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It is a tedious task to run a website and take care of everything on your own. If you are having a WordPress site, you probably know that it requires your valuable time to maintain it, keep plugins and themes updated, write content, work on search engine optimization (SEO), and much more. Therefore we have come up with a list of the best WordPress Maintenance and Support providers.

This becomes all the more hectic if you are running a business. If you don’t have enough resources or a dedicated team of developers to manage the website, then it will be better to go for a maintenance and support service provider.

Such a service provider can handle your entire website and take the burden off you. You will then be able to focus on things that matter most the business. Plus, it helps you to avoid website downtime, strengthen website security to protect against cyberattacks, and gain new customers.

In this article, we have listed the 7+ best WordPress maintenance and support services providers in 2024.

1. WP SitePlan


Is your WordPress website out-of-date, running slowly, or completely unmanaged? Are you waiting days…weeks…or longer for your current developers to complete support requests, or even respond to your emails? WP SitePlan understands that WordPress requires constant upkeep and monitoring to prevent common issues like bugs, incorrect content, load times, and hacking.

Their dedicated team keep your site efficient, safe and secure with proactive software updates, unlimited support, 24/7 uptime monitoring, software updates, and daily backups to ensure 99.99% uptime and 99.5% security. Let WP SitePlan fully manage your website so you can fully manage your business.

Ideal For

Website owners seeking automated and customizable WordPress maintenance plans with a focus on security, performance, and reliable support.

WP SitePlan: WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

  • Automated Backups and Updates
  • Security Monitoring
  • Performance Optimization
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Customizable Plans
  • Malware Removal
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Reports

Pricing Plan of WP SitePlan

  • Essentials $59/mo per site
  • Professional $119/mo per site
  • Enterprise $229/mo per site

2. WP Site Care

WP Site Care

WP Site Care is a team of WordPress experts who can assist you by becoming your personal WordPress site coach. These experts will ensure that your website runs faster, safe, and secure.

The WP Site Care uses quality malware monitoring tools to handle the security holes and protect cyber threats against your site. Their team will back up your database, files, and images to an offsite location in the cloud so that everything remains backed up if things go wrong.

Further, the team will work on improving the performance of your website. If your site runs slow, visitors will leave it within a few seconds.

Ideal For

Businesses and individuals looking for comprehensive WordPress care with daily cloud backups, staging environments, and 24/7 emergency support.

WP Site Care: WordPress Support Services

  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Plugin and Theme Management
  • Security Audits
  • Daily Cloud Backups
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Monthly Reports
  • Staging Environments

Pricing Plan of WP Site Care

  • The plans of WP Site Care start at $79 per month.

User Rating of WP Site Care on Clutch

WP Site Care Review
WP Site Care Review

3. WP Coding Dev


WP Coding Dev is one of the best WordPress development companies that can help you out with everything related to WordPress. They have an expert team of WordPress consultants to help you create affordable web projects.

It is a one-stop solution for WordPress websites so that you can rely on them for many things. These include converting the HTML design to WordPress, solving the issues related to WordPress plugins, migrating your existing site to WordPress, and converting PSD to WordPress themes.

WP Coding Dev is also known for the development of custom WordPress themes. They develop SEO-friendly themes, which are responsive and pixel-perfect.

If you want dedicated or part-time developers for your site, you can hire from WP Coding Dev.

Ideal For

Clients in need of custom WordPress development, code audits, and scalable solutions with responsive support and project-based pricing.

WP Coding Dev: WordPress Maintenance Services

  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Code Audits and Optimization
  • API Integrations
  • Responsive Support
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Project-Based Pricing
  • Migration Services
  • Consultation Services

Pricing Plan of WP Coding Dev

  • Pricing plans are not available on the website, you need to connect to customer support.

4. WP Maintainer

wp maintainer

WP Maintainer is another top service provider of WordPress maintenance and support services. It offers a wide range of solutions, including security, backups, support, and more.

When you go for WP Maintainer, the WordPress experts will audit your entire website to ensure that it is completely secure. They will monitor the site with Sucuri plugin, as well as create automated backups of your website database.

You will also get access to their ticketing support system in case you want to reach out to their team.

Ideal For 

Website owners prioritize regular updates, security scans, and detailed reports, with a focus on performance optimization and priority support.

WP Maintainer: Website Maintenance Services

  • Website Backups
  • Updates Management
  • Security Scans
  • Performance Optimization
  • Priority Support
  • Database Optimization
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Detailed Reports

Pricing Plan of WP Maintainer

  • WordPress Maintenance Plan for All core services at $99/month
  • Performance Plan at $19/month
  • Security Firewall at $49/month

5. Fix My WP

Fix My WP

To empower WordPress site owners to have a stress-free experience, the team at Fix My WP manages the website to level up your business.

They are known for their support services. You can go for them if your website is hacked, facing issues with WordPress theme or plugins, or any other thing.

Fix My WP keeps the website security on priority and restores your site within a day if it has got hacked. They’ll fix the loopholes and strengthen the security.

In case you want to install, modify, edit, or customize your WordPress theme, their team can do it, plus add new features.

They also provide a number of WordPress maintenance plans which you can choose according to your requirement and budget. These plans work ideally for you to outsource the site headache and focus on growing your business.

Ideal For 

Individuals and businesses require quick fixes, security enhancements, and affordable solutions for WordPress troubleshooting and updates.

Fix My WP: WordPress Support and Maintenance

  • WordPress Troubleshooting
  • Theme and Plugin Support
  • Site Migration Assistance
  • Security Fixes
  • Performance Improvements
  • Emergency Support
  • Content Updates
  • Affordable Pricing

Pricing Plans of Fix My WP

  • Single-Site Hosting & Maintenance Plan at $40/month
  • Multi-Site Hosting & Maintenance Plan at $120/month

6. WP Buffs

WP Buffs

WP Buffs are an excellent choice when it comes to maintenance and support services for WordPress websites.

All you need to do is submit your request via email and they will resolve your ticket within 24-48 hours. When you sing up for their care plans, you get access to their support 24/7.

They are a global team working around the clock to optimize, maintain, edit and update your WordPress site. Their team of technical Buffs “have your back” when it comes to taking care of your WordPress website. They work with both direct customers and white-label partners whether you have 1 website or 1,000.

Additionally, they offer free eBooks, technical tips and techniques on their blog and WordPress webinars.

Ideal For

Agencies and businesses looking for unlimited small edits, 24/7 website monitoring, and dedicated account management for WordPress websites.

WP Buffs: Support and Maintenance for WordPress

  • Unlimited Edits
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • Speed Optimization
  • Weekly Reports
  • Plugin Updates
  • White-Label Solutions
  • eCommerce Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Pricing Plan of WP Buffs

  • Standard Plan for WP Site Maintenance at $79/month
  • Protect Plan for WP Sites Needing Edits and Security at $159/month
  • Perform Plan for Advanced Functionality WP Sites at $219/month
  • Custom Plan for Custom Coded WP Sites at $347/month
  • Custom Pro Plan for Custom Sites with Advanced Functionality at $447/month

7. Fix Runner

fix runner

Fix Runner delivers affordable WP Maintenance services and without compromising with the support. You get 24*7 support with cloud backups and uptime monitoring as well.

They are ideal for small businesses that want their business website to be active and quick support. Once you face any issue, just ping the support team and they are super fast in responding.

Ideal For

Website owners seeking quick fixes, transparent pricing, and educational resources for WordPress, along with 24/7 emergency support.

Fix Runner: WordPress Support Services

  • Quick Fixes
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Security Audits
  • Performance Tweaks
  • Regular Backups
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Educational Resources

Pricing Plan of Fix Runner

  • Quarterly Premium Plan at $59/mo
  • Quarterly Rocket Plan at $89/mo
  • Quarterly Advance Plan $149/mo

8. Maintain


Maintainn can make your life easier with its ongoing WordPress maintenance services. What makes it different from the competition is that its team of experts use and partner with most of the WordPress hosting companies, themes, and plugins that you use.

They cover WordPress website design, development, security, updates, blogs, brochure, e-commerce, and almost everything that you can think of for your site.

When you opt for Maintainn, your core site will be updated weekly, along with all the themes and plugins. The database and file system will be securely backed up to off-sites so that you don’t lose any data.

For multi-layer security, their team uses Sucuri, which monitors the site 24/7 and keeps it secure.

Ideal For

Clients requiring expert support, detailed reporting, and comprehensive maintenance services for WordPress core, themes, and plugins.

Maintainn: WordPress Support Services

  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Theme and Plugin Maintenance
  • Security Monitoring
  • Performance Optimization
  • Content Updates
  • Expert Support
  • Database Optimization
  • Detailed Reporting

Pricing Plan of Maintainn

  • SiteCare Core Plan at $99
  • SiteCare Plus Plan at $299
  • SiteCare Advanced Plan at $499

9. Template Monster

Template Monster
Template Monster

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, Template Monster stands out with its focus on website security, performance optimization, and customizable maintenance plans. Its competitive pricing and responsive support make it a reliable choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive WordPress maintenance solution.

Ideal for: 

Small to medium-sized businesses seeking a reliable WordPress maintenance solution focusing on website security and performance.

Template Monster: WordPress Support Company Services

  • Regular backups and updates
  • Security audits and malware removal
  • Performance optimization
  • Responsive support
  • Customizable maintenance plans
  • Malware removal services
  • Update management
  • Competitive Pricing

Pricing Plans Of Template Monster for WordPress Maintenance

  • The monthly website maintenance cost for $199
  • Yearly website maintenance cost for $899

Users Rating Of Template Monster

Template Monster Review
Template Monster Review

10. WP Fix It 

WP Fix It
WP Fix It

WP Fix It distinguishes itself by offering 24/7 emergency support and quick one-time fixes for WordPress errors. With transparent pricing, expert technicians, and educational resources, it’s uniquely tailored for website owners seeking immediate, efficient solutions to enhance site performance.

Ideal for: 

Website owners are looking for quick and efficient one-time fixes or ongoing maintenance services.

WP Fix It: WordPress Maintenance Provider

  • 24/7 emergency support
  • One-time fixes and ongoing maintenance
  • Speed optimization
  • Transparent pricing
  • Expert technicians
  • Detailed issue reports
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Educational resources

Pricing Plans of WP Fix It 

  • Their services start at $47 and cost up to $117 per service.

User Rating of WP Fix It

11. WP Engine

WP Engine
WP Engine

WP Engine is renowned for providing top-tier managed WordPress hosting and support services. Its automatic updates, advanced security features, and scalable hosting infrastructure make it the preferred choice for businesses and enterprises prioritizing reliability, security, and performance.

Ideal for:

Businesses and enterprises require top-tier managed WordPress hosting and comprehensive support.

WP Engine: WordPress Services Provider

  • Automatic updates
  • Advanced security features
  • Scalable hosting infrastructure
  • Developer-friendly features
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Daily backups
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Global data centers

Pricing Plans of WP Engine for Your WordPress Maintenance

  • $20/mo (Startup)
  • $40/mo (Professional)
  • $77/mo (Growth)
  • $194/mo (Scale)

User Rating of WP Engine

WP Engine Review
WP Engine Review

12. Web Dev Studio

Web Dev Studio
Web Dev Studio

Standing out with a collaborative approach, Web Dev Studio specializes in custom theme and plugin development, code audits, and scalable solutions. Its dedicated support team ensures personalized attention, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking tailored WordPress solutions and ongoing maintenance.

Ideal for:

Custom development and tailored WordPress solutions for businesses with unique requirements.

Web Dev Studio: WordPress Maintenance Services

  • Custom theme and plugin development
  • Code audits and optimization
  • Dedicated support team
  • Scalable solutions
  • Collaborative approach
  • Project-based pricing
  • Technical expertise
  • Ongoing maintenance

Pricing Plans

User Rating of Web Dev Studio on Clutch

Web Dev Studio Review
Web Dev Studio Review

13. Manage WP

Manage WP
Manage WP

Manage WP offers centralized site management, automated backups, and customizable workflows, making it a go-to choice for agencies and freelancers. With affordable pricing plans, security checks, and client reports, it streamlines the management of multiple WordPress sites, emphasizing convenience and efficiency.

Ideal for:

Agencies and freelancers are managing multiple WordPress sites looking for an all-in-one management solution.

Manage WP: WordPress Support Services

  • Centralized site management
  • Automated backups and updates
  • Client reports and white-labeling
  • Collaboration features
  • Security checks
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Customizable workflows
  • Affordable pricing plans

Pricing Plan of Manage WP for WordPress Services

  • Free 
  • premium upgrades starting at $1-2 per month

User Rating of Manage WP

Manage WP Review
Manage WP Review

14. WPMU Dev


Catering to developers and agencies, WPMU Dev distinguishes itself with a suite of tools for WordPress site management, including automated backups, performance and SEO tools, and 24/7 support. Its community forums and educational resources contribute to a vibrant and knowledgeable user community.

Ideal for: 

Developers and agencies seeking an extensive set of tools for WordPress site management and optimization.

WPMU Dev: WordPress Maintenance and Support

  • Automated backups and updates
  • Performance and SEO tools
  • 24/7 support
  • Membership plans
  • Security features
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Training resources
  • Community forums

Pricing Plans for WPMU Dev 

  • Basic Plan $3/m
  • Standard Plan $5/m
  • Freelancer $10/m
  • Unlimited Sites $20/m

User Rating of WPMU Dev

WPMU Dev Review
WPMU Dev Review

15. WP AOS


WP AOS sets itself apart by prioritizing proactive monitoring, custom development services, and dedicated account management. Ideal for businesses seeking personalized support, regular performance audits, and advanced analytics, WP AOS ensures a tailored approach to WordPress maintenance and support.

Ideal for: 

Businesses prioritize personalized support and tailored solutions for their WordPress websites.

WP AOS: Website Maintenance Companies

  • Proactive monitoring and issue resolution
  • Custom development services
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Scalable solutions
  • Regular performance audits
  • Advanced analytics
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Custom quotes

Pricing Plans of WP AOS for WP Support

  • From: $ 149 / month for Woocommerce Maintenance Service
  • From: $ 99 / month for WordPress Maintenance Service
  • From: $ 495 / month for WordPress Retainer Service
  • From: $ 499 / month for WordPress SEO Service

User Rating of WP AOS

WP AOS Review
WP AOS Review

Why regular maintenance is required for your WordPress website?

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your WordPress website secure, functional, and optimized. Ignoring maintenance tasks can lead to security vulnerabilities, decreased performance, and a poor user experience, which could negatively impact your website’s success. Here are some reasons why:

  • Enhancing Security: Given WordPress’ popularity, it attracts hackers and malicious individuals. Consistent updates, including security patches, are rolled out to address vulnerabilities, safeguarding your website from potential threats. Neglecting updates leaves your site vulnerable to attacks.
  • Plugin and Theme Enhancements: Plugins and themes elevate your WordPress site’s functionality and aesthetics. However, outdated ones pose security risks. Regular updates ensure harmony with the latest WordPress version and other plugins, often containing bug fixes and novel features.
  • Resolving Bugs: Like all software, WordPress can contain bugs that affect performance and user experience. Routine updates target these bugs, maintaining a seamless website encounter.
  • Boosting Performance: Over time, your website’s database and files can accumulate, hindering performance. Scheduled maintenance encompasses decluttering unnecessary files, optimizing databases, and refining code efficiency. This collectively results in swifter loading times and an improved user experience.
  • Backup and Recovery: Mishaps occur, whether from hacking attempts, accidental data deletion, or technical glitches. Regular backups ensure recent copies of your website’s data, enabling swift restoration to functionality in case of emergencies.
  • Elevating SEO and User Experience: Search engines prioritize current, fast, and user-friendly websites. Consistent maintenance hones your website’s SEO precision and user satisfaction, potentially enhancing search engine rankings and visitor traffic.
  • Ensuring Compatibility: As WordPress evolves, maintaining theme and plugin compatibility with the latest version becomes critical. Otherwise, you risk compatibility issues that impact your site’s appearance and operation.
  • Refreshing Content: Websites are dynamic entities that require fresh, pertinent content to engage visitors. Regular maintenance involves content updates, new blog posts, image refreshes, and more.
  • Mobile Adaptation: Given the surge in mobile internet usage, a mobile-responsive website is indispensable. Regular maintenance guarantees your site’s optimization for diverse screen dimensions and devices.
  • Adhering to Legal Standards: Depending on your website’s purpose and location, compliance with regulations like GDPR might be necessary. Regular maintenance ensures alignment with evolving legal requirements.

Wrapping up:

If you are looking to handle your WordPress website to experts who can keep everything just perfect, then mentioned above are few of the best options for you.

If you have any query, feel free to let us know via the comments below.

FAQs Related to WordPress Maintenance Providers

Does a WordPress Website Need Maintenance?

  1. Yes, regular maintenance is crucial for WordPress websites. It ensures security, updates, and optimal performance, preventing issues like security breaches and outdated features.
Best WordPress Maintenance and Support Services Providers
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