WooCommerce Password Protected Categories Vs. WooCommerce Private Store: Which one is best to protect an online store?

Privacy is something that needs to be taken seriously when it comes to running a private online store, especially a WooCommerce site. Most of the online store owners are looking for some great tools that can give some or the other sort of privacy to their store from public views. This is where WooCommerce Password Protected Categories and WooCommerce Private Store come into the play.

Though both the plugins can help you protect your WooCommerce store from public viewing, they are completely different terms of features and functionality. No doubt, they work wonders in hiding your product categories and protecting your passwords, but it is important to know everything about these plugins before making any final decision.

Today, in this post, we will review both the WooCommerce plugins and compare their features to let you decide which one is best for the privacy of your web store.

1. WooCommerce Password Protected Categories Plugin

I’ve already used WooCommerce Password Protected categories plugin and it works wonders when it comes to protecting entire product categories in a WooCommerce store. This plugin is ideal if you want to make a part of your product categories private. It comes with a ton of exciting features, including:

  • Creating a private area for each client

Privacy is what that every web client look for when it comes to purchasing a product from an online store. With the help of this site, you can create a password protected category for each client to let them see only their products. The central login page will navigate them to their hidden category in a few clicks.

  • Integrated WooCommerce Wholesale or Members shop

Creating a specific area within a WooCommerce store for trade clients and members with this super-amazing plugin. This means the wholesale or members store will be visible only to those having the password. You don’t need to create a separate wholesale shop.

  • Promotes Privacy

Make your store categories private so that they will be accessed only to admins or shop managers.

  • Customer login page

The plugin allows customers to login into the page from a single page or sidebar in a matter of few seconds. This will redirect the user to a specific category, based on the entered password.

  • Hide your password protected categories

With this plugin, you can optionally hide your password protected categories and their products from public viewings.

  • Ease of Use

The plugin is allowing a novice user to protect some categories and their products without adding a single piece of coding.

In a nutshell, WooCommerce Password protected Categories is easy to use, a fully-functional and handy plugin that can help you protect your password protected category and their products in less than 10 minutes.

2. WooCommerce Private Store

As compared to WooCommerce Password Protected Categories, this plugin has more to offer when it comes to web store privacy. It can make your entire WooCommerce store private and hide it from public view.

  • Adds extra shield of protection

WooCommerce Private Store allows you to sell products online with a private WooCommerce store – accessible to only those who enter a password.

  • Wholesale store functionality

Create a Wholesale store in WooCommerce in a breeze. The plugin will help you hide the wholesale store from public view in no time.

  • Hides entire WooCommerce store

Hide the main WooCommerce shop page, checkout, products, categories, tags, and cart with ease. Plus, it supports multiple passwords.

  • WooCommerce Login Form

With a use of customizable password entry page, you can protect your private WooCommerce store and allows those who can enter a password to access the entire site. You don’t need to create separate user accounts.

  • Unlock option for existing users

Automatically unlock the store for existing or logged in users to enhance the protection of your store. The first time visitor or guest can see only your main pages while WooCommerce remains protected and hidden.

  • Hidden from Search Engines

The best part about this plugin is that it can help you hide your private WooCommerce store from search engines and sitemaps. This means your store won’t gain any online visibility until you want it to.

In short, WooCommerce Private Store plugin has better option and functionality in hiding and protecting your WooCommerce store.

Comparison: Which is the best plugin for you?

A WooCommerce Password Protected Categories plugin works great when it comes to creating private areas within your web store, while also having public products that everyone can buy. On the other hand, WooCommerce Private Store is best if you want to make your whole store private.

When it comes to customer login page, WooCommerce Private Store gives more flexibility to the users as it allows them to enter a password to access the entire shop. On the other hand, WooCommerce Password Categories will redirect you to a specific category when you login from a single page or a sidebar. Once again, WooCommerce Private Store proves that it is an ideal plugin for protecting an entire online store.

WooCommerce Password Protected Categories Vs. WooCommerce Private Store: Which one is best to protect an online store?
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