How Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of web Designs

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been storming up the internet for a while now. Proof of these can be found in the form of talk in forums and also the articles that have been published. A lot of discussions have been going on lately about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very capable, especially in the field of web designing.

Even if it sounds unbelievable, there is nothing that isn’t possible for AI to do. There are many web designers that are experimenting with their creativity with Artificial Intelligence. Many industries are now using Artificial Intelligence and the technology has proved itself to be very efficient and it has been showing improved functions as well.

Artificial Intelligence is also being used a lot nowadays, especially in the case of web designs. This is a major considering for AI app development.

Artificial Intelligence as Virtual Assistant

Artificial Intelligence has already made its way in more or less every field of work. Web design industry are seen in different processes so that they can make it easier for their customers. Some examples of these ranges from virtual assistants to chatbots. Another major example of this is RankBrain.

It is a machine learning Artificial Intelligence search algorithm that makes it easier for the users by providing them with important and best quality results for the searches they make.

Cortana, Siri, and Hey Google are some of the major virtual assistants. These enable their users to make their inquiries with the help of only their voice.

Users can not only use their voices to make a search on the internet but also with the help of these, they can use their voice for other activities as well, such as for playing music, setting a task reminder, setting an alarm, calling a person, et cetera.

Some more advanced Virtual Assistants are Google Home and Amazon Echo with the help of which people can also use some appliances of their house. Even though it is a very slow process, no one can deny that Artificial Intelligence is successfully weaving its path into everyone’s everyday life.

Automated Web Design

Some brands have also created a ‘Do-it-yourself’ website on the basis of the capabilities of the AI. The name of the platform is The Grid. This platform is responsible for building a website that then on the basis of Artificial Intelligence makes relevant design decisions.

These websites analyze their content and from that identify the suitable layout, colors, fonts, et cetera. All these combined, they attempt to make the perfect website that can easily catch someone’s eye with the help of intelligent design decisions.

Cognitive Abilities

Even with all these, a question still remains, how does Artificial Intelligence machines and programs create human websites and that too based on client recommendations? The answer to this is cognitive abilities. It is with the help of cognitive skills that Artificial Intelligence technologies have been successfully able to create designs.

A design generally is just the creativity of the artist which they put into a paper from everything that they hear and see. They think through these images and voices and finally, think to shape them into a design. Even though Artificial Intelligence, in the end, a machine, after all, cannot really think, they can, however, perceive their surroundings.

It’s with the assistance of the IoT and sensors that help the Artificial Intelligence machines to form noticeable and striking graphics. Also,Artificial Intelligence machines also have access to the internet, just as a human does.

Therefore, with their ability to perceive, they can easily help developing web designs. This is one of the major reasons why many web designers have taken the help of Artificial Intelligence for the designs.

Context Apprehension

There are many differences between a smart algorithm and a non-efficient program. One of the major differences is that in the case of non-efficient programs, they can generate a similar order of task without even considering the context.

Non-efficient programs simply take down your orders, but the smart algorithm will understand why you are making that decision with reference to the context since it also has to take decisions like that while trying to make web designs.

Suppose, a shade of red is supposed to go with the theme of web design, Artificial Intelligence would choose the exact shade of red that goes with the rest of the design.

Even if the user suggests colour and it doesn’t go well with the design, the Artificial Intelligence system will suggest a color by itself that.

This is a major thing that is taken into consideration by the AI developers since the AI apps are sued a lot for web designing nowadays.

Consistency in the Design

In several situations, the most important reason behind the failure of a website is the inconsistency in the design of it.

These inconsistencies are too small to be taken into recognition by the designers, but in one way or another,they do affect the popularity of it by affecting the users in the long run in a negative way.

Machines are very effective in finding out inconsistencies and they can easily fix them, no matter if the inconsistencies are in computer graphics or in web pages. Major of the web designers take the help of Artificial Intelligence technologies for this purpose.

The Artificial Intelligence technologies can easily point out inconsistencies within no time at all and solve the problem with the help of its context apprehension abilities.

Web design industry have developed a lot over the last ten years. The web design when shifted to Artificial Intelligence technologies, they, with the benefit of response and automation, took web designing to a different level. They gave their best to give the best to their users.


Thus, Artificial Intelligence is the future for a lot of various products and companies. It is also giving a better experience to all the users.

How Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of web Designs
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