Top Benefits of Website Personalization You Can’t Ignore in 2021

website personalization

The foundational pillar of success and long-term growth for modern businesses is, among other things, personalization. While there are many pillars of success, we have to single out personalization as an inextricable part of every successful business strategy, because simply put, the modern customer wants and needs a hyper-personalized experience. People have become very picky about the brands they get in touch with, and extremely picky about the brands they deem worthy of their hard-earned money.

With so much competition out there, it only stands to reason that you should look for ways to set yourself apart, not to mention that the modern customer can nowadays take their business elsewhere on a moment’s notice. People no longer stick around because you have the best price or because you have the best products, they stick around because you know them and accommodate their unique needs.

Every customer is different, and each customer wants a personalized experience when they land on your website. That’s why today we are going over the most important benefits of website personalization, and why you can’t ignore them if you want to succeed in 2021 and in the era of hyper-personalization on the web.

Create personalized CTAs that convert

On a high-performing, optimized website that caters to the needs of the individual, a call to action is a feature that delivers results. CTAs are some of the most impactful tools in your marketing and sales arsenal, and in 2021, it’s important to start personalizing them to achieve better results, general qualified leads, and convert more.

A good CTA can achieve many things, and different types of CTAs can help you guide website visitors to many outcomes. Some of the goals you can achieve include:

  • Encourage the customer to buy.
  • Get the customer to read a blog post.
  • Inspire the customer to learn more about your products or services.
  • Get the customer to share your posts or spread the word of your brand.
  • Encourage the customer to download one of your free digital products, like an eBook.
  • And many more.

But to achieve this, your CTAs need to provide a personalized experience. For example, a new visitor should encounter a CTA telling them to sign up for your newsletter, but a returning customer shouldn’t encounter the same message – instead, they should see a CTA that tells them to try a product demo or use a personalized discount.

Provide truly relevant product recommendations

The online world is over-saturated with products and services of all kinds. There is so much choice out there right now, so many solutions to the tiniest of problems, that the modern customer is often overwhelmed and completely demoralized with the sheer number of possibilities. Remember, quantity can often deter the customer even if they are ready to buy, which is why you need to make this journey as simple as possible for them.

If you don’t personalize your product offering and if the customers returning to your site are constantly met with the same selection, they will quickly stop coming back to your site. Why? Because you’re not showing the products that are relevant to them, and after all, you should have gotten to know them by now.

Make sure to use the data you collect on your website visitors to optimize your product offering and the content they see every time they come back to your site. This will give them a truly relevant product selection that will lead to a sale.

Make your domain more memorable and impactful

Personalizing your site is not just about the content you display or the journey you set up for your customers, it’s also about personalizing the domain to make it more memorable and inspire customers from around the web to keep coming back. Optimizing your domain is a big part of brand stickiness in the online world, and nowadays people want to see a more personal domain name that doesn’t have that corporate vibe, but is able to establish a more meaningful connection with the individual.

This is especially important if you’re running a personal brand that revolves around you as a professional and an inspirational figure in your industry, but it’s equally important for corporate brands that want to stand out and break the mold. Make sure that your domain name speaks to your audience, and use a personalized extension like .me to make it more relevant and memorable in the eyes of your customers.

Create high-converting landing pages

Creating new landing pages on a regular basis is one of the best practices for better SEO, and better visibility and performance in the online world in general. Whether you’re in Ecommerce, SaaS, or any other industry for that matter, you should focus on creating optimized, beautiful landing pages that will lead customers on a journey to conversion and retention.

To do this effectively, though, you also need to make your landing pages as personalized as possible. This is where your industry and customer research will come into play, as you need to use relevant customer data to personalize the content on your landing pages, and make it speak to their hearts and minds. Complementing personalized written content with a hyper-personalized selection of products is the winning combination that will help you achieve better results across the board.

Boost customer loyalty and retention

Lastly, keep in mind that website personalization directly translates into customer loyalty and retention. One of your key goals should be to maximize the lifetime value of every customer, but you can’t do that with one-off sales. Instead, you need to inspire your website visitors to keep coming back, buy again and again, and preferably buy higher-value items each time.

To do this, you should personalize their experience and make them feel truly appreciated by your brand. By getting to know them and personalizing their journey with the right products, personalized support, and unique deals and discounts, you will create a devoted customer that will stay at your side, come what may.

Over to you

Personalization is what makes the most successful brands stand out from the rest in today’s oversaturated online market. Be sure to personalize your digital presence in order to achieve your business goals and solidify your position in the digital world.

Top Benefits of Website Personalization You Can’t Ignore in 2021
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