WordPress Theme Design Tips to Improve Conversion

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Generating higher conversion rate and higher revenue depends on how you create your website. No doubt, WordPress is a great platform to start off a new website – thanks to a ton of ready-made themes available in the official WordPress theme repository.

WordPress themes help you enhance the design of your website the way you want, without even getting your hands down on coding. But the fact is that you can’t attract visitors if your website is not visually appealing.

To get the most of the out of it, you will need to understand the behavior of your web visitors; what they expect from your site and so on. Creating user-centric websites can help you generate quality leads, which in turn, convert into higher revenues and ROI.

In order to understand this concept in detail, we bring you some of the best WordPress theme design tips to let you achieve your ultimate goals with ease.

Here we go

1. Focus on simple, clean and user-centric web design theme

Leverage the key essence of beautiful and eye-grabbing web design elements by creating a simple, clean and user-friendly website.

Since no web visitor wants to visit a messy and cluttered website, stuffed with lots of unnecessary content, it is better to shift your focus on creating something simple yet engaging.

From a web visitor’s point of view, it is always better to cater the content in the most accessible way – no matter what your website is all about. Here, you need to use your theme design in such a way that give web visitors a rich and hassle-free experience; find the relevant content and browse other pages of your in the most convenient manner.

For that, you will need to use all the web design elements such as header, footer, sidebars, navigation menus, pop-ups, images, or videos to let people explore more about your site, without any hindrance.

2. A theme should drive more user attention

If you are optimizing your site’s design for higher conversion rate, then make sure your WordPress theme displays the content in a well-structured manner, something like this:

(a) First, you need to drive attention: Under this, you will need to entice people to visit your site and make an impression. Make sure your site’s design leaves a positive impression on your web visitors mind.

(b) Retaining the interest of web visitors: Once after grabbing your web visitors, try to encourage them to stay longer on your site, scroll down the page, and browse other pages of your site. This can improve the page views of your WordPress site.

(c) Guide attention: This is a stage where you use directional cues, white-space, and other web design principles to let people find the desired content on your site with ease.

3. Co-relate the modals with your user’s journey

Although interruption marketing is one of the fastest growing digital marketing trends that can help you get better conversion rate for your website, you can’t get the most of it if you haven’t used it properly.

After co-relating the model with the objectives of your conversion, you will need to find out the most reliable time to break it out.

Therefore, it is essential to do a proper user experience research and find out why pop-ups have great chance to get higher ranking. Make sure you cleanly tie it up with your specific user-journey.

4. Never distract your potential web visitors

You don’t want your web visitors to spend all their time in searching the desired information from the moment when they visited your site. In order to boost the conversion of your site, don’t overwhelm your pages with too many or irrelevant contents. It looks chaotic, which distracts web visitor and encourage them to leave the site immediately.

Instead, you should focus on adding relevant and well-structured content on your site that can improve the accessibility and readability of your website.

Also, make sure every element on your web page is focused on one campaign goal. For example, if your product pages are promoting subscriptions, ensure that your posts don’t do the same campaign.

This annoys the user experience of the real-time visitors, which in turn, affects your user engagement rate and conversion rate. To boost your user experience, you should delete all flashy and irrelevant elements such as ads, banners, etc from your landing pages.

5. Keep the familiarity in mind

While the unique, fresh and personalized web design is trending, you can still end with using the same-looking themes – this is called familiarity bias.

Being a web user, we expect certain aspects being the way they are such as:

  • Navigation in the head,
  • Links in the footer,
  • Sidebar on the left, etc.

There are the few things should be familiar and consistent. These keep the general layout of the site in a consistent way and help you enhance the overall look and feel of your site.


These are some of the impeccable WordPress theme design tips that will work for you and help you improve the conversion rate of your WordPress site. You can test these tricks and improvise them according to your specific needs.


WordPress Theme Design Tips to Improve Conversion
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