9 Social Media Marketing Tools to Use Right Now

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Social Media Marketing or SMM is currently considered to be the most promising and rewarding form of internet marketing. It comprises some effective social media techniques to help the businesses reach out to, connect and engage with their audience and followers. Businesses can spread awareness amongst their existing and potential customers through Social media marketing campaigns.

Various popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest offer the businesses a powerful medium through which the brands can spread awareness amongst the customers and followers. These social media platforms let businesses promote their products and services through various campaigns.

Creating a powerful workflow for Social Media Marketing can be quite overwhelming and chaotic. Hence, to get the best out of their Social Media Marketing campaigns, businesses rely on effective and convenient Social Media Marketing tools. These tools help them track the effectiveness of the campaigns and amend the strategies accordingly to build a strong presence over various Social media channels.

SMM tools like IFTTT, MobileMonkey, HootSuite, and Meet Edgar are some of the few very effective tools that can help you get the job done productively. Here are the 9+ best trending tools that social media marketers should be using right now for a compelling Social Media Marketing Campaign in 2022.

1. HootSuite


Are you posting simultaneously on multiple social media platforms? Juggling between all these platforms can be a quite difficult task.

For this, the popular Hootsuite tool is the best option that would help you manage all the accounts at once. It lets you schedule and organizes some posts on all the social media platforms at once. You can schedule your posts to be published across different platforms anytime you want.

The tool lets you send messages to your customers from any platform, help you stream and schedule the posts and you can get the free reports over email.

2. Grammarly


If you are unsure about the use of grammar in your content, you need to use Grammarly. It is a great tool to check your punctuation, spelling, grammar, and plagiarism. With Grammarly, you can be sure that the content you wrote is original and is without errors.

3. Canva


Most of the people do not know how to create or edit photos in Photoshop. Canva can be a great help for the people who want to add visuals in their content as it is very easy and free to use.

The tool provides you a drag and drop interface making it easy for anyone to create astonishing visuals. The tool contains millions of fonts, graphics, and photos that you can customize as per your need. Canva has been benefiting both the professionals and novice in creating visuals for their social media posts.

4. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is a great tool for marketers because of its effectiveness and versatility. It can be a great source to find fresh content across the internet.

You can search with a keyword or a topic to know what is trending and what can get you engagements. You can analyze the backlinks and domains and also generate a list of influencers that are posting on the same topics. It is a great tool for content marketing and to create an effective social media campaign.

5. MobileMonkey


Chatbot marketing has been the latest and the hottest trend in the digital marketing world. More and more brands are coming on board with the chatbot marketing. With chatbots, the businesses are now enjoying over 80% of open rate and around 20% CTR on the messages through the most popular social media website, Facebook. With its extraordinary Return on Investment results, Chatbots are becoming the #1 priority of the businesses and brands across the world.

MobileMonkey is a popular chatbot builder tool that helps you create a chatbot with just a few clicks. The tool has a straightforward drag and drops feature making it a handy tool to create the chatbot without even typing a single code line. Moreover, the tool is also free to use.



IFTTT or If This, Then That” is one of the popular automation tools for social media. The tool is highly recommended by Joel House Search Media.

It lets you set up different automation recipes as one can easily create an automation recipe by which all the photos uploaded through Instagram posts can be added to an album of your Facebook page. Another example of a recipe is to tweet the content of the Instagram post on Twitter, or you can also share the same Instagram post on your Pinterest board.

The IFTTT provides endless possibilities to its users so they can create amazing recipes to customize their social media experience. It is a time saving social media automation tool that every social media marketer must-have.

7. Tailwind


For the marketers who share photos and videos over the social media platforms, Tailwind can be quite a helpful tool. You can get a list of hashtags and many shortcuts for Pinterest and Instagram marketing using this tool. You can easily track each post’s performance and analyze what works for you and what won’t.

The comprehensive pricing of the Tailwind makes it a tool easily accessible to the marketers, small businesses, promoters, and even the large agencies.

8. Unsplash


You may want to include photographs of the objects, places, events and other things in your photo and/or video posts in your social media posts. The Unsplash tool is a source of stock photos and can be an asset for marketers and businesses. The website offers a wide range of photographs that are freely usable by anyone.

9. Colorcinch

Colorcinch is an intutive photo and text editor that lets you transform your photos into stunning and personalized artwork. You can crop, resize, enhance your photos, and make their colors pop so they’re social media ready.


  • inBeat

inBeat is a Instagram and TikTok search engine, which allows brands to find the best influencers for their influencer marketing. inBeat is easy to use, fast, and affordable.

These are the best tools for 2022 that every social media marketer or a business trying to promote itself on social media should have. All these tools can benefit businesses in creating more compelling and engaging posts for their audience.

The tool lets you have a more organized and closer look at the viral and trending posts across different platforms. All you need to do is enter the keyword, hashtag, topic or a term to check out all the trending and buzzing posts.

The tool can be quite handy if you want to monitor product and brand mentions and check the trending hashtags. The information received through the tool can be beneficial in generating content that would effectively engage the target audience.

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