12 Tips to Generate Website Traffic Through Link Building

Having a website will not suffice if you want to get more business. Despite creating a unique website with extensively researched and well-written content, you will hardly get visits if it does not reach the right audience.

Grabbing the attention of visitors and generating traffic to websites is a predominant problem faced by lot many website owners.

Here are the most powerful link-building strategies that you can use to entice more visitors on your website.

1. Utilize social media marketing

Social media is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to driving website traffic. Create a Facebook page for your business, Twitter account and a YouTube channel to start with. Simultaneously, also try out Instagram by posting interesting images and stories to garner the reader’s attention and keep them hooked to your updates.

2. Get listed on web directories

Numerous web directories exist on the Internet for each and every business. Just choose the directories that are relevant for your business and get your website listed there. It might take some effort to search but it would be of great help in the long run.

3. Promote a free giveaway event

Host a free giveaway event and boast of it on social media. Carry out an aggressive marketing campaign to lure more visitors on your website and try out your products or services. Free giveaways go a long way in enhancing brand visibility.

Pro-tip: Always, I repeat, always give away branded products so that you stay at the top of the recipient’s mind and there stands a chance that they might give you a call someday soon.

4. Install SSL Certificate on your website

Whenever you want to get more traffic on your website, security is one of the most important factors that your prospect looks for. Therefore, you should always install an SSL Certificate on your website as it encrypts all the communication that takes place between the user and the server. If your website’s have multiple sub domains then you should install wildcard SSL certificate to secure unlimited subdomains.

Your customers will be able to trust you better and ultimately, it will lead to increase in the traffic and boost up your search engine rankings too. This is especially important if you have a website that asks for sensitive information from the customer… But it is always better to have an SSL Certificate for content-based websites too.

5. Add internal links on your website (especially blog posts)

Never miss out on adding internal links on your website. This will give the web pages an additional boost on the search engines, thereby increasing traffic on your website.

6. Build links through trusted guest-blogging websites

Guest blogging on high authority websites will never get old as far as link building is concerned. However, you should always build links from trusted websites that cater to your target audience. Search engine algorithms do not identify websites with irrelevant links. Therefore, spam links will deter your search engine ranking and website traffic rather than improving it.

As they say, quality over quantity. Focus on building quality links rather than too many links on websites that have no relation with your business.

7. Create local business citations

For local businesses, it is recommended that you create local business citations so that you can get visible in local search results, that helps in creating website authority and search engine rankings. Local citations mainly include three terms namely your business name, physical address, and contact details.

Pro-tip: Add the same address that you display on your website (with the same branding principles).

8. Invest in infographics

Infographics can get your brand higher visibility than any other piece of content can. Design a visually appealing infographic with informative content that people would love to share on social media. Such resources will build credibility for your brand and make your readers more interesting in knowing about your products and services.

You can even approach guest blogging platforms and write for them to advertise your infographic. If you have enough funds, you can even go for paid guest blogging to promote it. It is a great idea to portray your brand as a thought leader and get visitors on your website.

9. Leverage question-based websites

Quora is a great platform to share answers to the commonly asked questions. You can use it to generate backlinks on your website and get quality traffic that is genuinely interested in availing your services. There are several such platforms that you can explore and bring more visitors.

10. Comment on relevant blogs to get backlinks

As easy as this sounds, it can be very tricky at times. You should comment only on relevant blogs that match your industry and services. Of course, you cannot comment on your competitor’s blogs so choose the platforms wisely. Also, you should see to it that your comment does not sound manipulative and fake. Comment only after you have read the entire blog and are well aware of what it is trying to convey. Doing so ensures the approval of your comment and helps you reach out to the global audience.

11. Post roundups

Make a list of the industry influencers and post a roundup on the most popular topic prevalent in the field according to their inputs. For example: If you plan to post a roundup on Inbound Marketing, you should first consider approaching Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah from HubSpot as they are the pioneers of this methodology.
You can create a campaign around it and ask the influencers to promote the resource. This will not only help you in getting instant brand visibility but also attract more website visitors.

12. Avoid unethical methods of building links

Last but not the least, in the quest of building links and increasing website traffic, you should be wary of the fact that unethical methods of building links will get malicious traffic on your website and add no value to it. All your efforts will go down the drain and you will end up paying Google penalty.

Wrapping Up

No matter how strong your sponsored ads and paid marketing will be, nothing brings results that organic traffic can. All these tips will enable you to make it to the top in the search engine results and get more visitors on your website without spending too much of money.

12 Tips to Generate Website Traffic Through Link Building
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