Best Chrome Extensions for Modern Sales Professionals

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Google Chrome is one of the most commonly-used web browsers in the world. It accounts for more than 63% of the global browser market share, and over 2.65 billion internet users use it as their primary browser. When it comes to the sales industry, not every salesperson may be using Chrome. However, considering the aforementioned statistics, there could be a sizable number of sales professionals who are Chrome users.

If you’re a sales professional using Chrome or have a sales team that uses the popular browser, the best Chrome extensions listed below may interest you. Did you know? The Chrome Web Store has over 137,000 extensions available for installation. Chrome extensions are a powerful hack to generate leads, prospect, share content, track emails, follow up, do social selling, or perform almost any other sales task effectively and with less time and effort.

5 Chrome Extensions to Help Your Salespeople Function Better

1. SalesIntel’s RevDriver

This free Chrome extension is an intelligent sales prospecting tool that unveils human-verified, 95% accurate company and contact information for leads and prospects. It fast-tracks the prospecting process and enables sales professionals to connect with their target audience quicker, giving them a leg up on the competition.

Here’s how you can use RevDriver:

  • Download the extension from the Chrome Web Store
  • Go to the LinkedIn profile or page, or business website of any person or company you’re targeting
  • Then, open the extension to reveal mobile number, direct dial number, and email address for that person or company
  • The extension also reveals firmographic and technographic data, if you need more information on your targeted leads or prospects
  • If needed, you can export the company and contact data revealed by the extension to your CRM or MAP

Sales teams can also use RevDriver to keep track of advocates and identify decision-makers and influencers for target accounts. As a premium user, you can request research-on-demand for specific individuals or companies and get unlimited contact reveals. Freemium users, on the other hand, are allowed to reveal 100 contacts per month.

2. Crystal

Clearly understanding prospects goes a long way toward closing more sales deals. Powered by the DISC (dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness) framework, Crystal helps salespeople predict the personality of prospects. It also enables salespeople to understand the way prospects communicate, and their motivations and behavior.

The Chrome extension creates an in-depth personality profile for prospects, allowing sales teams to build relationships with prospects and communicate with them confidently. Sales reps can use it to understand their target audience in a deeper way and beyond what generic data points and insights offer.

Here’s something more about this on-demand personality insights platform:

  • It identifies a person’s personality by analyzing scores of data points using the Personality AI technology
  • It can be used to get personality insights for prospects while browsing their LinkedIn profile
  • It can be used on all types of LinkedIn profile, which include Recruiter, Sales Navigator, and regular profiles

3. BombBomb

The BombBomb Chrome extension is a video messaging tool that sales teams can use to record and send webcam as well as screen capture videos. If your sales strategy includes personalized videos, it can be a handy tool for your team. Its in-video CTA banners help push recipients to take a desired action: fill out a form or visit a landing page. Your salespeople can also track engagement with their BombBomb videos to know how they are performing.

BombBomb can be used with Gmail as well:

  • Download the extension from the Chrome store and connect it to your Gmail account
  • Record a video or your screen, or attach an existing BombBomb video right from Gmail
  • After the video populates your email body, send your video message to anyone you like
  • You can also create canned messages or snippets and save them for latter
  • Track and get notified about links clicked, videos played, emails opened, and recipients’ reactions and comments in real time

4. MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence

MicroStrategyHyperIntelligence is a great helping hand for sales professionals as it allows them to spend more time selling and building a rapport with prospects. It helps sales teams with contextual, relevant, and real-time insights that are injected straight into their daily browser-based workflows. With Zero-Click Intelligence about people, products, and customers, it enables sales reps to deliver high-value conversations and get the information they need when it matters the most.

Here’s more to learn about this Chrome extension:

  • It highlights relevant keywords after scanning web pages, all automatically
  • It creates cards comprising related real-time insights and predefined KPIs once you hover over a highlighted word
  • It serves up answers as your sales team generates reports, communicates on Slack, sends emails, or browses the internet
  • It surfaces insights from over 200 data sources, including market intelligence, sales data, product data, etc.

5. HubSpot Sales

The last one on the list of best Chrome extensions for salespeople is HubSpot Sales. With this Chrome extension, your sales team can access HubSpot sales tools like Sequences, Meetings, and Snippets right in their Gmail inbox. Additionally, they can log and track emails and use contact profiles for different purposes without having to leave their inbox.

Here’s what you can do with HubSpot Sales:

  • Enroll contacts in sequences directly from Gmail (only available for Enterprise, Service Hub Professional, and Sales Hub users).
  • Directly add a meeting link to your email in Gmail without having to manually copy and paste it.
  • Add email recipients as contacts to your HubSpot account if they’re not already included in your HubSpot contact database.
  • Open contacts in HubSpot, edit contact properties, start a call with contacts, or create deals or tasks for them.
  • Log an email to the particular contact’s HubSpot record and get notified in real time when contacts open your emails.

A Final Word

Using Chrome extensions may not seem to be really important when you’re already using more advanced sales tools. However, sometimes, it’s those small things that make a big difference, especially in sales. You never know, any of these extensions could improve your sales game, make your sales professionals more efficient, or help them reach their goals.

Of course, there are several other Chrome extensions your sales team can use to get faster and better at what they do. Start with the ones listed above and see if they work for your team. Once they start getting results for you, stick to them or find out if there are any upgrades available. You can also search for other options specific to the sales goals and roles you’re focusing on.

Best Chrome Extensions for Modern Sales Professionals
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