Key Importance of SMO in WordPress Blogging

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In today’s modern and digital life, tech-savvy people are using different social media channels to stay in touch with their relatives, friends, neighbors, and share their thoughts easily and quickly at all the times. A large number of people are always present on social media channels. This gives several good chances to website owners to market their web-based business among a social media users and achieve their end targets.

Website owners can use social media optimization (the process of site optimization through social media channels) to increase the outcome of their SEO efforts. It can help you to rock in WordPress blogging too. Just have a look at some key benefits of using SMO in WordPress blogging:

1. Free Traffic

When you create a new website/blog, it is very difficult to gain organic traffic because of rapidly increasing competition in the digital marketing. But, When you include SMO in website optimization, it helps you to get free traffic to your website from different social bookmarking sites.

Alternatively, you can add social media sharing buttons to your site using WordPress plugins. This will allow visitors to share your content on various web platforms. It gives a great SEO benefit to your site and helps you to improve its visibility on all major search engines easily. Always remember, the more social shares your posts have, the more traffic will be diverted to your site.

2. High Domain Authority

Search engines take note of social bookmarks. If your website/blog has a solid presence on all leading social media sites and social bookmarking sites, It will help you to grow its domain authority. A blog with increased domain authority is likely to attract a large number of visitors and give a handsome ROI to its owner.

3. A Sharp Increase In Your Blog’s Popularity

Almost all social bookmarking websites have a voting/ranking system. If you publish high-quality, useful, unique content regularly on your site/blog and bookmark that properly, it helps you to push the targeted traffic to your blog and increase its popularity up to a great extent.

4. Better Ranking In Search Engine Results

Search engines give a great importance to content shared on different social media channels. They use it as a parameter to determine the ranking of your blog. So, if your blog posts are shared on different social media channels in maximum numbers, the ranking of your blog may get improved in search engine results.

5. Better Conversions With A Little Investment

SEO professionals use different techniques to increase the traffic to websites they handle, such as PPC, CPM advertising, banner ads, etc. But, these are expensive methods of digital marketing and there is no guarantee that you will get the desired results in terms of traffic, conversion, leads, subscriptions, etc.

But, when you pay sufficient attention to SMO while customize your blog for search engines and visitors, you can easily expedite the process of leading generation without spending too much money.

6. More Followers/Fans

In order to grow your web-based business, you need loyal fans/followers that are interested in your offerings and engage with your blog/site actively. If you prioritize SMO in WordPress blogging, you can easily increase your social media fans/followers. A large number of fans/followers give you limitless business opportunities and help you to improve the performance of your blog up to a great extent.

7 User Generated Content

We all know that it takes a lot of time and resources to create unique and meaningful content. The most interesting fact is that almost all activities of the web-based business are largely dependent on the availability of quality content.

So, there always remains a huge gap between the demand and supply of content. But, when you do SMO regularly for your blog and encourage visitors to react to your blog posts, you get lots of free users generated content.

You can use UGC to optimize your blog and in social media activities. This helps you to improve the performance of your blog easily and quickly without investing your hard-earned money in content creation.

8. Frequent Communication With The Targeted Audience

Frequent communication between the blog owner and the targeted audience is essential. It helps you to make your visitors satisfied and encourage them to hang around your blog whenever possible.

Whenever you do SMO, the communication level between you and the targeted audience is increased up to a great extent. By doing so, you can clear the visitor’s confusion off easily and motivate them to visit your blog frequently, benefiting you in several ways.

9. Increased Outcome Of Paid Ads

There are several entrepreneurs who use paid ads to promote their blog on the World Wide web. Google and other search engines display paid ads on their first pages with relevant keywords.

Before visiting blogs and taking interest in its offerings, a good number of conscious visitors check their social media pages to see the current status of different products and services. Sometimes, they communicate with fellow visitors to get unbiased feedback about your brand. If they see an enhanced level of user-engagement, likes, shares, comments, testimonials on your social media pages, they form a positive opinion about your brand and respond your offers positively. This can enhance the outcome of your paid ads greatly and provide you a great ROI every week or month.

10. Quick removal of customer’s complains

If you run a service based blog, you face complains from your customers and clients regarding the quality of your services, products, various types of monetary issues. These days, people are busy and they don’t like to be put on hold while calling customer care executives or wait for several days to get the answer of their questions through emails.

Most of the customers drop their complains on your social media pages or in comment sections. You can solve their problems there. Alternatively, you can conduct live chats with customers, take their questions and provide the right solution on the spot. This helps you to sort out customer’s complains easily and increase their faith in your brand up to a great extent.

Final Thoughts

Social media optimization has become an essential part of digital marketing campaigns. It awards online business owners with a number of benefits. These are some key advantages of getting engaged with SMO while doing WordPress blogging.

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Key Importance of SMO in WordPress Blogging
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