8 Best Link Building Strategies for Startups

best link building strategy

Effective link building has always been crucial for improving the keywords rankings. However, since Google has become pickier in underlining the websites with quality links, it is important to earn them the right way. And what’s more intriguing is that modern marketers are going the extra mile to provide good quality content.

Still, there’s always a big chance to make a difference to the website with an effective link-building strategy. So we recommend you be mindful about coming up with a robust link-building plan for this year.

Before we advance this discussion by explaining the best link-building strategies, let’s introduce the concept for your better understanding.

What is Link Building?

Link building is about earning links on different websites to improve your site’s authority. Good quality links acquire Google’s trust and confidence. The more backlinks your website has, the quicker it will Google underline your website. Once your website is considered, Google will check the web site’s authority and trustworthiness.

So what’s next? If you’re a new start up, your website needs good quality links to thrive in the long run. Since the competition is high, you should have a solid link-building plan. Here, we will highlight the best link-building strategies that work.

  1. Guest posting

Also known as guest blogging is one of the easiest ways to link with other platforms. Guest blogging helps you develop a strong relationship with the other website. On the other hand, the other website will wholeheartedly welcome you and write your bio.

Guests’ posts are usually unpaid, but you will eventually be working on your targets. To earn guest posting links, start looking for websites with a “write for us” section. However, you can also approach sites that don’t have an open blog section.

You’ll be shocked that tons of websites are looking for good-quality content. After all, intriguing content has the power to uplift the position of a website in the search engine.

  1. Focus on Extensive Public Relations

There’s no running away from the fact that link building and public relations work hand In glove with each other. Promoting your content assets to writers, local journalists, and publishers through manual efforts is a good way to acquire links.

When you create stellar content for the users, journalists will eventually want to provide coverage to you. It’s always best to focus on a stellar public relations strategy to offer industry expertise. But, if you don’t have a public relations manager for your business, now is the best time to get one.

Writers will officially use this tool to talk to experts so they can weigh in. today, several SEO agencies are even offering HARO link-building services and will write the best pitches for you.

  1. Invest in Broken Link Building

Broken link building” has somewhat become cliché but is still a game-changer for new start-ups. It’s an effective strategy that offers valuable resources to “fix” broken links on other websites.

A typical webmaster will always avoid acquiring a broken link, but things will change on the internet. A link once used as a helpful resource for a website will eventually disappear or change its URL. This provides a good opportunity, provided that the source is niche relevant. You can use the broken link on the site’s webmaster and use it on your site.

The only issue is finding a tricky link. If you’ve got a well informed and educated SEO expert at your disposal, you won’t have anything to fuss about. You can hire a links building agency to get high-quality backlinks to your website without creating back linking strategies.

  1. Invest in Local SEO

Your website should be listed on the free online directories as a start-up or a local business. It’s an easy way to start acquiring links and affordable too. And since Google always looks for frequent information across various listing platforms, it will eventually help your business acquire the top spot in the search engine.

invest in local seo

Local SEO service is the best way to get the word out and attract a massive audience. Here are a few places where you can get your business listed for free:

  • Google Business Profile
  • Facebook
  • Apple Maps
  • Tomtom
  • Factual
  • Yelp
  • Foursquare
  • Bing Places
  • Manta
  • Cylex
  • EZLocal
  • Here
  • Fyple
  1. Consider the Message Boards

The oldest and most reliable content marketing strategy is “word of mouth.” In this day and age, this content thrives in the form of video marketing. So having a concrete presence on the message boards and even local sites is easy to build your business without much hassle.

One of the easiest ways to get this done is to ask people to answer your questions. Link to the relevant sources on your website, as you expect the other people to reply. However, you must know that some message boards have different rules about promoting websites and businesses. The basic goal is to acquire traffic and keep away from scams.

  1. Use Your Social Media to Optimum

With over 4 billion active users, social media has become a global rage. After all, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are liked by millions. So it’s a good way to keep in touch with the customers.

Develop good quality content that is relevant to the website and can intrigue the audience. However, social media is all about being time conscious. You need to fire at the right time to make news.

Social media profile tools will help you stay at the top and stand out to the audience. So always look for trending hashtags and create posts of a certain moment. Social media offers tons of opportunities to every start up to stand out to the audience at a lower cost.

  1. Donations, Sponsorships, and Volunteering

As a new start up, acquiring the audience’s interest shows them you care. Doing a positive thing for society is always rewarded. Businesses that sponsor local league teams often get uniforms with printed logos.

So there are ways that even donating money for a good cause can help you acquire good quality links on your website. But In today’s time, simply donating money is not enough. You must go the extra mile to stand out to a large audience. Since most start-ups focus on sponsorships and donations, you need to find your calling.

You need to choose a good cause to build an impressive reputation for your new business. Finding the best opportunities to make these strategies work has never been easier.

  1. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Podcasts

Today, there are more podcasts than you can imagine. A lot of podcasts are looking for people to feature on their guest list. And since you’re about to become a prominent name in the industry, it’s best to open yourself to options. So don’t hesitate to reach out to podcasters looking for industry-specific voices.

Once the interview has been recorded and it’s out for the world to see, the video will have a bio and a detailed description. This way, you’ll get a free link to your website. Today, influencers are hosting podcasts and can easily help get a larger audience for your business.

8 Best Link Building Strategies for Startups
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