IQ Option Affiliate Program|A complete guideline


IQ options are a financial services company dealing in a variety of trading products. Some of its very complex financial trading instruments include CFDs and binary options.

However, it’s in the binary options affiliate program that IQ options have had profound success. For example, since 2013, it has processed over 17 million trade accounts; most of them coming in as referrals. It boasts of over 54,000 affiliates spread in 178 countries.

The program, allows most website owners to earn a steady income in the form of commissions. Earnings largely rely on the strength of your referrals, and how active they are on the trading platform. The bigger referral base you have, the more you earn.

How to get started

Getting started with IQ option affiliate program is quite simple. All you need to have a website or blog and sufficient traffic. You can then signup with the site and publish the Iq options link on your site.

Whenever a guest on your page clicks on the link that you have published, the program recognizes and tags the user with a unique ID. Now, if the same user goes ahead and signs up with IQ Binary options, and then starts to trade in any of the outlined assets, you automatically qualify for a commission.

The amount of percentage in commission, however, depends on a number of factors:

How many users from your site are actively trading; for example, you can only receive your very first earnings if you have at least 10 of your referrals actively trading on the platform.
How much a single user is trading.

The good news is that you can get as much as 70% if such traders are seriously engaged in the trade. You also get commission payouts at least twice a month using a payment system that you prefer.
Basically, as a broker, you need to pay attention to how much converting traffic is coming on to your site. It helps you to reap as many financial rewards as you can.

Some of the Affiliate Details You Need To Know

There are a number of useful features on the Iq options platform which can help you. They are as follows:

Affiliate Dashboard

As an affiliate, IQ dashboard is an important tool which shows you all kinds of activities that are going on.

It is incredibly organized and accurate. As such, you can easily identify all statistical information regarding all activities of your referrals. For Instance, you know how many people have joined the trading platform for after clicking on the link from your website. You also see the activity chart of each of your users and quickly predict your commission earnings.

Affiliate Promotion Tools

The program comes with a variety of promotion tools which you can use, to maximize your earnings. The main site promo and the web promo come into perspective. But you can also take advantage of the mobile and advertising campaign versions. You can access promotional material such as images to support your campaign.

The versatile nature of marketing tools allows you to choose from that which you think works well for you. Again, every now and then you receive an email update on other new marketing tools you can use.

Affiliate Customer Support

IQ options are known for its best customer support. For instance, if you have pressing questions or concerns, you simply submit your ticket to your assigned account manager. You can easily reach the concerned persons, via email, skype immediately.

News Updates

This feature allows a user to access all important as well as an update of information regarding the program, and activities including upcoming events. It’s important to regularly check to see if there are any changes to products and services.


You can expect to receive your payment twice every month. For you to qualify for payment you need to have at least 10 active traders. These are basically those traders who through your link are now trading in various assets on the platform.

You are also required to verify both your email and your phone number to be able to receive any kind of payments. Some of the payment methods you can use include skrill and Webmoney. You can also elect to be paid via your local bank account. subject to transaction charges.

Affiliate Rules

The program features a number of rules which each affiliate is required to follow. For example;

  • If you are an affiliate, you are prohibited from creating a trader account. It is seen as a conflict of interests.
  • Before you verify a payment method, you first need to verify your phone number and email.
  • You need to achieve the ultimate numbers of referrals to be legible for payment. In this case, 10 or more active referrals are needed for you to receive your first commission earnings.
  • It’s strictly forbidden to use Iq Options brand name while purchasing paid ads.
  • It is quite important to observe the rules so that you do not suffer from being banned from the program. In order to always remain on the right footing, you need to consult with your account manager if you aren’t sure of anything.


The affiliate program comes with distinct advantages. For instance;

  • You receive passive and steady income without going through the hassles of trading.
  • The platform provides affiliates with a 50% lifetime profit from any referral they make.
  • You get paid twice in a month.
  • It provides a wide range of payment methods, including your local bank account.
  • You can access many types of promotion tools to help you advance in your affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • You are assigned an account manager who can guide you and address any issues you encounter along the way.


IQ affiliate program exponential growth means that it’s actually one of the leading and most reputable of affiliate programs in the industry right now.
It provides the best platform from which serious websites and blogs can earn an extra source of income.

Getting started is also quite easy and you can have your affiliate links embedded on your site in a matter of minutes once you sign up.

IQ Option Affiliate Program|A complete guideline
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