Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Migrate Your Site from One Host to Another

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The platform of WordPress is not the simplest and easiest when it comes to moving or migrating a website from one host or server to another, especially when you have little or no technical knowledge. There many different roadblocks one can come across when trying to migrating a WordPress website or blog. These roadblocks may include database import or export errors, path errors, file or database permission errors and many more.

Moreover, the customary solution includes backing up everything and it works quite well most of the times. However, this solution sure is tedious and can be rather challenging, and it demands quite much time and attention.
The migration process when done well, it will mean that the website faces no down-time, all links in the website work perfectly on process completion and no content or data is missing. However, automating this process is the simplest way to ensure that the website will be functionally and running smoothly after the migration. The WordPress plugins can really simplify the migration process by offering simple configuration, automatic data backup through the migration process and by the confirmation of intact data.

However, given how popular platform WordPress is, there are many plugins available in market that can be very helpful in easing this migration procedure while it also minimizes the challenges and risks involved in the process. In the entirety of these plugins, they copy, backup, move, migrate, clone and/ or duplicate the complete website or blog from one host to another without distorting any content or functionality of the said website or blog. Moreover, the same line of process is true for blogs and website migration from local installations to the production server.

These plugins are most helpful for network administrators who look after multiple websites and blogs, and who need to use single blog design as a template to create new blogs from old installations or migrate blogs within their network.

Let’s have a look at top 10 WordPress plugins used to migrate one’s website or blog from one host to another.

1. Duplicator


Duplicator is one of the most popularly used WordPress plugins to migrate a website from one host to another because it’s free and the re-uploading process on the other host is very simple.

Duplicator’s entire process includes for developer to backup, copy, duplicate and their blog or website is transferred. Duplicator can move and clone any website in three basic steps:

  1. Create the package on source server
  2. Download the said package
  3. Install it on the destination server

By the end of it, duplicator makes two distinct files for the said website:

  • An archive file of the migrated website data and MySQL database
  • An installer file, which is a PHP script and it allows the user to extract and install all the contents of the archive on to a new location.

2.    Dropbox Backup and Restore


The Dropbox Backup and Restore plugin used to migrate a website from one host to another allow its user to make complete site backups on their local storage also via their Dropbox account. This plugin create full backups of all web pages, including database and the files, and it stores them either locally or upload them to the Dropbox storage. Making is very easy for you to restore your website or blog at all times.

Therefore, it allows the user to migrate their blog or website by making backup at the source server and followed by restoring the very same backup on their destination server. It also allow the user to manage all of their backups from their website all from a single place by using the portal.

3. NS Cloner – Site copier


The NS Cloner WordPress plugin is one of the fastest and easiest options available to clone completely configured websites from a multi-site situation. NS Clone can clone an established website on WordPress multi-site network to an entirely new and identical blog or website. Moreover, all the content, videos, images, themes, configurations, plugins and other settings on the destination installation is going to be identical to that of source installation.
This ability to clone a website helps the user save their time, not stress and completely avoid installing the themes and plugins again or reconfigure the settings again for the duplicated website.

4. ManageWP Worker


Manager Worker WordPress plugin allows its user to perform schedules backups of their website to even remote destinations such as Dropbox, Google Drive and amazon S3. It allows quick migration of a site and its automated backup feature helps make sure that one always has an updated backup of the website, which is ready to be restored in a click.

Moreover, ManagerWP Worker allows automated website management and gathers all of a website in one easy-to-use dashboard, allowing the user to quickly manage complete website from one place.

5. UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration


Equipped with a solid WordPress migration mechanism, UpdraftPlus plugin makes the process of backup and restoration of a website very easy. UpdraftPlus allow its user to clone the complete website and also save them locally on the user’s computer or any other cloud storage service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Email, STP and others options available in market.

The ability of UpdraftPlus to copy websites and blogs and migrate those to new locations, using any add-ons, allows its user to clone and move WordPress websites rather easily.

6. WP Migrate DB


The WP Migrate DB WordPress plugin make it easy for users to export the database, change website URLs and file paths to an entirely different WordPress surrounding with just one click. It is few of the amazing migration tool for locally installed websites and blogs to the destination client or production server.

It allows the user to export the database of the websites as MySQL data dump, as it allows the user to easily change the file paths and also the URLs of the website pages. These push and pull options help the user complete their migration process run without any trouble.

7. WordPress Move


WordPress Move is another WordPress plugin to migrate a website from one host to another, it is a migration assistant that makes it easy for a user to change the domain name or move the WordPress installation to another host. WordPress Move plugin allow the use to move the database and other files in a hassle free method.

This plugin simplifies the complete migration process and it even allows the user to make advanced migrations where user can choose what elements to migrate or move in between the installations. Furthermore, the feature of easy installation and activation makes WordPress Move fit for the entry level users of WordPress.

8. Backup by Supsystic


The WordPress plugin to migrate allow the users a quick and easy way to backup and restore their websites or blogs to Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox and others. This plugin can make backup archives of a complete website, including the core files, posts’ files, plugins, themes, and configuration; or some specific parts of the WordPress installation for fast restoration and also for migration to other server.

Moreover, Backup by Supsystic can also automate the complete backup process and can even make secure and encrypted backup archives.

9. SitePush


SitePushWordPress plugin allow the users to copy the code of WordPress website and data, and transfer them to a different server or transfer in between two websites. It has proven to be very helpful especially when user want to test new themes and plugins while keeping the original content safe from errors.

Moreover, it also simplifies the complete process of code deployments, as user can write code or they can install new plugin on the development site, look into the changes and then they can push the new code to the now live website.

10. Backup and Move Plugin


The Backup and Move WordPress plugin allow the users to create a backup of their website or blog and restore it to a new host location or domain. This migration plugin eases and also automates the entire migration process of completing the full backup of the first website and restoring the same elements on the other website.

Moreover, Backup and Move Plugin can also send backups to the user’s email address and it even allow the user to manage their created backups.


The complete list of WordPress migration plugins as mentioned above bring down the complete process pf migrating one website form one server to another in few simple clicks. Whether the user is only cloning their website to a new server or changing the domain name, these plugins make the complete process use-friendly.

However, the user can pick a migration plugin depending on their tech-savviness and what exactly their needs are, hence, one of these plugins maybe more suitable for a certain user than others. Hence, as a user, one must look into the details of few plugin options before choosing one.

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