PDF Merge – Create Portfolio in a Minute

The portfolio represents a collection of designer’s art work, it’s his signature, and therefore it has to be regularly updated and ready for a showcase. However, sometimes you need to quickly respond to a job offer, but your portfolio, presentation of your work, is outdated or incomplete. What happens then? Will you miss that opportunity or will you present yourself with a sloppy portfolio?

On the other hand, you can quickly make a proper portfolio and land that job. It sounds like a mission impossible, but yes, it’s doable. The only thing you need is an app and a few taps.

PDF Merge app will help you gather all your works in one place, by combining them together in one neat and professional PDF document. In other words, you are able to merge all your designs that you sent via Gmail attachments or the designs you store on Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. This means that your artwork is easily reachable and reusable in a couple of clicks.

How to merge files on iPhone and iPad

Simply follow these straightforward steps and you’ll create a portfolio in a flash:

  • Download PDF Merge from the App Store
  • Tap to create new merged pdf and import PDFs from your phone or cloud services
  • If needed, reorder or remove files you’re merging

And that would be all! In a few taps, as promised.

How to merge files on Android

Again, just follow simple instructions:

Once the file is merged, it’s possible to rename it and easily share it with anyone.

The only thing left to do is to download this useful app and create a killer portfolio any time needed, a portfolio that will help you get the next job!

PDF Merge – Create Portfolio in a Minute
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