product video.

  • Don’t think that the brighter the background, the better. Everything is vice versa. Give preference to a white color or some other light color background. It’s how you can focus your customers’ attention not on the background but on the product itself.
  • You can get top-quality shots within minutes with the help of the portrait mode on your iPhone mobile.
  • Find out if you can benefit from the user-generated content.
  • Don’t spend too much on your product video. You can use templates presented on the Vimeo Create or some other source.
  • When making a video, your motto must be: “Creative, entertaining, for my target audience.”
  • Highlight the main advantages of your product. Your potential customers should know what top pros the product has.
  • Boost the interest of your potential customers. If you manage to engage your target audience, your video will bring good revenue within a short period.

Create Stunning Videos for Marketing Effortlessly

Even if you aren’t a cool videographer and have just basic videography skills, you can create great videos with Biteable. What will you find there? There are tons of great features. You can create videos that will activate your customers. It isn’t the only tool you can use, but it is well-known for being user-friendly and intuitive. Here are several simple steps to follow to create the video for marketing:

  • Open Biteable and register your account.
  • Either pick a template or make your own.
  • Add text, music, pics to your product video. Choose multimedia that fits the content and make your product video eye-catching and detailed.

If you want to make your product video from scratch, bear in mind that it isn’t as easy as ABC. Therefore, you will need to plan a lot, even if you make a short video.

If you want to save time and effort, you are recommended to check the collection of templates. Pick the one you like best and make a perfect video. Don’t forget to consider that you should keep in mind your target audience always when you brainstorm ideas for the product video.

Final Thoughts

Video is rightly considered the most effective method to attract customers. Spend several minutes to create a top-quality video using advanced tools, and you will see how this video will start bringing you money fast. Making product videos is a very creative process.

Choose things your potential clients like. Such trusted video editors like Movavi, for example, make it possible to change things easily. You shouldn’t be a guru in video editing to use the software. It fits both novice users and experts. Use your product video for marketing and let your target audience learn about what the product does and what benefits they will enjoy if they use it.

How to Make Product Videos for Marketing
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