Things to Look out for When Choosing A Skype Call Recorder

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Skype for most of us today is a go-to place for everyday conversation. From chat with colleagues and friends to video calls with long distance relatives and families, we rely on Skype for so much in our lives and it makes life quite easier and the world smaller. Now, imagine having a Skype Call Recorder that makes you able to retrieve those important details from a past conversation? Or, imagine being able to play back the words of your daughter as her mum puts her on the Skype call with you a while back?

There go the benefits and importance of having a recorder work alongside with your Skype app. Getting this memorable and vital access to crucial moments in life is not so much of the problem. The issue at hand is finding a good tool that can efficiently deliver on that.

The need to record Skype conversations sure varies with individual intents. This regardless, there will come a time when you will need to log your conversation somewhere somehow. This need sure differs for everyone: for the student who needs to record Skype call with a lecturer or the journalist that have to keep a record of an interview. Whatever the case, the need for a Skype call recorder cannot be overemphasized.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, the main issue is how to find the best Skype call recorder. There are so much of these around that one can literally get drowned in the list. Not to worry, this article is set to discuss some crucial criterion that you will need to use a good yardstick for measuring an excellent experience on any chosen recorder for Skype.

Things to Look Out For

  • Affordability

We know that everything good should come at a cost and the same goes for a good Skype recording app. However, there is still the consideration that needs to be factored in for the categories of end-users there are. Because the need to document our conversations traverses a wide sector of people from students to stay-home mums and corporate persons, a good recording add-on should be relatively affordable.

I know that affordability is highly relative, but the truth remains that a great recorder will find a way to make its service available in an affordable way. This can be achieved by creating different plan types or just by having a reasonable pricing scheme.

So, when on the lookout for a good recorder for your Skype conversation, be sure to find out that they are considerate of your needs and capacity. Without a doubt, pricing is one of the leading factors that influence the consideration of purchasing things, especially in the case of a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) like Skype call recorders.
Therefore, it is in the best interest of the providers to makes something that the average person can also leverage for use.

  • Ease Of Use

Second to affordability is ease of use. When looking for a Skype call recorder that can go with you the long distant, you need to focus on “how easy it is to use”. This has nothing to do with the glamour of the app, as long as it cannot be used easily and without supervision or recourse to the app admins, then it cannot fit in the category of a good recorder.

To ascertain ease of use for in a recorder, make sure that you can connect or use it in approximately six steps. The connection is only an aspect in determining whether a Skype recorder add-on can be easily used. The crucial points to determine if a chosen recorder is easy to use are the configuration and actual use.

For a recorder to be considered as good, one should be able to configure and use the add-on with little or no supervision. Aside from the configuration, the actual use of the app is also a key consideration. You should be able to use the app and navigate it without any fuss.

  • Quality Of Recording

The only reason why you will ever agree to pay for any service is that you want to get the best from it. Same goes for selecting the best call recorder for Skype. Although much has been said about the internet connection and microphone as crucial factors in recording high-quality audios for Skype, the chosen recorder app also has the role it plays. You may wonder what relationship does the add-on have with the quality of your recording? The connecting point is in the given record format.

When recording over the internet as in the case of using a Skype recorder, the record format matters a lot to the output of your recording. For this type of recording, it is best to keep the format regulated to what is being transmitted. The best formats for recording audio files over the internet are MP3, MP4, and WAV. So, if the call recorder you are opting for does not provide good quality output for your recorded file, then it cannot meet the mark of a good Skype recorder. A valid example of a Skype call recorder that meets this requirement is TalkHelper.


I hope that with these few points, you are well equipped with the requisite knowledge to judge between an ordinary Skype recorder and an excellent one. Be sure to factor in all the above points in making the choice of a Skype recorder. There is no need to compromise on any of the points mentioned above. Since you will not compromise on the quality of most of the things you use in your everyday life, so should you not waver in your search for the best Skype recorder app.

About the Author

Tobi is the Content Manager at TalkHelper – a tech firm that provides professional call recording solution for Skype users. When not writing about digital communication solutions, Tobi enjoys his pastime cycling and dog-walking.

Things to Look out for When Choosing A Skype Call Recorder
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