Best Cost-effective Strategies for Promoting your Concert

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A concert sounds all kinds of fun, right? And it is – unless you are a part of the organizing team. Also, planning a concert is not as tedious as promoting one. While the planning part of a concert event is on the side of the organizers and does not involve a response or reaction from the outside world, the promotion part is all about garnering reactions and responses, thereby measuring them against monetary success.

At the end of the day, it is all about attracting the right set of audiences, in the right number. And in 2022, things have changed because the audience is scattered and does not go about attending events until and unless much noise has been created about the concert!

Concert promotion in 2022 – What has changed?

Creating the right amount of buzz for your concert, in 2022, has to come as a result of networking gone digital and promotional noise. We want the concert audience to be eager and encourage their close ones to attend the same. The focus has to shift from ‘how’ to ‘why’ – meaning moving from “how to promote the concert and get fans to attend” to “why should the fans attend” i.e. give them a reason big enough to seal their attendance.

Remember – The key is ‘to build an invested set of audience’ because the concert is simply worth it!

And how do we go about it? Let’s find out how a team can rightfully promote their concert in a cost-effective manner but with phenomenal results.

  • Create a concert marketing timeline – Right act at the right time

Marketing efforts only mean business when they are carried out at the right time. Because of their time-sensitive nature, a missed opportunity can cost the organizers their entire marketing campaign. These efforts are transformative – their emphasis transforms as the event’s actual date gets nearer.

Right from the pre-concert registration phase when the team starts to generate the buzz using concert flyer templates up to the time when it becomes all about maximizing ticket sales/registrations. Meanwhile, amplifying brand awareness, working with relevant music influencers to boost audience attendance, all marketing strategies should be timely executed.

  • Physical Flyers/Posters still work

Whoever said that posters and flyers are yesteryear’s, is highly mistaken. Especially when it comes to the art of music, graphical flyers and posters do their job best. Even the most naive of bands can take on this super cost-effective method of promoting their concert/musical and simply use a flyer maker to get the job done.

  • Having a dedicated website and social media handles

This is a very basic prerequisite for all kinds of events and not just bands and concerts. 2022 falls in the social media era and it only makes sense to do everything via social channels. Target audience is everywhere – waiting to be found. It is the right place to create great momentum for your concert event and let the audience share the news with whomsoever they want.

Their social community is at click’s reach and hence, you get to cover a very large ground. A Facebook event page can do wonders for teams that are looking for cost-effective promotion of their concert campaign.

Having a dedicated website is also a must because that is a place where the interested audience can find verified information about the event. They get a touchpoint to be in contact with and they can be officially informed about any changes in the event timings, venue, or segments.

  • Boost the band’s/artists’ social presence

If yours is an artist-exclusive concert, it is very important to showcase them under the spotlight. While the interested audience is always aware of the participating artists, it is highly recommended that a good amount of buzz is created about them. Irrespective of their popularity, music artists have humongous and individual fanbases that tend to amaze. Hence, it is a good idea to employ the idea of flyers, posters, social media handle promotion, one-on-one interviews of these artists to attract more in the audience.

  • Teasing the concert content via social

With the right tool at hand, concert promoters can design amazing social media content, posters, flyers, menus, videos, and more for their online promotional needs. Music fanatic interns can lend a hand in this pursuit and use the very many customizable templates available in the templates gallery via an easy-to-learn drag and drop editor.

Tools such as PosterMyWall can help concert marketing teams with Social media publishing, Social media scheduling, flyers and poster creations, email campaigns, etc. Furthermore, events such as music concerts heavily rely on the usage of #HASHTAGS that go about being used as easily consumed as free donuts.

  • Using video content from past concerts

Worthy content from the past concerts can prove to be of very high value. Using them in the right manner to tease the audience can be a very cost-effective move for the concert promotion. In 2022, Instagram reels go viral and sell like hotcakes. Concert promoters can introduce their unique take on using video content that already exists.

They can simply take a snippet or videos from their previous shows and include them in your concert promotion strategy. For inspiration, it is worthwhile to note that the Los Angeles Lakers received the most engagement per Reel in the NBA, gaining more than 385,000 engagements and more than 4.1 million plays from a single video.

  • Giveaways and Merch, FTW!

The audience loves free stuff! And when it comes to music artists, their signature swag and merch tend to be highly popular. What’s better than to attract a new segment of audience with giveaway material that promotes the concert for free and gets sold for an impressive price. This is a win-win situation. Organizers can also do free giveaways to promote the event on social channels.

While organizing a band event, a musical, or a concert – planning is crucial. It is always important to begin with an assessment of your best and worst. While the latter can be improved upon until the day of the actual event, the ‘best’ is what is going to be highlighted in the promotion campaigns.

Tooting one own’s horn is the crucial thing here. And that can only happen when you know which segments of your concert are rock solid and what kind of mass audience they can cater to. Staying in budget and still nailing your concert promotion will then feel like a complete win.

Best Cost-effective Strategies for Promoting your Concert
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