What Can a Mobile App Do For Your Business?

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Mobile apps became a big bang a few years ago when they started to be used even more than websites. This technology is integrated into our personal and professional lives, from enterprise mobile apps for the business world to social media and entertainment apps used in our daily lives.

This doesn’t mean websites don’t matter anymore in business; it just means that mobile apps have eased a lot of operations like customer service, finance & accounting, marketing, sales, administration, etc. Businesses of all sizes have adapted this method to improve their business operations and increase profit. Gartner predicts that mobile sales will reach 2.1 billion units by the end of 2019.

Today you can develop a customized mobile app for your business with your needs to help your employees and customers. A mobile app can do a lot for your business, not just get you sales.

What can a mobile app do for your business?

1. A new, strong marketing tool:

A mobile app is a convenient and new way to market your products or services directly to the customer through their phones. Your app will be displayed on their phone screens so they will easily be able to access your business, whenever needed. With the push notifications feature, you’ll be able to notify your customers with all your latest deals and sales. Don’t wait for them to go to your website or check their emails to hear your latest updates, push it right into their hands!

Another marketing technique to do is to create a loyalty program or reward system for mobile users. If you run a brick and mortar business, you probably have some kind of loyalty program, so, why not extend this privilege to mobile customers too? This will gain customer loyalty and have your customers return for more.

Using your mobile app as a marketing tool will raise your brand awareness. The more downloads and sales you get, the more customers will refer your product to others. Establishing your brand through your mobile app by creating a unique icon, using your logo colors, or content style will help you build a reputation for yourself.

2. A better experience for customers:

A mobile app is designed to guarantee convenience and comfort for your customers. With an optimized UX design, the user experience will be smoother and better because customers can easily reach you for help or purchase your products without needing to go anywhere or email and call anyone.

With a simple, intuitive design, customers would be able to navigate through your products, search for items faster, purchase faster and with more convenient payment methods, save items for later, and more features. If customers enjoy their experience on your app, this will lead to more customer engagement.

Your mobile app will be the main communication channel between you and your customers because it’s the easiest way to reach you; all they have to do is open the app on their phones. 86% of mobile users mostly spend their time on mobile apps, whether it’s entertainment, business, messaging, or other apps. Customer engagement will not only increase your app popularity in App Stores but will build towards boosting your brand too.

3. It’ll become the main sales channel:

One of the biggest concerns of developing a mobile app for your business is not being able to make revenue that surpasses the development cost. Developing a mobile app is a somewhat expensive and long process so you’ll be keen on making a profit as soon as possible, with the right amount of marketing, your app can quickly turn into your main sales channel.

Customers will find it’s easier to reach you through your app and buy your products because all they have to do is open an app, without needing to go anywhere. Mobile app sales have also surpassed mobile website sales last year because of having a better experience through apps. Even online businesses like Amazon or eBay depend mainly on their apps more than they do their websites. Payment is also much faster and easier through an app and you’re provided with multiple options like using PayPal, Apple Pay, and more.

Another way to make revenue off of your app is through in-app ads, especially if your app isn’t directly selling products or services. Some businesses have paid premium accounts on their apps that offer exclusive features and offers.

4. Build a bigger customer base for your business:

A mobile app doesn’t limit you to a specific local market; it expands your potential to go beyond that to prospect customers worldwide. It will not only draw your current customers to it but will also draw in different crowds, a younger audience.

Work on establishing your business brand and integrating your brand into your app then you can take it to the next level with the right marketing and push your business to a global scale.

5. Get customer insight and standout:

Even though a mobile app comes with multiple benefits for businesses and is a huge pillar for a successful business, not a lot of businesses have one. With a mobile app, you can uniquely stand out from the competition and ensure customers find the best experience with your business.

It’s always a good thing to have leverage over your competitors, having a better marketing/ sales/ communication tool is definitely a plus. Another thing that can give you extra points, is that you can gain customer insight through the app on your products or their experience. There is a rating/ review feature that you can use after a purchase or you can keep track of popular items to learn your customers’ preferences. Getting insight can be used to integrate into your service and products and improve your overall quality.

What now?

Now that we know all the great things a mobile app can do for your business, it’s time to look into getting it done. An optimized mobile app can be expensive, depending on your required features. And that may just be the case with big software development agencies, but there are many agencies that care about getting the job done at the least cost possible.

What Can a Mobile App Do For Your Business?
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