Why Every Web Developer or Designer Needs a VPN Service

vpn for developer and designers

Web design and development are the fields that support the massive expansion of the internet. According to reports, there are more than 175 new websites being launched every minute. This number accounts for various platforms being put on the World Wide Web from around the world. Web designers and developers handle some extremely sensitive information both of their own as well as that from clients. In light of this, they are vulnerable to some serious cybercriminal threats.

A VPN enables robust and hassle-free protection to consumers. It also instills peace of mind, especially in people who are working with sensitive data. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that a VPN offers to web designers and developers.

Benefits of a VPN for web developers and designers

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a tool that masks IP addresses, plugging the biggest gap in the network connectivity protocols being offered these days. The IP address acts a location beacon which pinpoints where a user is located. Unfortunately, this address is public by default. Imagine your home address plastered publicly across town. It would definitely act like an open invitation for elements looking to cause you harm. A VPN is designed to present this.

Here’s how it does that for web developers and designers:

  • Protecting your own assets

If a hacker or cybercriminal can find out the IP address of a user, they can easily use it to plant malware or hack the device in question. This is a huge risk for web developers because they have a lot of intellectual properties including custom designs, frameworks, applications and other resources that can be harmful in the wrong hands. It can compromise integrity of they application they are building and allow competitors to get an edge. VPNs offer state of the art encryption protocols to protect against this.

  • Safeguarding client data

Depending on the website that a developer is working on, they have access to a significant amount of client data which can be devastating if it ends up in the wrong hands. Patent information, schematics, financial information and a lot more besides can be compromised if a developer is not careful with their cybersecurity. The encryption and IP address masking protocols provided by some of the leading VPNs are effective enough to limit the risks that data faces.

  • Testing websites from other countries

Websites have to be designed and tested to work efficiently in different countries. There are some websites and applications that may have to be developed in different languages for various countries. This is another area where VPNs are effective. All the developer has to do is connect to the server in the region from where they want to test the website. With secure features, the developer can easily verify the functionality and features of the website from anywhere in the world.

  • Use public Wi-Fi without any issues

Public Wi-Fis are hub for cybercriminal activities these days. This is because anyone can easily access the network connection and once on there, other people connected to the same network and their data traffic as well as devices become easy targets. As a web developer this can be a challenge if they are working on public Wi-fi connections because a lot of sensitive data can come under risk. VPNs offer robust protection for public Wi-fi networks and secure user devices to a great extent.

  • Remove region locks

Regional locks often get in the way of accessing essential tools for web development. A remote worker in another region, for example, may not be able to access new technology videos from Youtube, or an internet tool that is used as an integral part of the workflow. These people can use VPNs to set their location as if they are in the web development business’s home country. When they do this, they can reach this content easily without any obstacles getting in their way.

These are just a few main benefits that a VPN may offer to the web developer or designer. VPNs can also be used to research competitors, improve online privacy, prevent data from being leaked through hacks or other cybercrime activities etc.

Features to look for in a good VPN for web development

VPN usage has grown significantly in the last few years with more than a quarter of all internet users having installed the service on their various devices. This growth in demand has led to hundreds of services flooding the online marketplace. However, not all of these offer the level of services that are necessary for a web developer. Here are a few elements that have to be top-notch in the service that a web developer uses:

1. Speed and performance

Although the internet in general is all about speed, this factor becomes even more crucial when we talk about web developers. They have to design, code and test websites as well as the load times that they will offer to consumers. The VPN they use has to offer fast and consistent speeds on almost all servers because otherwise, normal workflows can be obstructed.

2. Unlimited bandwidth

Internet service providers and free VPNs have several limitations on the amount of bandwidth that a particular use can work with. In web development there are huge caches of data that need to be uploaded, stored and transmitted. Without unlimited bandwidth it is difficult to work hassle-free so this becomes an essential feature in the whole equation.

3. Support for a wide range of devices

Next comes support for a wide variety of platforms. Today, internet usage is shifting from conventional mediums like laptops and computers to mobile phones and other devices. It is therefore imperative for websites and applications to be tested and optimized for all these platforms and a VPN that offers extensive support for different platforms goes a long way in helping to achieve this.

4. Servers

Last but not the least are the number of servers and how evenly they are spread across different countries in the world. This helps in testing and making sure that applications and other digital platforms are working well.

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Why Every Web Developer or Designer Needs a VPN Service
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