Steer Your Website in Local Geographies (Sydney) with Robust Link-Building

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Link-building is the cornerstone of a successful SEO campaign. The merits of this strategy converge upon local SEO as well. With robust link-building, small businesses can make giant strides in their local geographies to gain more organic traffic. It settles you in territorial niches at micro-market levels. So, when you start a new business in Sydney or want to promote your existing store in the city and surrounding areas, leverage local link-building to the fullest.

Sydney has a growing population of online users, with 46% of them depending on Google searches when they need local information. If this isn’t incentive enough, think about the 72% of the population that visits a physical store in the 5-mile radius within 72 hours of a local search. With these numbers, it is needless to say that local SEO in Sydney is critical to your business success.

And it starts with identifying the high-quality links based on your business goals. Factors that matters in this regard are:

  • Links from websites in the local areas, such as Sydney, Bondi Beach, CBD, Liverpool, etc.
  • Links relevant to your industry, for example, leading medical journals if you have a clinic in Sydney.
  • Links from industry associations, leading websites, and well-known magazines in the industry.

Once you know the high-quality link profile, get started by working around it, and follow these strategies.

Create a Local Landing Page

An optimised local landing page can push your website higher in search engine rankings. This page dedicated to Sydney will highlight your services in the local area with the right keywords, URLs, content, and Meta tags.

When adding a local SEO landing page, don’t forget to include your address on the page. Include postcode, city name (Sydney), and state (NSW) in this information. Find keywords with high domain relevance for this page. And add an attractive call-to-action above the fold to facilitate the users interested in reaching you.

Compete for Local Business Awards

When you compete for local business awards, you will get an excellent opportunity to appear on the event organiser’s website. Even if you don’t win the final prize, the chances are that you will appear on their high visibility content topics like the top 20 restaurants in Sydney, the top 10 nail salons in Sydney, etc.

Compete in Sydney Hills Local Business Awards for your category and industry to gain online traction and excellent backlinks for SEO in Sydney.

Get in Touch With Local Influencers

When you want to promote your business locally, give due credit to local influencers who carry customer trust and loyalty. You can take their help to enhance your brand exposure and improve the ROI by 11 times than banner ads. Influencer marketing is not a new concept. If you can leverage it for your local SEO campaigns, it can win you an authoritative backlink.

Dig out the Existing Online Mentions

Sometimes, your business might have been cited by other publications or businesses, and you don’t even know about it. It happens when the site owners do not link it back to your website. You may be the best cake shop in Sydney, with mentions on the leading food websites in the city.

But, if these mentions do not link back to your business website, they have no use. Here, tools like Google Alerts can track down your brand mentions on social channels and other sites. Once you have the list, you may ask the business or site owner to add the link and get another high-quality backlink to boost your local visibility.

Get a Lot of Mentions on Local Review Sites

Sydney has many local review sites, like True Local, ProductReview, and HotFrog. Each of these sites educates the population about local businesses and venues. They compile reviews for each category and niche in the city, such as the top 10 dentists in Sydney.

These mentions can work miracles for SERP rankings of your site. Make sure that you use the same NAP or name, address, and phone number in these sites as you use on GMB and other business directories.

Take Your Competitor’s Backlinks

With a little research, you can find what keeps your competitors ahead in local markets. For local SEO in Sydney, you need insights into their backlinks to use them in your campaigns. You can use tools like Ahrefs to get an instant overview of competitors’ backlink profile and its quality. It will pull out a list of potential backlinks with essential data. You can export these backlinks to CSV and create optimised content to use them.

Leverage Facebook Ads

Although Facebook Ads hinges on the lower side of authority in link-building, it can still boost your local search rankings. Social media platforms like Facebook let you pitch your ads to selected demographics in the relevant geography. You can run a paid ad campaign on Facebook and share your posts on leading Sydney pages to target the local audience.

Find the Image Links

Due to the growing interest of online consumers in visual content, images are a bonus for online businesses. They can impact the vast majority of users. After uploading free resources and creating backlinks on multiple platforms, wait until users download these resources.

Then, you can initiate Google’s image search to find the websites where your images end up. When you see images that do not link back to your website or lack the proper attribution, contact the site owners to add attributions and provide backlinks to your pages.

Feature in Industry-Specific Business Directory

Since niche citations are integral to Google’s search algorithms, you can’t ignore them. Hence, enlist in local industry-specific directories using the same NAP format as that of your website. This will add link juice to your website since Google will pop up your pages whenever a user conducts an industry-related search.

Find relevant business listings in Sydney for your industry and get listed on them. The more relevant listings you have, the higher your prospects of getting indexed by Google in local searches.

These are some of the most insightful link-building ideas that can help your business feature in the local Sydney market. Acquire high-quality backlinks through these techniques and hyper-local relevance in your industry to grow your business locally.

Steer Your Website in Local Geographies (Sydney) with Robust Link-Building
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