Effortless Ways to Monetize your Blog

monetize a blog

After buying the domain name, web hosting, and installing the WordPress on it, your goal is to begin work on your blog and make money from it. Even if the purpose of your blog is to share just your experiences, ideas, and anything you like, you would like your blog to make money so that you can at least pay the renewals for domain name and web hosting options.

There are massive number of bloggers out there who make tons of money using their blog. There are several examples who have left their full-time job and now earning five- and six-digit figures just using the blog. There are well known names like Niel Patel, Peter Rojas, Rand Fishkin, Pete Cashmore, Michael Arrington and Vitaly Friedman are to name a few who are world known for their blogs and skills.

To make money from their blogs, these successful bloggers have made and followed right strategies while continuing to share high-quality work. They have focused on driving unique visitors to their blog, taken care of proper SEO techniques, interacted with visitors, and more.

This article includes few of the most effective ways to monetize a blog, but you have to remember that nothing is going to happen overnight. Earning income from a blog takes significant amount of time, efforts and hard work.

Having said that, following are the best ways to make money from your blog, regardless of the niche and purpose.

1. Use Google AdSense

Google AdSense is considered as one of the easiest methods to earn money from a blog. The Pay Per Click (PPC) ads approach has proven effective for bloggers and website owners. You have to display Google advertisements on your blog, which can be done at the sidebars, top or bottom, or in between the posts. Whenever the visitors on your blog click on an ad, Google is going to pay you for it.

To add Google ads on your blog, you have to ensure that you have bought the web hosting and domain name while building a website. These ads don’t work with free WordPress blogs.

How much can you make from Google AdSense? Well, that depends on the traffic your blog generates. More the traffic, more the chances of getting clicks on those ads.

You have to keep one thing always in mind that you will be penalized if you click on the ads on your blog or ask for clicks from your family and friends. Google knows everything, so it would be better to avoid that.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has proven to be a successful way for bloggers and marketers to make money and generate more leads. But what is affiliate marketing?

There are several enterprises which offer commission and rewards to bloggers for promoting their products and services in blogs. As a blogger, you have to find the businesses in your niche who allow affiliate marketing. Connect with them and get a unique link to their products/services. This unique link is called affiliate link. In relevant blog posts, you will have to add that link in a way to promote. Whenever a visitor on your blog clicks on that link, goes to target website and makes a purchase, you get commission for it. This is affiliate marketing.

3. Sponsored posts and paid reviews

Once your blog starts generating good amount of traffic, then other websites and businesses will like to collaborate with you to write reviews of their services. The reviews are an effective way to promote the brand and its services.

On the other hand, some brands want white hat backlinks from other blogs and websites. They will ask you to write a sponsored post and include their links in it. Backlinks are good for SEO and boosting the traffic.

For these things, you will get good money.

4. Banner ads

Banner ads are similar to sponsored posts. Brands will contact you to display a banner of their website or company on your site for a certain period of time. This is another method of promoting them. You can charge them on the basis of time period. Banner ads are also a source for referral traffic and many companies do opt for promoting business through banner ads at reputed blogs which receive huge traffic.

5. Offer freelance services

Having own blog means you don’t have to ask others for a job. You can choose to offer freelance services on your blog and make high amount from it. Since you write posts for your own blog, writing for others wouldn’t be that difficult. Use your skills and make the most out of it.

Lind formichelli, a freelance writer, is charge approx $250 per hour just with her writing skills. As per Contently, 65% of freelancers said that their profits and life as a freelancer is improving.

Every business is establishing its presence online and they need freelance writers to create content for webpages, blogs, mailers, eBooks, etc. There are broad range of opportunities for you.

6. Sell online courses

If you have been writing on a topic for a long time now, then you can write a detailed eBook related to the topic. For example, if your blog is about digital marketing, then you can create a comprehensive guide related to that and sell it at some price.

Showcase it as a banner on your site and promote it. By selling such guides in the form of an online course, you can earn passive income.

7. WordPress referral program

WordPress referral program is for those blogs which are focused on writing about WordPress and related services. If your blog is eligible, then WordPress gives you 20% commission, up to $60 on each purchase that is made on WordPress via your blog.

This is a real big opportunity because WordPress is the most popular content management system. As part of this program, you can also promote Jetpack and WooCommerce, the well-known WordPress plugins, and earn from it.

Wrapping up:

Blogging has come way far then you think. Everybody has access to internet nowadays and they are searching for things online. A blog that is run with right strategy and planning can be easily monetized. You have to take care of a number of things, like follow SEO techniques, add email subscription option to blog, interact with users, build a outreach strategy, and more.

Hope this article helps you in monetizing your blog in 2019.

If you have any query, let us know in the comments section below.

Effortless Ways to Monetize your Blog
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