The Ultimate Guide to Kitting Out Your Employees

kitting out enployees

As an employer, you must provide your team members with all of the tools, equipment, and information they will need to complete their work tasks efficiently. Kitting your employees out with the right gear will help you maintain high workplace productivity and maximize your return on investment. It will also boost employee morale and ensure that staff can complete their work activities safely. Here are the key things you should consider when kitting out your employees:

Invest in high-quality uniforms

Many companies require employees to wear a uniform, and a management work-wear program can have several attractive benefits. One of the biggest benefits of a work uniform is that it will help you present a professional image and promote your company brand. A survey by J.D. Power and Associates revealed that “customers are more likely to do business with employees who wear uniforms because they stood out as professionals and were considered to be more knowledgeable and competent.”

Wearing a uniform can foster a strong team spirit and create a sense of belonging among your staff. This should have a positive effect on teamwork and collaboration in the workplace. A company uniform can also benefit employees as they won’t have to spend money on work-wear or stress about finding appropriate outfits to wear at work.

If you are planning on introducing a uniform policy, then it’s a good idea to get your employees involved with choosing their uniform to make sure they feel comfortable wearing it. Give your team plenty of notice and highlight the benefits that a uniform can bring to the workplace. Make sure that you invest in high-quality uniforms that are durable and will stand the test of time.

Gift employees branded merchandise

Gifting your employees with company merchandise is a great way to promote your brand and gain free exposure. Asking employees to wear a piece of branded merchandise – such as a bag or t-shirt printed with your company logo – will create a uniform image and build visibility for your brand. You can visit a company like Anthem Branding and have your company name or logo printed on a vast range of merchandise, including converse, hats, bags, and hoodies.

Encouraging employees to wear branded merchandise even on their feet will allow them to become ambassadors for your company. Giving your team members gifts can also be a great way to improve staff morale and show your employees that you value them. If you want to gain even more exposure for your brand and products, then ask employees to give branded merchandise to their family and friends.

Provide personal protective equipment (PPE)

Many work environments require PPE to protect employees from hazards such as corrosive chemicals, dangerous machinery, or falling objects. There is a massive variety of PPE available, including eye protection, gloves, footwear, coveralls, and respirators. This equipment is designed to protect the user from hazards and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that employers control hazards and protect employees by providing and paying for PPE. You must conduct a detailed risk assessment to identify workplace hazards and then introduce appropriate PPE to minimize the risk of injury or illness. For instance, employees should be provided with safety goggles if their work activities put them at risk of eye injuries.

It is not simply enough to provide employees with PPE; you must also train them how to use and maintain PPE. You can offer PPE training internally or hire an external company to visit your workplace and educate team members on the importance and uses of PPE. Make sure that PPE is inspected regularly and keep it stored in a convenient location where it can be accessed by all members of staff.

Create productive workstations

Your employees will be unable to complete their work tasks if you don’t provide them with a productive workstation. According to Quill, these are the essential items that every employee’s workstation needs:

  • Computer
  • Telephone
  • Wastebin
  • Stationary
  • Network logins
  • Office map
  • Workplace policies and procedures

Invest in quality office furniture that is built from durable materials. Buying high-quality furniture will save you money over time as it should remain in good condition for many years. You should also opt for an ergonomic desk chair that will provide your employees with sufficient support while they work.

Buy essential technology

You must make sure that your employees are fitted out with the technology and software that they need in their job roles. For instance, a project manager is likely to require project management software like Microsoft Project. Make sure that this is installed and ready for new employees to use so they can hit the ground running and be productive from day one.

You should consider investing in technology and software to improve employee productivity. Installing group chat software can enhance communication in the workplace, while collaboration technology can improve teamwork and motivate staff.

Support remote workers

Don’t forget that you will also need to kit remote workers out with essential tools and equipment. More and more companies are adopting flexible working and allowing team members to work from home.

You may not have to provide all office equipment if your employees are working remotely. However, you should support remote workers by helping them to create a productive workspace at home. You may decide to buy your remote workers high-speed laptops or purchase software to make it easier for remote workers to collaborate on projects. Ask your employees what equipment they need to work productively and efficiently from home.


You must carefully consider what tools and equipment your employees need in the workplace. Providing essential equipment will ensure that your team members can hit the ground running and carry out their work activities safely and efficiently. Investing in your employees will have a positive impact on productivity and help you run a safe and profitable business.

The Ultimate Guide to Kitting Out Your Employees
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