Key Digital Marketing Features for Business Rookies

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New business owners deal with dozens of daily tasks to run their ventures successfully. Since we know that about 30% of startups don’t make it to the third year of their existence, it’s clear that SMB-owners face a lot of pressure.

The best way for an entrepreneur to relieve the stress is to keep increasing their revenues. In order to get there, it’s crucial to use all the available means and methods. Nowadays, digital marketing is one of the best ways to spread the word about your business and start driving customers toward it.

In the next few paragraphs, you can read more about five vital digital marketing strategies for business rookies.

1) One-of-a-kind content marketing

Content usually speaks instead of the business that creates it. So, if you can craft purposeful content, it will be one of your best marketing assets.

Of course, business rookies might not know at once how to put together relevant marketing bits.

For starters, it’s more useful to insist on your business authenticity. While every website recycles some content from time to time, the gist of it must be unique.

Business owners need to think about their specifics and things that make them different from others. For instance, if your target audience is other businesses, rather than ordinary customers, emphasize that part. Likewise, some business owners focus only on the online audience. Let your potential customers know about these original elements of your business to start using your services.

Also, the research conducted by McKinsey showed that customer analytics significantly increasebusiness performance.So, use the analytical data to fine-tune your genuine content for your audience and make a content agenda in line with their expectations.

2) Multimedia materials made in the house

This is the age of multimedia. It’s easy to create them with a variety of affordable tools. What’s more, there are man online places where you can post them. To top it all off, Internet users love such materials.

Therefore, novice business owners have a plenitude of ideas, tools, and online channels to make their own stuff.

Posting an explainer video to your home page is a standard for business websites these days. In this video, you can tell a short story about your business and how it was founded. Also, you should highlight your mission and vision, as well as some elements that make you a unique enterprise.

If you still don’t have enough original visual materials or your office is under construction, you can make an animated video for your home page. These features aren’t expensive, and they can make a difference when new visitors come to your website.

Apart from these videos, you should take as many original business photos as possible. Posting them to your website and your blog will give your entire business a higher sense of authenticity.

Finally, you need to cover YouTube in terms of digital marketing, as well. Business rookies can do this by making short tutorials that will be useful for people in their niche or their potential customers.

3) Google freebies for enhanced SEO

A rule of thumb for every new business is to register on Google My Business Page. When you do that, you’ll literally put your name on Google Maps. As such, it’s easily recognized by both your potential customers and other business entities.

When you add your phone number, your address, and your website to this profile, you get a great online business card. New customers can call you only by clicking or tapping on the Call icon. Also, they can find the fastest route to your office at once.

Another benefit of registering on Google My Business is that you’ll become eligible for Google Reviews. Other registered Google users – both business and ordinary people – can leave their reviews of your business and services. Given that you do your job properly, it’s a free way to become a popular and recommended business entity.

4) Simple, yet updated website

Your website is the central hub of all your online activities. Internet users who hear about your business via social media will eventually come to the website, as well.

Potential customers who see your business name in ads will also visit the website to learn more about some special offers.

So, new business owners need an interactive, simple, and regularly updated website. As pointed out by the custom software development squad from Houston, you can opt for a website builder or a web design agency.

Business owners who have only basic needs, such as the list of services, pricing, and blog can benefit from using a website builder.

On the other hand, some entrepreneurs need a more complex website with dozens of pages, various payment options, and animation features. In that case, contacting a professional web designer is a better option.

Whatever you do, make sure that you don’t let down the people who come to your website. In line with that, keep your website maintenance on the highest possible level. It won’t cost you a fortune and it can make a significant difference in the way your customers perceive your business.


Using digital marketing tools and features can help every new business owner become a renowned brand. For most of these basic features, you don’t have to spend a single cent.

You just need to use your creativity and business inputs to prepare materials for digital distribution.

When you talk to your audience in a clear and authentic voice, they’ll be more likely to pay attention to your business.

As a result, they’ll start converting to your loyal customers, which is the goal of every business venture.

Key Digital Marketing Features for Business Rookies
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