7 Video SEO Tips to Achieve Better Rankings for Your Videos

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Videos are becoming one of the most important ways to communicate with your audience. They have a wide range of uses, including product demos, instructional videos, marketing videos and more. If you want your video to rank well on YouTube, Google and other video platforms, you need to adopt some guidelines.

The importance of SEO and how to achieve better rankings for your videos is something that has been talked about a lot by experts. In order to get the most out of this section, you should know what SEO and video are.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization – A tech-driven approach to driving potential visitors to your website or webpage in search engine results. Video: A moving image that captures sound or sound alone, accompanied by recorded images (sound and/or images).

Video content is becoming more popular across the board in recent years. In fact, it has been stated that online video marketing will surpass online display advertising. Nowadays, people are warming up towards video as it can be used for both business purposes as well as personal reasons.

Why Are Video SEO Tips Important?

Search engines evolved the way they operate, and it is important for content creators to keep that in mind. In the past, search engines were originally just about keywords and would rank sites that included a list of keywords. Now, with so much information on the internet search engines are looking for high-quality content with great videos turning out to be a popular source of such content. Therefore, video SEO tips are very important in order to stay competitive in the Google ranking.

In this section, you will find guidelines on how to follow the best practices of video SEO:

  • The best video length is between 1-and 3 minutes.
  • Make sure your videos come with descriptions (between 150-250 words) and tags (3 tags are enough).
  • Add links to other relevant sites or pages.

Why Is It Important To Achieve Better Rankings For Your Videos?

With YouTube being one of the most popular and widely used video platforms, it is important for content creators to achieve better rankings for their videos.

Making your videos more engaging: Engaging videos are more likely to be watched longer than the ones that are seemingly uninteresting or have bad production quality. How can you make your video more engaging?

The brand message is one of the key factors that can help you create an engaging video. The audience will be able to understand and share your brand message if they see it expressed in every moment of the video.

You should also consider what people want to watch on YouTube, as well as what content types are trending at present. If you want to understand what people like, keep an eye on trending topics on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

List Of 7 Video SEO Tips To Achieve Better Rankings For Your Videos

The video SEO tips listed in this article are imperative for any company that has a YouTube channel. This post provides seven video SEO tips that you can implement to help improve your rankings on YouTube.

Tip #1 Optimize for keywords in the title and description

Video marketing is on the rise, and it will continue to grow. Monetizing your video is also a challenge for a lot of marketers. A lot of businesses have resorted to using machine learning to make sure their videos are being watched, viewed and liked with the right keywords in order to achieve better rankings.

You are trying to reach the maximum number of people using your video. A quick and easy way to improve your rankings on YouTube is to optimize for a keyword in the title and description. YouTube shows these optimized videos at the top of your search results. They will also show up on targeted channels more often, increasing your chances of gaining more views for your video.

Tip #2 Use keyword-rich thumbnails

A video thumbnail is the first thing that people will see when they search for a video on YouTube. It is important to have a good one so that it can be indexed by YouTube and attract more views.

There are many ways to create good thumbnails for YouTube videos. You can use keyword-rich thumbnails to achieve better rankings for your videos and generate more views. This way, you will also attract more likes and shares, which helps in increasing your overall reach on YouTube. Here are some steps you should take when creating keyword-rich thumbnails for YouTube videos:

Step 1: Choose your keywords
Step 2: Create Thumbnail
Step 3: Add Title text
Step 4: Make sure to promote your video on social media channels
Step 5: Upload to YouTube or any video channel

Tip #3 Include subtitles in your videos

Do you know how one can increase their video rankings with subtitles? Some companies have been exploring the idea of having an onscreen subtitle button in their videos. Subtitles, when added to videos, are typically most effective when they are utilized by a company during a live broadcast. The subtitles will tell everyone what is happening in the video and what needs to be done. This helps viewers stay engaged with the content longer and makes them more likely to watch future videos. Include subtitles for your videos if you want to get a better ranking for your content!

Tip #4 Use relevant tags

As YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, it is important for content creators to know how to arrange their videos in such a way that they can provide better rankings. Using relevant tags and titles that people will be searching for will provide a better ranking on YouTube.

Tags are keywords that are used by people when they search for one of your videos. Using specific tags with your video’s title and description will ensure that you get noticed more easily and increase your traffic.

Tip #5 Share videos on social media networks

With YouTube ranking as the first search engine, it is important that you go the extra mile to share your videos on social media. With more than a billion active users on Facebook and Instagram, you can get the upper hand in rankings.

YouTube is one of the most-watched video streaming websites, with almost 6 billion hours watched worldwide per month. This has made it a ripe candidate for brands to create content and share it through different outlets like Facebook or Instagram.

In order to rank well on YouTube, you have to reach out to as many people as possible. Social media gives you a way of reaching out to people who are interested in your brand or niche without spamming them with your posts or ads. You can also collaborate with influencers in your niche to create content. You can also use social media to find out more information about your competitors and their products. You might be able to create a better product or service in response to something that someone else has done.

Tip #6 Submit your videos to external sites

This is a whole new thing for many creators. Many of them believe that submitting their videos to external sites helps them achieve better rankings for their videos. And this is true. They get better rankings and have access to more viewers from the videos being shown on these sites.

In order to submit your videos to external sites, you need to make sure the video meets certain requirements and has enough views already before you submit it again.

Tip #7 Optimize your video for search engines like Google Search Console

Optimizing your videos for search engines like Google Search Console is not just about optimizing your videos. It is also to improve the visibility of your website and products in search results.

Google has made it easy for you to optimize your videos by creating a list of guidelines they have issued. The guidelines include keeping in mind target keywords, including subtitles and captions, optimizing video duration, and using rich images and videos.

The following tips will help you optimize your video for search engines:

  • Keep the file size small by keeping it under 100MB per minute or less.
  • Keep the file size low by using only H264 MP4 files or lower resolution MP4 files.

Some other additional tips you can follow:

  • Include a clear call-to-action at the end of your video.
  • Add annotations and descriptions to embed videos across multiple websites.
  • Upload high-quality content.
  • Add transcripts for deaf viewers.
  • Create subtitles for deaf viewers.

Summing Up

Optimizing your videos for search engines can seem complicated and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking to improve your rankings and get more views on your video content, the above-given tips will definitely help.

The right SEO tips will make sure your content is able to rank higher in YouTube’s search engine and increase the number of visitors and views your videos will receive.

7 Video SEO Tips to Achieve Better Rankings for Your Videos
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