Top 30 AdSense Optimised WordPress Themes To Check Out In 2018

No matter how many income streams for bloggers and online marketers have come to light in the last five years or so, AdSense continues to be the best and most popular among them. In case you’re into blogging and earn a living through AdSense, then make sure you take proper steps to increase your revenue. The best and easiest way to do so is by making relevant changes in your site’s design.

Either you can make manual changes and create an AdSense optimized site or merely install a perfect theme that has the potential to increase AdSense revenue. Here we have put together 30 finest AdSense optimized WordPress themes that can be installed on your website for excellent results. Take a look at them and select the one that seems compatible according to your niche, budget, and requirements.

1. Crypto

This theme needs no introduction. Ever since its official launch, the Crypto WordPress theme has managed to get the much-needed attention from tens of thousands of crypto site owners. Lest you have a blog that publishes news and industry updates about cryptocurrencies, then think no more before opting for Crypto. This theme is visually appealing, lightweight, mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly. It comes with a sturdy options panel and can help you make real-time changes in your site’s layout.

Crypto – A Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

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2. Ad-Sense

Most AdSense publishers suffer massive losses due to Ad blockers. Since many users have different Ad blockers installed on their browsers to block unwanted Ads, bloggers are not able to get desired outcomes even after doing proper on-page SEO. That’s where a WordPress theme like Ad-Sense comes handy. It detects Ad blockers and locks the content immediately. The content is visible only when the users disable the Adblocker. So, if you wish to take your AdSense earnings to newer heights, then have a go at this theme without any second thought. It’s lightweight, mobile-responsive, SEO friendly and can give your site a professional touch.


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3. Mega

If grid layout is something that excites you along with a wide array of SEO friendly features, lightweight design, mobile responsive structure and unlimited colors, then go ahead and try out the Mega theme. It is powered by a minimalistic structure and a brilliant Ad management system. Give it a shot and put all your doubts to an end immediately.

mega wordpress theme

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4. Styled Mag Pro

As a fashion blogger, you might have to come up with creative ideas on a regular basis to keep the ball rolling. The moment you stop experimenting with the content and design, you’ll not be able to thrive as a blogger. With Styled Mag Pro, this creative expression becomes very easy and hassle-free. This theme offers an SEO friendly design, proper third-party Ad management system, dedicated space for Ad units at critical locations and attractive social media buttons for maximum social signals.

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5. NewsPress

Do you run a news website and get tens of thousands of views on a daily basis? Looking for a perfect theme to monetize this traffic and multiply your earnings by a significant margin? If yes, then go for NewsPress without any second thought. It is a lightweight and fully SEO friendly theme that can multiply your Ad revenue. NewsPress comes with a highly customizable sidebar, dedicated ad space and customized ad units, slider layout and unlimited color options.

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6. Viral

Viral is probably the best theme for sites exploring viral niche. In case your blog falls into this category and attracts hundreds of thousands of users from various search engines and social media sites, then have a go at the Viral WordPress theme. It is powered by a slider layout, ample space for featured post, personalized sidebar, beautiful social media icons, crisp typography, targeted space for Ad units and much more. Go for it and take your site earnings to newer heights.

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7. Truemag

No matter if you;’re a seller or publisher, you can hardly find a better WordPress theme than Truemag. It is designed in such a way that you can monetize across different income streams. Given its responsive design, Google AdSense ads are appropriately displayed on desktops as well as smartphones, ensuring that you make the highest possible revenue without putting any extraordinary effort. Besides, Truemag has a host of other features also which will improve user engagement on your site. Give it a shot, and you’ll never have to switch to another alternative again.

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8. Verb Pro

If yours is a digital magazine, product review site, newspaper website or even a personal blog, Verb Pro can help you monetize it perfectly. It has a beautiful homepage layout, dedicated space for Ad units at all the key locations, unlimited colors, lightweight design and SEO friendly UI/UX. No matter if your viewers are coming via smartphones or tablets, this theme will help you provide them the best possible experience.

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9. Motina

It is a stylish and modern WordPress theme having the potential to revamp your blog’s design instantly. Given its highly responsive design, Motina can increase CTR by a significant margin. Other features include a lightweight design, quick loading time, mobile responsiveness, advanced pagination, etc. Motina allows you to make real-time changes in your site’s layout and give it the desired appearance easily.

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10. Clean

As the name suggests, Clean is an elegantly designed minimalistic WordPress theme that loads pretty fast and performs incredibly well on different devices. It comes with a host of customization options to revamp partial or full layout of your site easily. There is no niche-specific requirement, which means that you can use it on any site as long as your goal is to design a highly responsive and clutter free website.

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11. Arbitrage

Not many themes can compete with Arbitrage when it comes to native Ad experience. It is powered by a unique grid layout coupled with a highly creative Ad management system to increase CTR. It loads quickly on both smartphones and desktops to maximize the traffic conversion. Some other essential features of Arbitrage include unlimited colors, powerful theme options panel, live customizer, and multi-browser compatibility. Give it a shot and improve your advertisement earnings by a significant margin.

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12. Featured

There is hardly any theme that can offer you a better experience than the Featured theme. This magazine-style theme is beautiful, elegant, fast loading and highly customizable. All in all, if you wish to design a fantastic publication site that can rank high on search engines, attract thousands of users organically and make them click on your Ad units, then go for Featured without any second thought.

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13. Osnic

Osnic is a profitable magazine theme and has an Ad optimized layout. Regardless of whether you’re exploring affiliate marketing or AdSense publishing, this theme has ample features to maximize your returns. Its Ad system contains three different Ad types: image link Ads, HTML code, and slider Ads. Osnic comes with more than 25 Ad placements to ensure that you have a great time exploring third-party Ads. Give it a try and feel the difference it can make right from day one.

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14. Noozbeat

Noozbeat is an elegantly designed WordPress theme for those professionals who don’t want to face any hassle while developing their sites. It’s easy to install, fully responsive, and lightweight to get the maximum out of mobile traffic. Besides, Noozbeat comes with dedicated Ad space to improve your Ad earnings. So, opt for it and shoot your Ad revenue to newer heights this year without putting any extraordinary effort.

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15. SociallyViral

Those bloggers who have ever worked on the viral niche in the past are fully aware of this beautifully designed WordPress theme. SociallyViral is considered as one of the best WordPress themes for those sites that receive a lot of social traffic. In case you have one such site which has the potential to go viral, then opt for SociallyViral without any second thought. Not to mention, SociallyViral is a lightweight, mobile responsive and SEO friendly theme coupled with attractive and well-placed social media buttons. It not only enriches the user experience on your site but also ensures that it ranks high on search engines.

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16. MH Joystick

Not many WordPress themes entirely dedicated to games offer responsive and SEO friendly design. That’s where MH Joystick creates a difference and helps you design a fantastic site. This striking WordPress theme will not only transform your ordinary blog into a vibrant gaming web portal but also improve search engine rankings by a significant margin. Have a go at it and feel the difference.

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17. Grimag

If you happen to be an SEO expert or an editor and want to design a beautiful WordPress theme that can look well on various search engines and social media sites, and at the same time offer you multiple monetization options, then Grimag is your perfect bet. It is powered by crisp typography and strategically located Ad spaces for high CTR. Opt for this theme right now and experience an immediate boost in your Ad earnings.

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18. Admania

As the name suggests, Admania is one of the most potent, well-optimized and super responsive WordPress themes for affiliate marketers and AdSense publishers. It comes with over six different layouts, each of which has dedicated Ad space for a better CTR. Some other features of Admania include quick loading time, unlimited colors, live customizer, and SEO friendly layout.


19. Adsos

In case you’re interested in designing a minimalistic WordPress theme that loads quickly and performs well on different devices to make the maximum out of the smartphone traffic, then Adsos is an excellent choice. It’s lightweight, simple and fully responsive. Even after having dedicated space for multiple Ad units, Adsos continues to perform well on all the SEO and non-SEO parameters. Go for it and give your site a fully customized look.

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20. Magazine

Magazine is probably the most potent magazine-style WordPress theme that is exclusively designed for those websites which have a large volume of content to display. It gives you a broad range of customization options for posts, pages, and Ad units. Magazine’s elegant design and highly powerful social signal buttons are good enough to get your content the attention it deserves. Just in case you’re after a perfectly designed theme that can give a unique touch to your site and at the same time boost its revenue by a considerable margin, then have a go at the Magazine WordPress theme without any second thought.

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21. GoMedia

Unlimited color combinations, lightweight design, mobile responsiveness, SEO friendly features and dedicated Ad space for higher CTR are some of the essential elements of the GoMedia WordPress theme. It is easy to install and comes with a broad range of customization options to turn your website into an attractive and professional-looking web portal in a hassle-free way.

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22. Novapress

Whenever you decide to start a viral niche site, you may have to divert as much attention towards the display of the content as towards creating it. None of these two can make your site go viral alone. So, look for a theme that doesn’t leave any stone unturned to showcase your site’s content attractively. Novapress can be a brilliant choice in this regard. It comes with a sturdy options panel, engaging homepage layout, strategically located social media icons and dedicated space for third-party advertisements. Use Novapress once, and you’ll never have to look for another alternative again.

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23. MH Squared

If you always wanted to design a WordPress site that’s powered by highly responsive design and world-class features along with powerful widgets and custom features for making real-time changes, then your search ends here with MH Squared. It is a perfect option for professionals running their digital magazines, news publications, tech, finance, entertainment, sports or even political blogs. Not to mention, it is powered by a highly customizable sidebar, Ad spaces, endless colors and dozens of other features for better ranking on various search engines.

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24. Fashion Chic

If you’re into fashion blogging and want to give your site a subtle touch so that it starts getting better engagement and a higher number of clicks, then look for a powerful and highly customizable theme immediately. Fashion Chic is one such option that can help you get desired outcomes every single time. It’s packed with a visually appealing design, unlimited color options, custom widgets, robust theme options panel, live customizer, responsive design, and much more. Give a professional touch to your fashion and lifestyle blog with Fashion Chic and get desired outcomes this year.

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25. Bridge

Highly engaging background colors, homepage layout, built-in review and rating system for higher rankings on search engines, lightweight design, and visually appealing design are some of the primary features that you get along with the Bridge theme. Regardless of whether you have a tech website or a lifestyle blog, product review portal or simply a news publication, you can hardly find a better theme than this in the market. Put it to the test once and feel the difference between Bridge and other WordPress themes yourself.

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26. Simple Sense

You don’t have to have a heavy-graphics theme to improve Ad earnings. Even a simple theme with a lightweight design and highly customizable options can do the job for you. If this is something that seems perfect to you, then go ahead and try out the Simple Sense WordPress theme. It is for those professionals who wish to highlight their high-quality content over flashy graphics. Simple Sense comes with strategically located space for Ad units, multiple color options, highly responsive design and SEO friendly UI/UX. Give it a try and take your Ad earnings to newer heights.

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27. BlogSpring

If you happen to be one of those bloggers who love experimenting with their site designs on a regular basis, then BlogSpring is an ideal choice to move ahead with. Apart from the right and left sidebars, unique page & post layouts, and strategically located social sharing buttons, BlogSpring comes packed with almost all the SEO friendly features needed to grab first page rankings on Google. Use it once to experience the magic right away.

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28. Newspaper Mag

You cannot just use any ordinary theme on breaking news or newspaper sites receiving tens of thousands of visits every single day. So, be thoughtful while making a choice. The theme that you opt for should be lightweight, fully responsive, fast loading and search engine optimized. In case you’re confused as to which theme to try out for this purpose, then check Newspaper Mag once. Along with all the features mentioned previously, this theme comes with highly targeted Ads management system, customizable sidebar, slider homepage layout and tons of other features to get you proper engagement and high CTR.

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29. Feminine

Not many WordPress themes are SEO friendly and designed exclusively for feminist concepts, girly stories, product reviews and latest industry trends. Lest you have a site publishing similar stories, then check out the Feminine theme without any second thought. It comes with multiple post layouts, slider options and a host of customization options for desired results.

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30. SocialNow

To run a site that relies heavily on social traffic, you need to come up with unique ideas and an engaging design that can get people’s attention immediately. With SocialNow, you can do this and many other things in a comfortable manner. SocialNow’s intuitive navigation makes it easy for users to find any content, and built-in social buttons empower them to share it across social media platforms. Over time, this WordPress theme can help you grow your site into a traffic puller web portal getting tons of page views in auto pilot mode.

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So, waste no more time before selecting any one of these themes for your AdSense enabled WordPress site. This one step will help you take your earnings to greater heights in 2018.

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