Marketing Engagement Strategies to Activate on LinkedIn

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Today, everybody is a potential customer, and we are overwhelmed by it. Traditional advertising is proving less efficient. Now more than ever marketers are forced to invent new ways of reaching their audience. This is where engagement marketing comes in handy.

To engage a customer means to create an emotional link with your brand. This way customers spend more on your product, buy exclusively your product and promote your products to other potential customers.

LinkedIn, as the most powerful professional social platform to date, is a prolific environment to apply some marketing engagement strategies.

To make the best use of it, we need to identify the following:

  • What defines the right customer,
  • Which LinkedIn profile traits plays well with the right customer,
  • Which LinkedIn content attracts the right customer,
  • How to connect with the right customer using LinkedIn.

Discover your audience

Marketers’ main job is to collect data and build an image of their customers and their behavior. It is a good idea to first acquire some kind of feedback from your current customers. This way you will collect valuable facts and figures firsthand. To perform this, you need to:

  • Identify your audience,
  • Look for behavioral patterns and personality characteristics.

Although LinkedIn is great for identifying and connecting with your customers, it does come with pretty limited features for filtering out, messaging, and building engagement.

Singling-out connections that will enable us to identify an audience worthy of marketing analysis becomes a lot easier when using LinkedIn tags. Furthermore, it is a good idea to export LinkedIn contacts of your choice. This way you can use an external communication platform for further messaging and automatic follow-ups.

Build the right LinkedIn page

A well-built LinkedIn page is a valuable asset for attracting, convincing, and pushing your brand, services, or products. It provides you with tools to link with customers, find top-level employees, and use lead gen forms to further your marketing engagement strategies.

When composing your page headline use keywords your customers are likely to use while searching for you. This way you will generate some good-quality leads.

The page bio is there to tell the audience about your brand, prospects of working for you and getting in touch with you. Formulate it to grab their attention. Be concise and informative.

Marketing tactics and strategies

Be consistent when posting on LinkedIn. It is a demanding job, but you need to share relevant and valuable content as regularly as possible. Best posts should be scheduled for a repost every couple of months to draw maximum engagement. Use LinkedIn’s tracker to determine what is your top content.

One way to generate posts is to rewrite available blogs and brew them into LinkedIn content. When doing this, try to implement storytelling tactics. It’s a way of adding a personal touch to an otherwise expert view.

A good idea for a LinkedIn content is sharing the workflow of your company. Be it a new project, work results, new hirings, or any other business-related news, if it is shareable, it will familiarize the audience with your company, thus building trust.

Another proven tactic for connecting with your customers on a more personal level is sharing your operating mistakes. People should know about your learning curve. They will feel more connected to your brand.

How to connect to the right customer

Keep an eye on LinkedIn influencers and ways to leverage them into supporting you, or your brand. That is an easy way of reaching a wide range of potential customers. Keep track of their posting strategies and try to emulate them.

Identify active LinkedIn users that are of some significance within your industry. Their connection could become a worthy asset and a good potential referral.

Make a special effort to partake in communication with your followers over their Linkedin content. This is a positively genuine method to strengthen a business relationship.

Not only will you make them feel familiar with you and your brand, but you will learn about their motivations, values, opinions, and focus.

When talking to your audience, nurture your expertise. Make them see you as knowledgeable as you are, but avoid posting content just for the views and no leads. The point of your marketing strategies on LinkedIn is to promote your business.

One form of LinkedIn communication has lately become very popular – an online event. Use LinkedIn ads to promote your live online event, send personal attendance suggestions to your connections, collect lead gen data from the attendees, export their LinkedIn contacts, and reach out to them directly for further marketing engagement.


LinkedIn offers us new and innovative ways of implementing engagement strategies to reach our desensitized customers.

Discover your prime audience, optimize the looks of your LinkedIn page, reach your old customers, connect to the new ones, share valuable, entertaining, and discerning content, instigate engagement with your followers, and do it by occasionally focusing on the human side of your business.

Apply all of the above marketing engagement strategies on LinkedIn, and you will be rewarded by receiving heaps of new customers ready to spend money on your products and services.

Marketing Engagement Strategies to Activate on LinkedIn
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