How Artificial Intelligence Plays a Role in SEO

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AI – a new big thing currently happening in the digital world – which once seen in fiction is now reshaping the digital realm. We have succeeded in developing chatbots that can communicate to patrons, self-driving automobiles, and in the upcoming years, it is going to revolutionize the way we live and work. Now it doesn’t only work for us but also it can hear the digital content. Isn’t it amazing?

AI is being exercised in almost every digital sector to reduce human efforts and time while executing complex assignments with ease. Let’s take an example of search engines: have you ever thought, how Google manages to serve relevant results from billions of pages within a fraction of seconds?

The simple and short answer is Google’s search engine is powered by AI.

Our content and websites are also examined and analyzed by AI. Now it can judge our content, therefore our SEO strategies should be developed keeping the role of AI in SEO.

In this article, we will go through how it can be mixed with SEO and digital marketing and what is the role of artificial intelligence in today’s digital market.

SEO is ever-changing

SEO is ever-changing; it’s not only about producing content stuffed keywords, and backlinks. It has gone through several stages over the years, now there are over 200 determining SEO factors – from page optimization to creating excellent content that matches the needs of target users and also meets the needs of various platforms and devices.

Content, keywords, and backlink still carry the same weight and they are an over-discussed aspect of an SEO plan. You need to think more than that to obtain the top spot in SERP. As a smart marketer, you should always look forward to new technologies and tools, especially when you are working on SEO strategies.

SEO is tricky and always changing. Now new things have been added and they can influence your SEO effort to a great extent. Over a few years, AI has been one of the most debated topics among marketers if it does affect digital marketing and SEO. As AI advances, it is widely accepted by several departments including the digital marketing sector.

As far as SEO is concerned, yes! It can affect SEO too. Data is exploding and therefore to handle this much data AI seems the finest solution. How it can influence SEO now and in the future. We will dig deeper in this article to know the role of AI in search engine optimization.

Key factors in search engine ranking algorithm

  1. Rankbrain
  2. Bert


Google introduced Rankbrain (machine learning-based search engine algorithm) in late 2015, to better understand users’ queries. It is like a pre-screening system for the content you produce. It also helps Google to process search results. This means you have to understand how it takes and works with content.


BERT is a neural network-based technique that better understands the context of a user’s search query, empowering Google to produce more accurate and relevant results. It is another AI-powered tool employed by Google to enhance the user’s search experience. And in the future, it might utilize AI more efficiently, thus marketers should pay heed to artificial intelligence.

  1. AI can read content more efficiently

Google uses artificial intelligence for content analysis, and now it is smarter than ever. Traditional methods like keyword density, image optimization, and heading-subheading usage, might not help you much more now in the forthcoming years.

Google’s Rankbrain prefers “the intention of the searcher” and the “context” of the content to serve the best possible results. Therefore, context and content relevancy for the users are now more significant than ever.

This means AI will challenge you out of your comfort zone by punishing you for following the long-established overrated maximum words, more keywords, and over-explanation policy to rank your article for maximum keywords.

The visual appearance can have an influence on SEO. As AI can understand audio, video and image are telling. Do they go with the content or not?

Much like for text content creators where they have to follow particular rules to write headlines, content, subheadings.

  1. Content is one of the key areas that AI will affect

With the introduction of Rankbrain, An AI by Google, which is used to understand the context of the content written on a website deeply, the content creation is not only limited to proper use of keywords, but also other elements on the page should justify the content.

For instance; it can read what is written on your image and does it fit with the content.

Multimedia content enhances the quality of content and Google also loves the rich content described using photos, videos, and audio.

Content is one of the key areas that AI will affect greatly, forcing content marketers to comply with the new terms to redesign content marketing material and leaving the old tricky methods to rank on search engines.

  1. It will Redefine Content marketing

With millions of businesses online, AI can prove to be the best weapon in your arsenal to create a marketing campaign analyzing the user’s behavior and search queries by utilizing the powerful AI.

AI offers immense potential beyond the reach of humans and more opportunities to marketers. Big companies are investing more than ever in developing powerful AI-powered infrastructure to deal with billions of users.

Facebook, Netflix, Google, and many biggies have already started reaping benefits from AI and using AI as well to upgrade it to the next level.

  1. Search engine relies on AI

With the advancement of smartphones, AI-powered tools such as Google’s Assistant, Apple’s SIRI, Alexa are now real and they can listen and understand our queries, and fetch relevant results to satisfy the needs of the users.

To know the way AI works can be hard to guess, but it is sure that it acts as a mediator between humans and machines. For SEO marketers it can multifold their efforts and perform beyond the reach of human efforts.

AI can fetch millions of users’ behavior with ease and can help you find target users and also assist you to know their likes and dislikes, spending, and other key points to create an effective campaign that meets their needs.

AI will have a huge impact on SEO

SEO is a complex task and always changing and AI is the tool that can predict trends and help marketers to make effective decisions.

In this article, we have discussed both potentials of artificial intelligence, which is an umbrella term for multiple technologies based on machine learning. It is the power of AI that now “Google understands us better”.

AI is still in the learning phase, it’s not surprising to say that one day it may take humans’ place. Today even many biggies started utilizing it in creating marketing campaigns and improving the technology.

Keeping the past and current trends into account, it can be clearly seen that AI is the future of digital marketing. It is a time to get yourself familiar with machine learning and AI terms so you can leverage them to enhance your marketing strategies.

The data is getting bigger and digital space is getting wider, while search engines are consistently tweaking and coming up with new complexities to improve the search experience. Therefore it is hard to focus on both. Let’s employ AI in the organization and elevate your marketing efforts.

How Artificial Intelligence Plays a Role in SEO
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