Marketing, DevOps & Software Development- The perfect crossover

Marketing, DevOps& Software Development

The history of Software Development takes all of us back to the mid century (1954) when the marketing strategy was slowly and gradually making its way into the global market. Since then both of the theories, strategies and concept have never collided together.

Software Development is one of those ever growing field which has never seen a halt regarding their growth and importance into the global market. And if you’re looking for software developer jobs in San Francisco and anywhere in the West Coast, this will be easy for you to get hired especially if you have great logical and programming skills.

The role of Marketing in the modern era

Marketing is not just a science which is learned and abided by the book of law, it is an art, an art which is in the eye of the marketer. The role and concept of marketing has drastically changed over the passage of time, with how all the consumers are changing their lifestyle and getting attached to the digital world via different tech-gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, IOT and wearable, the concept of marketing has also taken a huge turn and has evolved into the state of digital marketing.

It is now a software development corporation who assists all the major marketing agencies by giving them a platform by developing different analytic software to collect data digitally which was previously recorded manually by the marketers. A software development corporation has also marketers by giving them a platform to manage their content and also to verify which audience is likely to peruse their services.

How software development can derive a better customer experience?

It is a far proven fact that now the best tool used as a marketing guide by the marketing analysts is their user-friendly, eye-catching and relevant mobile application. Somehow or the other we can state that one common goal for a marketing agency and a software development corporation is to have a better customer experience. This is where the marketing and the software development work together as a single unit to provide something unique, exciting and creative.

The job of the marketing department is to identify the weak spot and convey what the consumer actually desire. The job of a software department as a whole is to utilize those points and fill in the gaps to provide a better and exciting user experience. A better user experience is linked with the user-friendliness of a mobile application.

How can a better user-experience lead to better marketing?

One of the major tasks for a software development corporation is to improve the flexibility and the scalability of the mobile application and to make it user-friendly. According to the world’s top CMOs, an application is now used as one of the major tools for marketing. If all of the above points are covered by the software development corporation, the download rate of the application will definitely rise.

The logic is pretty simple. We have all know the concept of word of mouth marketing. The same concept is applied here by the most influential CMOs. If one customer uses that specific application and tells about its functionality to all of his friends, the cycle will probably go on. This is probably the best type of marketing a mobile application can do with the help of a good software development corporation.

Why is DevOps becoming a common practice?

Just like how marketing and software collide together, forms a team a synergy, same is the case trending internally in a software development corporation.  DevOps is an automated practice which unites the software operations team and the software development team. The main aim is to follow a streamline process of development to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

The concept of DevOps is used to bridge down the communication gap between the development and the operation department. With this a software development corporation builds software quickly, with higher quality, lower cost and higher deployment frequency. DevOps lead to agile development, which is one of the major principle to be considered while developing a software.

Key Skills required for a successful DevOps engineer

With how the concept of DevOps has emerged, to be in the limelight a software development corporation requires the efforts and skills of a successful DevOps engineer. There are certain key points or skills which are required to become a successful DevOps engineer.

The first key point to look upon is that a DevOps engineer must have all the relevant technical knowledge considering the programing skills and cloud services. Familiarity with the required tool is one another key step which is considered to be authentic.  There are some other skills which are mandatory to be considered such as communication skills, business skills and having knowledge regarding business metrics. Combining these procedures which will turn every developer in a DevOps engineer.


Software Development has now transformed and evolved into a very vast field. It surely requires the marketing concepts to work efficiently and serve what the customers and industries actually desire. A good software development corporation surely requires the concept of DevOps and marketing to work efficiently for a better productivity level.


Marketing, DevOps & Software Development- The perfect crossover
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