Top 10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A PPC Expert

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When was the last time you interviewed a PPC Expert and ended up getting confused or choosing the wrong person/team for your paid marketing campaigns? You might have prepared a set of questions that your HRs might be using at the moment!

Amidst all these, you still feel that you are missing out on something; some crucial questions may that you think you are not asking while hiring a PPC expert.

Having encountered these common challenges ourselves, I thought of compiling this article. We don’t say that this is a blueprint of hiring a PPC expert, but it will surely help you make better decisions.

Before any more chit-chats, let’s begin with these top 10 questions you must ask before hiring a PPC Expert.

  1. Explain the process of Google Auction.

When you are hiring a PPC Expert, you might want to jump to the critical questions straight away. But do not hurry! Before hopping on them, make sure that they have a fundamental understanding of how Google Ads work. The answer to which must start with “When a user fires a search query/keywords, Google AdWords tries to search in its pool of ads which are relevant to the search query fired.”

Make sure the answer sounds more of an actual process and less of a textbook definition.

  1. Given the Google Ads, how would you manage the quality score?

When you are going for paid ads for your services and products, you’d want to make sure that you would use fewer keywords and create smaller ad groups to target your audience. Ask them about their familiarity with Google’s Quality Scores and mention some ways to achieve a good quality score for the given set of keywords.

  1. Which third-party tools have you used to do keyword analysis?

The obvious answer you’d encounter is Google’s Keyword Planner Tool. But, ask them if they have used any other tool apart from this one. You might end up receiving answers like SEMrush, Bing Keyword Research Tool, and many others. Just hear them out and confirm the ones that might work for your project or see if their preferences meet yours.

  1. What is CTR, and how does it matter to your Ads?

The person might talk about the usual definition i.e., CTR means Click Through rate – meaning the ratio of people clicking your ads after seeing it. In this case, take this question to the next level by asking him how you can increase your CTR as in which factors would help you in optimizing your ad’s CTR. A Google Adwords Expert would be able to give you a satisfactory answer.

  1. What is ad remarketing, and why should one do it?

If you have already worked long enough to build your audience, drive traffic, and increase your sales – you know its importance. A right PPC Expert would be able to draw your attention to a pool of benefits remarketing caters that would comprise targeting the users/potential buyers as they already know your brand, niche-based targeting, and retaining old clients.

  1. What number of ads do you recommend in a single ad group?

The answer to this question would address an essential factor of running paid ads i.e., ROIs, as you know that the number of ads is highly dependent on the campaign and its implementation. But keeping 2-3 ads in a campaign is the answer to be expected. The reason being – it would be easily manageable. But if you have chosen the setting where Adwords would choose the most optimized and relevant ads – it is better to increase the number of ads in a single ad group.

  1. What are some critical KPIs you must keep in mind while doing SEO?

When you hire a PPC Expert, you’d want to know his SEO expertise too. The answer must include vital KPIs like Organic Traffic, CPC, Organic Impressions, Bounce Rate, Exit Page Rate, Link Building, and many more. The answer would reflect his knowledge and expertise in terms of SEO.

  1. What things do you keep in mind while writing an ad copy?

Well, the answer to this question might be a little subjective. Ad copies vary concerning the objective of the ad campaign we want to run. It might be for promoting your digital product, your brand, or even to carry out lead generation. Most of the time, you’d be able to figure out the talent based on the answers, which will include things like a great visual language, catchy headlines, call-to-action (CTA), and so on.

  1. Given a Facebook ad campaign, how would you optimize the impressions on my ad?

The expert might cross-question you asking for a precise scenario. Generally, an experienced PPC Expert would come up with answers like low unique views, meager ad budgets, or even overlapping of your target audience. Addressing these issues helps! You know it better.

  1. Explain the relation of ad budgets and account spending levels for Facebook Ads.

As you know, there are two kinds of budgets to promote Facebook Ads – Daily Budgets and Lifetime Budgets. A clear understanding of these types would help you achieve the desired outcomes.


Executing a PPC campaign to get better ROIs and more profits is what everyone aims at, but very few succeed. Reasons could be many, including lower ad budgets, improper targeting, higher bounce rates, irrelevant ad copies, and a million other things. But, when you try looking at a bigger picture – you need to go deeper.

You’ll realize that behind every successful and result-driven campaign, there is an efficient PPC expert team. It is because of their proactive approaches, analytical mind, and quick decision-making abilities that make it successful.

So, instead of beating the bush around consulting and hiring google Adwords experts to achieve outputs that speak for itself.

Top 10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A PPC Expert
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